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Hello JAK Chat follower!  Thank you for checking out our blog! We are excited to announce our new website www.justaddkids.net  With this new website, we have decided to switch the JAK Chat Blog over to https://jakchat.blogspot.com/.  Thank you so much for your support!  We are excited for all the new things happening here at JAK!!


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Seasons Change. People Cha-ange

By Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann

Okay, I betcha you’re too young to even know that song (“Seasons Change” sung by 80’s girl band, Exposé). That line from the song popped into my head as I thought about today, the first day of summer (yay!), and the task of writing my farewell blog.

If you missed it out in Facebook land on Monday, I posted this video to let you know about the changes happening here at Just Add Kids…


I launched JAK back in the fall of 2009. I had just lost my decade-long job as an advertising sales executive with Metroparent Magazine. Its owner, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, along with print newspapers across the globe felt the economic impact of online new sources, and alas, about 90 of us lost our jobs that fateful early August Tuesday morning.

My substantial financial contribution to the family was necessary, the timing seemed appropriate as my oldest daughter was going into high school and my youngest of four, my one and only son,  was starting in Kindergarten. I’d have a nice chunk of time while the kids were at school to birth, nurture, and grow JAK. He/she was kinda like my fifth child.

picture JAK Expo 2010 4JAK brought to life the first Just Add Kids EXPO! that took place when JAK was a mere infant at 3 months old.  Hosted at Burlington RV Superstore, we had to cut the event short when apparently a child pulled the fire alarm.  How awesome was that when Sherrif’s deputies and the fire department showed up with sirens blaring and lights flashing?! Instant education and excitement for the kids, as well as a quick evacuation of the building. Good grief!

We repeated a collaborative event the next year with and at the Sturtevant Sportsplex which we called the Active Kids Expo. The following years 2012-2015 continued with the Just Add Kids EXPO! in partnership with Racine Unified School District and held at Case High School. Some of ya’ll know what happened after that. I’ve had to just let it go.

active kids expo 2011 pic 3 fixedMad Science at EXPO 2013

JAK EXPO 2013 pic Madeline reporting

Just Add Kids EXPO yard sign 2013EXPO 2015 pics ShannonBruce the Moose Timber Ridge Lodge at EXPO 2013 pic

We’ve just seen the wrap up of one of my most favorite things…our “COLOR MOM BEAUTIFUL” & “COLOR DAD AWESOME” annual kids coloring contests. Children’s renditions of their mommy, daddy, or other parent figure are so preciously imprinted on my heart. XXOO.

CMB WINNER Kaydn 4.5 and mom Shannon 2.jpgBrooklyn age 12 CMB 2017 winner portrait.jpgCDA 2014 Cailyn age 5

Nearly 8 years dedicated to doing my best at pulling it all together. Balancing parenting, working, community involvement, family crises. I hope you’ve enjoyed this ride, whether you’ve followed from the beginning, or are just beginning to learn about what a valuable resource Just Add Kids is for families looking for things to do and places to be. Kid-oriented and family friendly. That’s what’s it’s all about!

So alas! Not all good things must come to an end. It’s just the beginning. That is for JAK’s new “parents” or rather co-owners, Shannon Barsch and Courtney Carson. Shannon, a mom of boys (2-11) is no stranger to Just Add Kids, she’s pictured above as the winner of the 2011 COLOR MOM contest along with her oldest son, Kaydn. She worked behind the scenes, gosh I don’t know, through a couple of pregnancies and newborns as the Calendar Mom, loading the JAK Happenings Calendar full of the activities and events you need to know about. She’s been an amazing support working, volunteering, or just “liking” every Facebook post. Then there is Courtney. So young! A mom of 3. A great skill set and compliment to Shannon.  Apparently, her first brush with Just Add Kids was when I was a guest speaker at Grace Church’s MOPs program. (And she didn’t run after that likely lackluster performance!)

My kids are now 13, 15, 20 and 22. I’m a recent stroke survivor and am excited to move forward into my encore years. I won’t be too far. I’ll likely pop up here or there (as Shannon and Courtney allow visitation). You can currently catch me on social media as the #FurnitureLady,  if you wish.  I started working part-time in furniture sales at Steinhafels Furniture in Oak Creek about 9 months ago and I LOVE IT!  That said, I don’t think that’s where I’ll land completely. Who knows? You might find me keeping house along the shores of Lake Michigan (yes, we applied), authoring a book titled “Clean White Underwear, Beautiful Jesus Coloring Book, Chick-fil-A, and White Flowers”, launching a men’s fragrance line, or something to do with laser esthetics. Yes, that’s me. The ideas lady. Never a dull moment.

my kids on Fathers Day 2017.jpgMy Herrmann Kids on Fathers Day 2017

I am grateful for the many followers on social media, JAK-ies….those that would show up to the many events that JAK would personally attend/exhibit/sponsor, e-mail subscribers, blog readers, event attendees, and website visitors. And of course to those businesses and organizations that made it possible to deliver every day, every week, every month…the Just Add Kids’ advertisers and sponsors. I’d name you all, but I risk missing some.  Freaking blessed. Thank you!

See ya!

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Chiropractic! Nature’s Answer to Amoxicillin

Sponsored by Sozo Chiropractic
Written by Jessica Nye, Practice Representative 

Sozo Chiropractic logo

I recently observed a mother and her 3-year-old son wait for 2 and half hours at a local walk-in clinic.  The little boy was very rambunctious and was understandably having a difficult time waiting his turn to be seen by the doctors.  The mother was very patient with her son but you could tell she was stressed out.  I overheard her tell another patient that they were there because her son had an ear infection.  I felt so sorry for this poor mom and boy because I know there is a better way.  A better way to treat an ear infection.  A better way to care for a little one’s health.  That better way is chiropractic care.


NYE family for blog Sozo.jpgI am a mother myself.  I have three children ages four, three, and one.  We are expecting our fourth child in August.  I have walked a few miles in this young mom’s shoes.  I used to call our pediatrician’s office so often that they knew me by first name and would ask which of my children I was calling about.   I spent hours at the doctor’s office.  I spent hours fretting about and fighting for my children’s health.

This all changed two years ago when my children began receiving chiropractic care regularly.  My middle child was born with torticollis (a movement disorder involving the neck muscles), struggled with constipation, and was a poor sleeper.  We heard that chiropractic care might help.  We took him to see Dr. Davis at Sozo Chiropractic.   With the help of chiropractic care, he regained full range of motion in his arm, was a more regular pooper, and slept much more soundly.  I used to laugh when he would promptly poop and then nap after his chiropractic adjustment.   Chiropractic care improved his health and wellbeing.


Seeing the great results that my son had, we put all of our children under chiropractic care, and it has been a game-changer for our family. A year and a half later, after beginning chiropractic care, I have yet to take any of our children to the pediatrician for a sick visit.   When one of our children starts to come down with a stomach bug or a respiratory virus, we take them to see Dr. Davis.  Typically, within 24 to 48 hours they are symptom-free.


I now work for Sozo Chiropractic, where Dr. Davis and Dr. Punita help patients improve their patients’ quality of life every day through chiropractic care.  I hear testimonies of patients avoiding herniated disk surgery, children not needing to have tubes placed in their ears, patients overcoming allergies, asthma, and many other conditions through chiropractic care.  How is this possible?


Chiropractors are the only doctors trained to find and correct minor misalignments in your spine.  These misalignments can be caused by major or minor traumas (car accidents, falls), emotional stress, repetitive motion, or even toxins in the environment.  We all have them.   Left untreated they can cause pain and chronic conditions.


Misaligned vertebrae pinch the nerves around them and cause a kink in the nervousSozo pediatric adjustment pic system.  The nervous system controls and regulates every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.  When you get a chiropractic adjustment, the chiropractor removes the kink and enables your body to heal itself.  It enables your nervous system to function properly, which means everything else in your body will function properly too.  Regular chiropractic adjustments actually enable your body to prevent future injuries and illnesses.  It is a great immunity booster!


With all of this in mind, I couldn’t help but approach the young mom I saw at the walk-in.  I learned that her son had already had tubes put in and continued to suffer from regular ear infections.  Exasperated, she said that she was ready to try anything.   I shared with her my own testimony and encouraged her to try chiropractic care.  I don’t know if she will or not, but at least she now knows (and you now know!) that there is a better way.  A better way to treat an ear infection.  A better way to care for your little one’s health.  And that better way is chiropractic care.

Sozo Chiropractic Dr DoniBeth headshot

Dr. DoniBeth Davis is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best in family wellness care. Her office is located at 3720 72nd Avenue Kenosha, WI (on the corner of Hwy142 and County Rd EA, just west of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club).  The office number is 262-764-9301.   



Dr. Punita Kukreja graduated from Dr Punita and familyPalmer College of Chiropractic in 2007.  She enjoys working
with all types of patients and strives to make treatment fun.  Her focus is on restoring the body’s natural mobility and balance.  Her previous work experience has allowed her to work with workers’ injury as well as personal injury patients.  The treatment protocol focuses immensely on home care such as exercises and stretches as well as regular chiropractic adjustments.  She is fluent in three languages-Hindi, Punjabi, and English.  She was raised in St. John’s, NFLD and loves spending time with her family and friends. 




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Egg-citing Times Ahead!

Finding Easter Bunny Big Box ECU 2016Compiled by 
Just Add Kids
Our Easter basket overfloweth!

If you are looking for The Bunny, look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

We hare you to find a more complete, interactive directory of places to go/things to do when it comes to celebrating the holiday with the Easter Bunny. And hey, not everybody is into the furry fella, so we’ve included some additional kid-oriented, family-friendly seasonal events, as well.

Fun hop-portunities for you and your family are right here at your fingertips. Let’s go! Come back often as we will add events here and on our website’s calendar, JAK Happenings, as we learn about them.

**DENOTES**activities and events that are designed for and/or welcoming to families of children/dependent young adults with special needs.

Finding Easter Bunny! 2017 Directory (updated 4.7)
Sponsored by Educators Credit Union
Educators Credit Union logo 2014 v3





Easter Bunny Photos
Southridge Mall, Center Court: 5300 South 76th Street, Greendale
Friday, March 17  through Saturday, April 15 (times vary daily)
Hop on over and visit the Easter Bunny in his over-sized Veggie Patch in Center Court!  The Bunny will be at the mall daily through Easter for photos and visits. A variety of photo packages, frames and accessories are available.  Kids will have the chance to visit with the Bunny and take home a treasured snapshot of the fun occasion. Visits with the Easter Bunny are complimentary; professional photo packages are available for purchase. For a list of hours, visit the website via link above or for more info, call (414)421-5600.

Easter Bunny at 2017 South Milwaukee Spring Market
South Milwaukee High School: 801 15th Avenue, South Milwaukee
Sunday, March 19: 9am – 2pm (Event times, Easter Bunny appearance may vary)
HOP on over for lunch, shopping and music. Bring your own camera for a selfie with the Easter Bunny. Student music groups will perform in the middle school section. Music will also be provided by South Milwaukee’s own MidKoast Entertainment. Free admission – plenty of parking in the east fieldhouse lot – East of the School.

Visits with the Easter Bunny
Mayfair Mall, Lower Level Center Court: 2500 North Mayfair Road, Wauwatosa
Friday, March 24 through Saturday, April 15
Hop by and visit the Mayfair Easter Bunny for your perfect holiday photos! He’s ready for your hugs and smiles in Center Court. For more info, call (414)771-1300.

**A Very Special Easter Event**
Mt. Zion Lutheran Church: 5927 37th Avenue, Kenosha
Saturday, April 1, 9am – noon

A FREE Easter event for children and adults (Ages 5 and up) with special needs. Enjoy crafts, Easter egg hunt, puppet show, cookie decorating, and games. A special service and lunch is also provided where families are invited too! Register by March 25th.  Space is limited! For more info, call (262)652-3054.

Photos with the Easter Bunny
Regency Mall, Near Boston Store: 5538 Durand Avenue, Racine
Saturday April 1 through Saturday, April 15
Monday – Saturday, 10am – 8pm; Sunday 11am – 6pm
For more info, call (262)554-7903.

Big Bunny Celebration & Easter Egg Hunt
Apple Holler: 5006 South Sylvania Avenue, Sturtevant
Saturday, April 1, 2, 8, 9, 14 & 15, 10am & 11:15am
Come on out and join our Easter Celebration with Easter Egg Hunt and More. Guests will begin their outing with The Country Bunny’s Easter Wish Puppet Show.  This interactive puppet show teaches the value in believing in yourself and the importance of following your dreams. After the puppet show, get ready to experience an activity-packed adventure which includes: hopping through the Big Bunny tunnel to an orchard tour on the Big Bunny Express kid’s train into the Enchanted Forest for an Easter Egg Hunt, a hand-led pony ride, a special Easter surprise for each child, homemade cookie, apple cider, a marshmallow roast around a cozy campfire, children’s games where every child wins and photo opportunities with the Big Bunny himself, so be sure to bring your camera! $10.00 per person (children & adults) Reservations required. For more info, call (262)884-7100.

4th Annual Community Wide Easter Egg Hunt: Passport to the Bunny Trail
Christ Church: 5109 Washington Avenue, Racine 
Saturday, April 1, 2 – 4pm
Children 10 and younger will make 10 stops along the Bunny Trail. They will play a game or perform a task and then have their passport stamped. At the end of the trail they will meet with the Easter Bunny and receive a goodie bag. Stop along the trail at the Oasis for a hot dog plate for $1.50 if you wish. This event is open to the community and will held indoors. Other than the optional meal, this is a free event. For more info, call (262)632-1607.

Annual Egg Stravaganza
Saturday, April 1, 1pm (Raindate: Sunday, April 2, 1pm)
Palazzo del Maré at St. Catherine Commons, 3524 7th Avenue, Kenosha 
Easter Egg Hunt for kids 8 & under features special prizes, hot cocoa & coffee bar, and pictures with the Easter Bunny (bring your camera). For more info, please call (262)653-1234.

3rd Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt
The Academy of Performing Arts: 9160 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Oak Creek
Sunday, April 2, 9 – 11am
9AM – Walking to Age 4,  9:30 AM – Ages 5-8, 10AM – Walking to Age 4, 10:30AM – Ages 5-8
The Academy of Performing Arts: 10001 West St. Martins Road, Franklin
Sunday, April 2, 1 – 3pm
1PM – Walking to Age 4, 1:30PM – Ages 5-8 FULL, 2PM – Walking to Age 4, 2:30PM – Ages 5-8
This event is FREE and open to the community! Plus, it’s held 100% indoors, so weather is not an issue! The Easter Bunny will be there for visits and pictures and the egg hunt is open to children walking to age 8. There will be hundreds of candy-filled eggs for the kids to find. The Easter Bunny will also be there to take pictures with the kids! Don’t forget to bring a basket and your camera! Please be prompt. Egg Hunt will start at exact times.  For more info and to reserve your spot, call (414)768-0101.

**An Extra Special Bunny at Southridge Mall**
Southridge Mall, Center Court: 5300 South 76th Street, Greendale
Sunday, April 2, 9 – 10:30am
Southridge Mall will once again host the FREE Caring Bunny™ event, which offers families that have children with special needs a subdued environment to participate in the Bunny Photo Experience.  For more info, call (414) 421-5600.  Reserve your spot at http://southridgemall.eventbrite.com/

2nd Annual Bowling with the Bunny 
Root River Center- Bowling Alley: 7220 W. Rawson Avenue, Franklin
Sunday, April 2, 1 – 5pm
Tickets include two rounds of bowling, shoe rental, face painting, professional family photo with the Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunt and admission to the vendor fair. Participating bowler $15+.  Hosted by Life’s a Party – Face Painting.

Pancake Breakfast with Egg Hunt
Brookwood Middle School: 1020 Hunters Ridge Drive, Genoa City
Saturday, April 8, 7am – 11pm
All you can eat pancakes served with sausage, juice, milk and coffee. Hosted by, Genoa City Lions Club. Adults $6, Children $4.  10am registration for the FREE Easter Egg Hunt. For more info, call (262)279-2016 or (262)295-8189.

Easter Bunny Breakfast
Sealed Air YMCA: 8501 Campus Drive, Mount Pleasant 
Saturday, April 8, 8 – 10am
Fun activities will include: Easter egg dying station, Easter themed activities and an opportunity for you to take a picture with the Easter Bunny. We will be doing the bunny hop into the gym where children will go on an Easter egg hunt! Families – $5 per family (up to 4 people -member)$8 per family (up to 4 people – non-member); Individual – $1/per person; Children 2 and under are free! Register by April 6th. For more information, or to register, call (262)634-1994.

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny!
Kenosha Masonic Center: 115-56th Street, Suite 101, Kenosha
Saturday, April 8, 8am – 12noon
All You Can Eat Pancakes – featuring our famous cinnamon roll pancakes with cream cheese frosting. Plain and other flavors available too. Reservations NOT required. Bring your camera and take your own photos with the Easter Bunny! $9 – Adults & Children over 10 / $5 – Children (3 to 10 yrs) / Children under 3 free. For more info, email craigwepprecht.oes@gmail.com

5th Annual South Milwaukee Breakfast with the Easter Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt
Grobschmidt Senior Center: 2424 15th Avenue, South Milwaukee
Saturday, April 8, 8:30 – 11am
Come see the Easter Bunny, raffles, loads of activities, good food and fun.  The Egg Hunt will begin at 10:30am and bags to collect eggs will be provided to all the kids. $6.00 per person, Children 5 – 11 $4.00, Children 4 and under – Free. Bring your own cameras for a picture with the Easter Bunny. This event is sponsored by The Friends of the Mill Pond and the Lions Club.

Community Egg Hunt and Breakfast with the Bunny
New Berlin Community Center: 14750 West Cleveland Avenue, New Berlin
Saturday, April 8, 1st Seating: 8:30-9:30am (doors open at 8:15am)
2nd Seating: 10 – 11am (doors open at 9:45am)
New Berlin Junior Woman’s Club is hosting this special event including a bake sale, face painting, live bunnies and chicks in the Community Room. Bring your camera for a photo with the bunny.  An egg hunt starts at 9:30, rain, (snow!), or shine. Tickets are not needed for the Egg Hunt.  Admission for the hunt is 1 non-perishable food donation per child. Please bring a basket for gathering the eggs! The hunt is for ages 3rd grade and younger. For Breakfast with the Bunny, advance tickets recommended (seating is limited).  Adults $7.00, children (under 12) $5.00, under 2 is free.  Online registration HERE. -or- Mail a check to: New Berlin Junior Woman’s Club, PO Box 510094, New Berlin, WI 53151. Please include which seating time and your email address for registration confirmation. For more info email, newberlinjr@gmail.com.

Sixth Annual Easter Egg-Stravaganza
Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly, 5201 Washington Avenue, Racine
Saturday, April 8, 9am sharp!
All children, 9 years of age or younger, are welcome to participate in the egg hunt. The Easter Bunny will be available for pictures near the floral section. Pictures can be professionally taken for a donation of $5 with all proceeds going to Racine Relay for Life. For more info, call (262)619-3230.

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny 
Borzynski’s Farm & Floral Market: 11600 Washington Avenue (Highway 20), Sturtevant
Saturday, April 8, seatings at 9am, 10:30 am and 12noon
Breakfast includes scrambled eggs, sausage, french toast sticks, fresh fruit, pastries and choices of beverage. An Easter story will be read, and children are invited to participate in an indoor Easter egg hunt after their breakfast. Tickets are $8.95 per person ages 2 and up. You may purchase tickets at the store or by calling us at (262)886-2235.

Springtime Fun!
Godsell Farm: S105W15585 Loomis Drive, Muskego
Saturday, April 8, 9am – 4pm (By Appointment Only)
Join us for pictures with the Easter Bunny. Then hunt for eggs and visit with the animals! You will have a private visit with the Easter Bunny while our photographer captures the experience! All photos taken will be uploaded to a private online gallery where you be able to download the images and even order prints! $25 per family. Email godsellfarmwi@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

Bunny Train
East Troy Railroad Museum: 2002 Church Street, East Troy
Saturday, April 8, Sunday, April 9, and Saturday, April 15
Departures at 9am, 10am, 11am, 12noon, 1pm & 2pm
Join the East Troy Railroad’s Bunny Train for some family fun! Enjoy face painting (8am – 2pm) and coloring activities at the East Troy depot before departure. Then enjoy a scavenger hunt as you look for many things out the train window as you travel aboard a ten-mile round trip to the Elegant Farmer. Upon arrival, kids will see live bunnies and chicks on display by local 4-H students. Visit with the Easter Bunny for photos. All child ticket holders will receive a stuffed bunny on the return trip and jelly beans for all!  Advance reservations are recommended. Toddlers (ages 0-2, on adult’s lap) $6, Children (ages 3-14) $12.50, Adults (ages 15 and up), Members $10. For more info, email info@easttroyrr.org, or call (262)642-3263.

First Annual Easter Egg Hunt
YIM South Shore: 3244 E. College Avenue, Cudahy
Saturday, April 8, 11am – 2pm
A fun-filled afternoon of Easter crafts, games, activities, an Easter Egg Hunt, and a visit from the Easter Bunny! 11:00-1:00- Games, photobooth, activities, snacks, bingo, and Pictures with the Easter Bunny. 1:00-2:00- Egg Hunt! Bring your own Easter basket for the Egg Hunt and a camera for pictures! FREE! For more information, call (414)574-5111.

Easter Bunny Hop & Easter Egg Hunt
Downtown Kenosha: starts at 4900 block of 7th Avenue to Library Park
Saturday, April 8, 10 – 11:30am
Paraders will gather at 10am with LIVE music and fun. Parade will kick-off at 10:30am and be led by the Easter Bunny and head down the sidewalk parade route downtown, singing and dancing along the way to Library Park. Participants are encouraged to wear fun, Easter Bunny or Spring-themed attire/costumes. The Egg Hunt will begin at 11:15am and hunters need not participate in the parade (although they are encouraged). Hunters will be divided into 3 groups: 2 years old and under (assisted by adult), 3 – 4 years old, 5 – 10 years old. FREE.

**Bunny Hop! at Festival Foods**
Kenosha Location: 3207 80th Street
Mt. Pleasant Location: 5740 Washington Avenue
Somers: 6000 31st Street
Saturday, April 8, 10am – 1pm
For kids 8 and under, the Bunny Hop has a ton of fun activities and treats for kids as well as a chance to meet the Easter Bunny.  Festival Foods will be offering an allergen-free option to the Bunny Hop. That means plenty of non-food treats and activities for those kiddos with food allergies — just look for those teal bunnies! For more info, call (262)694-7200 (Kenosha), (884)878-6949 (Mt. Pleasant), or (884)358-1453

Callen’s Easter Bunny & Egg Hunt Event
Callen Construction Muskego Showroom: S63 W13131 Janesville Road, Muskego
Saturday, April 8, 11am – 1pm
The event will feature plenty of photo opportunities and fun family events, including meeting the Easter Bunny, an Easter coloring contest for a Toys R’ Us gift card, an Easter egg hunt for children 10 and under at noon, and complimentary refreshments. For more info, call (414)529-5509.

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny
Saint Florian Parish: 1210 South 45th Street, West Milwaukee
Sunday, April 9, 8:30am – 12:30pm
A delicious all-you-can-eat breakfast with the Easter Bunny! Breakfast includes scrambled eggs, cheese omelets, doughnuts, french-toast sticks, ham, bacon, sausage links, potatoes, muffins, bagels, fruit, coffee, milk and fruit juices. Along with this delicious breakfast, there will be a wonderful bake sale, raffles and fun kid games! The cost is $9 for Adults and Children ages 3-10 is $4.50.  Each family will receive one FREE picture with the Easter Bunny thanks to a generous donation from the parishioners of St. Florian Church! Pictures will be from 9am to noon. For more info, call (414)383-3565. Handicap Accessible – Elevator Available.

Easter Bunny at Great Lakes Farmers Market
Milaeger’s: 4838 Douglas Avenue, Racine
Sunday, April 9, 10am – 2pm
The Easter Bunny will be at the market for an Easter egg hunt! Fun kids activities and games while you shop the market! For more info, call (262)639-2040.

Spring Fling benefiting Woofgang Rescue
Roundabout Bar & Grill: 5844 Douglas Avenue, Racine
Sunday, April 9, 10am – 3pm
Craft and vendor fair, basket raffle, bake sale, sand adoption event. Come meet with some of the dogs currently available for adoption. Get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Easter egg hunt kicks off at noon. $2 per participating child.

Lunch with the Easter Bunny
Oak Creek Community Center: 8580 S Howell Ave, Oak Creek
Sunday, April 9, 11am – 1pm
Easter Egg Hunt, egg coloring for kids, musical entertainment, craft projects, visit with the Easter Bunny, cookie decorating, and an Easter surprise for all children! Menu: hot dogs, chicken tenders, tator tots, salad, apple sauce, and veggies. Cost: $5 for ages 2 and under. $10 for all other ages. Visit the Oak Creek Community Center or call (414)768-5840 to purchase tickets.

Pet Photo Night
Southridge Mall, Center Court: 5300 South 76th Street, Greendale
Sunday, April 9, 6 – 8pm
Pet lovers are invited to bring their furry family member to the mall to take a photo with the Easter Bunny. Pets must remain on their leash while on the property. Visits with the Bunny are complimentary; professional photo packages are available for purchase. For more info, call (414)421-5600.

Sturtevant’s Annual Pancake Breakfast with the Easter Bunny
South Shore Fire Department Station #9: 2801 89th Street, Sturtevant
Saturday, April 15, 8 – 11:30am 

Egg Hunts begins at 10am, rain or shine. Proceeds will support under-budgeted activities and events in the Village. $7 adults/$5 children/2yrs and under free.

3rd Annual Easter Buffet and Easter Egg Hunt
Roma Lodge: 7130 Spring Street, Racine

Saturday, April 15, 8:30 – 10:30am (buffet served), 10:45 am (Easter egg hunt starts)
Buffet will feature: chef carved ham, scrambled eggs, sausage/bacon, hashbrowns, pancakes, assorted juices. Easter Bunny in attendance. Adults $9.95, 12 & under $5.95 , 4 & under FREE. Please call for reservations (262)886-3610.

Midwest Twisters Easter Egg Hunt
Midwest Twisters Gymnastics: 600 East Rawson Avenue, Oak Creek
Saturday, April 15
9am for those walking through 3 years old; 10am for 4 and 5 year olds; and 11am for those 6 to 9 years old
Midwest Twisters has hidden filled eggs in their gym. The bonus is that it’s indoors, so it’s warm and dry. Admission is $2 per child. Pictures with Easter Bunny are FREE after entry. No registration required. For more info, call (414) 764-6540.

HOP to the Movies! 
Marcus Renaissance Cinema; 10411 Washington Avenue, Sturtevant, (262) 884-9253.
Marcus Ridge Cinema: 5200 South Moorland Road, New Berlin, (262) 797-9021
Saturday, April 15, 9am – 12noon
Activities will include: Pictures with the Easter Bunny, Coloring & Craft Stations, Easter Egg Hunt – Begins 9:30am, “Hop” movie showing  begins 10am. Tickets are just $8!
Purchase your tickets now, before they sell out! Come on out for a wonderful spring event!

Racine Zoo: 2131 North Main Street, Racine
Saturday, April 15, 9am – 4:30pm
Gather the little ones and come enjoy: Hunt for the six cluck-cluck doors throughout the Zoo to collect eggs, play specialty-themed games, make fun crafts & yummy snacktivities, take advantage of great food specials at Max & Jenny’s Jungle Grill, Have your photo taken with our extra special guest…the Easter Bunny!  Event is included with regular Zoo admission.  Members and children 2 and under are free, adults $4, seniors $3.50, kids ages 3 to 15 $3. Photo with the Easter Bunny is extra (a digital photo with commemorative border will be emailed to you).  For more info, call (262)636-9189.

Brunch with the Easter Bunny
Maggiano’s: 2500 North Mayfair Road, Wauwatosa
Saturday, April 15, 9:30am – 12:30pm
Start the morning with and Easter egg hunt, then move from station to station making Easter treats, dye Easter eggs, an Easter craft, pictures with the Easter Bunny,  before sitting down to a fantastic Easter Brunch! $25/person. For more info, call (414)978-1000.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt!
Village Park: 13600 Juneau Boulevard, Elm Grove
Saturday, April 15, promptly at 10am
Hip Hop Hooray the Bunny is on his way!  Elm Grove’s annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place rain or shine. Funded and organized by the Elm Grove Junior Guild, the event is free and open to the public. Families are encouraged to arrive early for a chance to meet the Easter Bunny and enjoy free coffee and hot chocolate. Bring your Easter basket and head over to the large gazebo, just south of the playground for some hunting fun. For more info, email childrensprograms@elmgrovejuniorguild.org.

**A Special Needs – Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch**
Redeemer Church: 7735 W. Howard Avenue, Milwaukee
Saturday, April 15, 10am – 12noon
Redeemer Church has a special place in its heart for special needs children and their families and we wanted to do something extra nice during the most important holiday of the Christian faith–Easter. Hosted by Breathe, we are planning an Easter Egg Hunt for both your kids and for you! The eggs will have a variety of prizes, candy (GF/CF for those who you on the diet), and even some encouragement from our church family to your family. The egg hunt will begin at 10:00 AM, baskets will be provided. Families will stay together with their children. We will also have some special things for any typical siblings during the egg hunt. Then, at 11:00 AM we would love to treat you and your family to a brunch (again GF/CF)! The egg hunt will be held outdoors, with a plan B should we experience inclement weather. If you are a family with a special needs child, 18 years old or younger, we would be honored to have you as our guest! And if you know someone else who may enjoy this event, please feel free to pass along the invitation! So that we can plan well, please RSVP by Tuesday, April 11th, to Gwen Brown in the church office via email at gwen@redeemerefc.com or phone (414)541-5580.

Kid’s Easter Bunny & Planting
Milaeger’s Racine Location: 4838 Douglas Avenue
Saturday, April 15, 10:30am – 12pm
Join us for some Easter fun in our Expo greenhouse! There will be a variety of activities for your kids including games and dancing. Bring an old tennis shoe and plant a pansy inside to take home! Cost is only $5 plus tax to plant a pansy. Visit the Easter Bunny who will be handing out filled Easter eggs! So bring your camera and meet the Easter Bunny! Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly. Cost is $5 plus tax. Pre-register in stores or online. For more info, call (262)639-2040.

Pierce Woods Park: 3600 Pierce Boulevard, Racine
Saturday, April 15, 12noon – 4pm
Games, prizes, and huge egg hunt. Bring your kids whatever the age, and have some fun with the Dad’s Club.

Easter Happenings at Jelly Belly
10100 Jelly Belly Lane, Pleasant Prairie
Saturday, April 15, 1 – 3:30pm
Visit and have your picture taken with Easter Bunny. Pictures 4×6 for $15 by Sharrett Studio Photography. Join us for Face Painting, Balloon Art, Raffles, and Prizes. Belly Flops Deal! For more info, call (800) 522-3267.

Easter Eggstavaganza
The Way Church: 5201 South 76th Street, Greendale
(meets inside of Martin Luther High School)
Sunday, April 16, 10:15am – 12noon
FREE egg hunt with over 10,000 Easter Eggs. The first 50 kids to arrive will receive a cool FREE cinch sack, perfect for collecting all those Easter Eggs after the worship experience. You and your children must be present during the worship experience in order to participate in the FREE egg hunt. During the worship experience, your child will receive a wristband which will allow them to participate in the FREE egg hunt. The Easter Bunny will be there too for you to take FREE pictures with. REGISTRATION is free but required due to limited seating. Register today and join us at The Way Church for an unforgettable Easter Experience! Register today! For more info, call (262)649-3120.

Easter Sunday
StoneFire Pizza Company: 5320 S. Moorland Road, New Berlin
Sunday, April 16, 11am – 8pm
An all-day Easter egg hunt (while supplies last), Easter themed craft, pictures with Easter Bunny, and tons of fun out on the game floor. Purchase a $20 game card and receive the ALL You Can Eat Buffet for just a quarter .25! Buffet closes at 7pm. For more info, call (262)970-8800.


EGG-xtra EVENTS 2017:

Easter 4 Kids (& Families Too!)
Mt. Zion Lutheran Church: 5927 37th Avenue, Kenosha
Saturday, April 8, 9 – 11:30am
Children along with families are invited to this FREE Easter Experience! Take a journey through the first Easter with Jesus! Meet a Roman Soldier! All or part of the family (children 2  & under MUST be accompanied by an adult). Fun! Games! Snacks! Call to register, (262)652-3054.

Spring Fling Egg Hunt
Discovery World: 500 North Harbor Drive, Milwaukee
Saturday, April 8, 9 – 10am (members only early access) 10am – 5pm (members & general public)
Bring the whole family to hunt for eggs throughout the museum! Find 7 eggs (one of each color), show them to the Ticket Counter, and be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Family Membership! PLUS, if you find a GOLD bonus egg with a gold coin inside, bring it to the special Egg Hunt station on the promenade and redeem for a special prize*! To make sure we have enough for everybody, please limit your eggs to one of each color per child. The Egg Hunt will continue all day or until egg supplies are exhausted. *Limit of 5 prizes for the day. FREE with general admission. For more info, call (414)765-8620.

Simon Kidgits Club’s Hop into Spring Celebration
Southridge Mall, Macy’s Court: 5300 South 76th Street, Greendale
Saturday, April 8, 1 – 3pm
Families are invited to hop down to the Simon Kidgits Club’s Easter Eggstravaganza in front of Macy’s.  Kids are sure to have an ‘egg’cellent time celebrating the arrival of spring with seasonal crafts, games, giveaways and more as part of the free event. For more info, call (414)421-5600.

Spring Family Funfest “The Great Surprise: Jesus is Alive”
Christ Church: 5109 Washington Avenue, Racine 
Saturday, April 8, 1 – 3pm
Families with children in preschool – 5th grade are encouraged to attend! Kids and their families will move from station to station, learning, trying and creating surprising new things. It will be a presentation of the Easter story in a new, amazing way!  Snacks will be provided and each child will leave with a surprising sack of goodies to help remind them of the new things they have learned. Families that preregister will be entered into a raffle to win a surprising prize at the end of the event. For more information , please contact the church office at (262)632-1607 or VBS Director Marci Laehr Tenuta at (262)945-8385.

Easter Egg Hunt
The Salvation Army of Kenosha: 3116 75th Street, Kenosha
Sunday, April 9, 10 – 11am 
Bring Your Own Basket! Ages 1-10 years welcome! 10am for 1-4 year olds and 10:15am for 5-10 year olds. Come for the fun stay for church service at 11am. For more information, e-mail or call Jenny at   Jennifer_Chalekian@usc.salvationarmy.org or (242)564-0286

Easter with Geoffrey!
Toys R Us: 2433 South Green Bay Road, Racine
Sunday, April 9, 1 – 3pm
Color your own Easter bag, take part in an awesome Egg Hunt, win prizes & of course, meet Geoffrey! Events are at all Toys R Us locations. All giveaways and event materials while supplies last and distributed to participants only. Be sure to reserve your spot! Visit http://www.Toysrus.come/ToyEvents for more. For more information, call (262)637-8697.

Egg Hunt 2017 hosted by City of Light Church
Kids In Motion, 14135 West Greenfield Avenue, New Berlin
Saturday, April 15, 9 – 11am
Join City of Light for a FREE brunch, children’s crafts, face painting, games, family prizes and an Eggciting Egg Hunt. Ages for the hunt range from 2-8 year olds. Activities available for pre-teens as well. This is a free event to kick off City of Light’s Easter weekend happening Sunday @ AMC Theaters in Mayfair Mall 10:30 am.

Egg Day 
Milwaukee County Zoo: 10001 West Bluemound Road, Milwaukee
Saturday, April 15, 9am – 4:30pm
Activities included in zoo admission. Highlights include: “Bubble Wonders” Show, Easter Egg search with sweet treat redemption, Easter Parade featuring Easter Bunny, bunny nose and whiskers face painting, bunny ear designing, I Spy…Easter Eggs spotting aboard the famous Safari Train, and animal enrichment activities. Zoo admission is $14.25 for adults, $11.25 for children (3 to 12 years), free for children 2 and under, and $13.25 for senior citizens (60 and older).  Milwaukee County residents with I.D. receive $1.75 off regular Zoo admission.  Parking is $12.  Zoological Society membership is valid for Egg Day. For more information, please contact the Zoo’s Marketing and Communications Division at (414)265-5466.

Easter Egg Hunt
Twin Lakes Country Club: 1230 Legion Drive, Twin Lakes
Saturday, April 15, 11am sharp!
Free and open to the public. For more info, call (262) 877-2500.

Easter at OakVue Farm
OakVue Farm: 14700 104th Street (Highway Q), Bristol
Sunday, April 16, 8:30am
Celebration Service and Brunch, plus Egg Hunt for Kids. Please come and enjoy Easter on the Farm with your family. For more information call (262)960-9145.

Easter Egg Hunt
Racine Assembly of God Church: 1325 Airline Road, Racine
Sunday, April 16, 11:30am – 12noon

Everyone should bring their baskets! Free. For more info, call (262)886-5644.

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt at Tilt Studio
Tilt Studio at Rink Side Sports in Gurnee Mills,  6152 W. Grand Avenue, Gurnee IL
Sunday, April 16, 12:30 – 1:30pm
Children ages 2 to 6 will get to pick an egg from our dazzling array of glow-in-the-dark eggs in our Black Light Mini Golf Course at 12:30 pm sharp. Children ages 7 to 11 will get their chance to pick an egg that is up for grabs in our Black Light Laser Tag Arena at 1:00 pm. Easter candy or coupons for FREE. $10 or $25 Game Cards will be inside EVERY egg! One egg per child, please! Tilt Studio in the Gurnee Mills Mall will be open Easter Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, so hop on in and have a BLAST! For more information call (847) 856-1064.


If you are hosting, or know of a children’s Easter event that is not listed above, please send us all of the details including: name of the event, date(s), times, description including family-friendly aspect along with contact info (name, phone, email, website).
Email: contact@justaddkidsonline.net
Subject: Finding Easter Bunny Event

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Understanding Fatigue

Sponsored by 
Sozo Chiropractic
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If you’ve had a busy day or overdid it exercising then you’ll certainly understand being weary or tired. Sometimes too much caffeine in the morning and a heavy lunch can cause an afternoon slump, as most can attest. These are all pretty common as we experience different levels of drowsiness, but fatigue is a completely different matter.

Defining Fatigue

The typical description of fatigue would be a lack of energy or motivation; this can be either physical or mental or both. Different from drowsiness, which typically means a need to sleep, fatigue is often described using words like lethargic or exhausted.

Fatigue is generally considered an unrelenting exhaustion that lasts longer and is more profound than just being sleepy. Additionally, it is typically unable to be relieved by rest. It is considered a nearly constant state of weariness that may develop over time and reduce energy, motivation, and concentration. A serious level of fatigue will impact emotional and psychological well-being.FATIGUE.jpg

Many times fatigue can be traced to one or more habits or routines but is also commonly related to depression. According to the third edition of the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine, “Fatigue has three main clusters of symptoms: becoming easily tired and reduced ability to maintain performance; generalized weakness; and mental fatigue, including decreased ability to concentrate and memory loss.”

Common Causes of Fatigue

Generally speaking, fatigue is typically a symptom and not a disease in and of itself. It is a very common complaint with a gradual onset. Nearly everyone at one point or another is overworked or overtired and such instances of temporary fatigue will usually have a cause that can be identified and remedied.

Some common causes of fatigue are from lifestyle factors such as the use of alcohol or drugs, an excess or lack of physical activity, jet lag, a lack of good sleep, medications such as antihistamines or cold/cough medicines, and unhealthy eating habits.

Afternoon Fatigue

Beyond just being sleepy after eating a big meal, many times afternoon fatigue will feel like a battle to even stay awake, much less think or actually accomplish anything. An afternoon slump is pretty common but afternoon fatigue can be difficult to overcome.

The body can burn two types of fuel, carbohydrates or fat. Our ancestors used fat as a primary fuel source but today’s Western diet leans more heavily on carbohydrates (sugar).

Because of this fact, afternoon fatigue may be related to post-lunch hypoglycemia.

The obvious “cure” for afternoon fatigue is to train the body to burn fat instead of sugar, which should eliminate such drops in energy level. The easiest way to accomplish this is to stop taking in carbohydrates with lunch. Make sure every lunch is rich in proteins and vegetables.

The body can burn two types of fuel, carbohydrates or fat. Our ancestors used fat as a primary fuel source but today’s Western diet leans more heavily on carbohydrates (sugar).

Because of this fact, afternoon fatigue may be related to post-lunch hypoglycemia.

Beyond just avoiding afternoon fatigue, the benefits to such a dietary choice include but are not limited to:

  • Having accessible energy on hand, as the body effectively burns stored fat for energy
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Burning dietary fat for energy effectively leading to less fat being stored
  • Being able to readily depend upon fat for energy during exertion

Thyroid-Related Fatigue

Clearly there are many causes of fatigue so it’s important to try to recognize the cause before making assumptions. Thyroid-related fatigue begins to appear when a certain energy level can’t be maintained, especially when comparing it to past levels of fitness or ability. If thyroid foundation is weak, sustaining energy output is difficult. Some of the key symptoms of thyroid fatigue will include not having the energy to exercise, falling asleep as soon as sitting down when there is nothing else to be done, or a heavy or tired head, especially in the afternoon (the head is a very sensitive indicator of thyroid hormone status).

If going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep resolves the fatigue, and there is sufficient energy throughout the day for all of the day’s demands, then thyroid-related fatigue is probably not an issue.

Adrenal Fatigue

The adrenal glands are an absolutely vital part of the human body with one of the most important functions: managing stress from every possible source. When the adrenal glands are fatigued (a condition known as adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion), the entire body feels it and suffers from extreme exhaustion as well.

As part of the endocrine system, the adrenal glands produce many hormones (including adrenaline and cortisol) that help to manage stress. In its simplest terms these hormones will be released to help the body prepare for a fight or flight response whether or not being faced with a fight or flight scenario. If facing stress at work, at home or in any other situation, the hormones will be released to prepare the body for a physical response and if a physical response isn’t needed then those hormones will remain in the body unneeded and unused. Ironically, while these glands are there to help the body cope with stress, too much of it is actually what causes their function to break down. When the glands are worn out the resultant adrenal fatigue can cause fatigue.

How to Combat Fatigue

Since the actual cause of fatigue is still being debated, and it tends to be a symptom of another illness rather than its own definable disease, it’s safe to say that fighting fatigue can begin with a visit to your Family Wellness Chiropractor who addresses the role the nervous system plays in how the body functions.

The nervous system controls all of the body’s other systems, this includes the immune system and the endocrine system, two of the bodily systems mentioned. When the central nervous system is functioning properly then the other systems in the body operate at their best as well. This alone may help resolve fatigue. Other solutions would include making some healthy dietary changes. Certain complex carbohydrates will break down as sugar in the digestive system and if fatigue is a result of blood sugar issues or gut flora imbalances, then dietary changes may help. Discuss this further with your Family Wellness Chiropractor.

Finally, consider increased physical activity to increase overall stamina and energy. Should insomnia be a side effect of the fatigue being experienced then some routine and regular physical activity may resolve this as well.

Sozo Chiropractic Dr DoniBeth headshot
Dr. DoniBeth Davis is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best in family wellness care. Her
office is located at 3720 72nd Avenue Kenosha, WI (on the corner of Hwy142 and County Rd EA, just west of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club).  The office number is 262-764-9301.   



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Snow Much Fun!

Skiing,Snow Much Fun tile ad logo.jpg
Skating, and Such!
Compiled by
Just Add Kids

Get ready and plan for Snow Much Fun! Just Add Kids annual guide to winter activity destinations. Please call ahead to confirm destination times, rates, etc.

Snow Much Fun!

Cross-Country Skiing

Big Foot Beach State Park (1452 Well Street, Lake Geneva)
Bring your own cross-country skis and ski for free on the park’s more than 6 miles of groomed trails. Trail takes you through forest and open meadow. A half-mile self-guided nature trail has interpretive signs describing native wildlife and their habitats. The natural beauty of the park can be found in its panoramic view of Geneva Lake and winding trails.

Fox River Park (9521 304th Avenue, Burlington)
Bring your own skis and ski for free. Cross country skiing is allowed on all trails. Not groomed. Call (262)857-1869 for more info.

Havenwoods State Forest (6141 Hopkins Street, Milwaukee)
Come for a leisurely stroll along 6 miles of looped trails in Wisconsin’s only urban forest. Trails are not groomed. The terrain at Havenwoods is flat, providing a good place for beginners. Call (414)527-0232 for more info.

Racine County Wisconsin Bike Trails (various trail heads in southeastern Wisconsin)
Trail activities include cross country skiing in the winter.  Bring your own skis and ski for free. Trails are a mix of old railroad corridors, some surfaces are paved and others are crushed stone.  Some wooded segments, other segments go through dense neighborhoods.  Find the trail best suited for you!

Minooka County Park (1927 E. Sunset Drive, Waukesha)
Bring your own skis and ski for free along 6 miles (3 loops) of trails.  Groomed for skate/freestyle and classical/diagonal; beginner & intermediate skier.   Gentle, rolling terrain; mix of woods & open fields; no shelter; outhouse.  Open sunrise to 10pm. Waukesha County sticker required, purchase at park. Call (262) 896-8006 for more info.

The Mountain Top, Lake Geneva (7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva)
Bring your own cross-country skis and ski for $10 trail pass, 10am-4pm. Also available, cross country ski rental. Call (262)249-4726 for more info.

Petrifying Springs (4909 7th Street, Kenosha)
Bring your own cross-country skis and ski for free. Cross-country skiing on all trails. Open 7am -10pm daily. Call (262)857-1869 for more info.

Pringle Nature Center at Bristol Woods County Park (9800 – 160th Avenue, Bristol)
Bring your own cross-country skis and ski for free. Trails are shared with snowshoers.  Call (262) 857-8008 for more info.

Richard Bong State Recreation Area (26313 Burlington Road, Kansasville)
Bring your own cross-country skis and ski for free along the 16 miles of ungroomed trails.  Vehicle admission sticker required to enter rec area, WI licence/$7 daily, out of state licence/$10 daily. Trails all start and end at the Trailhead parking lot.  This lot is located just east of the Visitor Center parking lot and is marked with a “Trailhead Parking Lot” sign. Skiers use trails south of Hwy BB or blue and green trails south of Hwy 142.  Call (262)878-5600 for more info.

River Bend Nature Center (3600 N. Green Bay Road, Racine)
Bring your own cross-country skis and ski for free. Otherwise, cross-country skis available for rent for $10.00/person per session. Cross Country Ski equipment includes skis, poles and boots.  All rentals are weather permitting and are on a first come, first served basis. Rental equipment must be returned to the office 30 minutes before closing time. Rental equipment must be used on River Bend grounds only.  River Bend Nature Center does not accept credit cards – check or cash only. Call (262)639-1515 for more info.

White River County Park (6503 Sheridan Springs Road, Lake Geneva) Bring your own and ski for free at the County’s largest and newest park opened in July 2014. With nearly 200 acres and two miles of frontage along the White River, this park features almost five miles of already developed walking trails, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are welcome.

Whitnall Park (5879 S. 92 Street, Franklin)
Bring your own and ski for free. Call (414)525-4765 for more info.

UW-Parkside Ski Trail (Kenosha County Road JR, east of Highway 31/Green Bay Road)
Bring your own and ski for free. There is a total of approximately 5 miles of trail here, but there are also many more miles of ungroomed trails across the street at Petrifying Springs Park. Park in Petrifying Springs Parking lot on the north side of the street. Trail is unmarked on the south side of JR.

Washington Park Municipal Golf Course (2205 Washington Road, Kenosha)
Golf course is closed for the season. Bring your own and ski for free.

Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding

Alpine Valley (W2501 County Road D, Elkhorn)
The ski hill provides diverse terrain for beginner ease, challenging expert runs and a full featured Terrain Park. Three high speed Quad Advanced Chair lift systems mean less time in line and more time on the snow. Four wonder carpet lifts and certified professional instructors will help you learn a new sport or improve your skills to enjoy learning for all ages and levels. There are over 90 skiable acres with 20 Runs, a vertical drop of 388 feet, and the longest run is 3,000 feet. Features on-site ski-in/ski-out rooms with a full service Bistro for dining and free weekend family movie nights. Call (262)642-7374 for more info.

The Mountain Top, Lake Geneva (7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva)
Enjoy skiing and snowboarding all winter long with our snow-making capabilities, Three chairlifts and two carpet lifts. Take Skiing and snowboarding lessons by professional ski instructors available for kids or adults. Night time skiing available. Days, prices and hours very. Ski & snowboard rental is available.  Call (262)249-4726 for more info.

The Rock Sports Complex (7900 W. Crystal Ridge Drive, Franklin)
The Rock Snowpark offers trails, jumps, and downhill skiing for all experience levels. Whether this is your first time trying skiing, or you’ve been on the ski slopes for years, we’re sure you will enjoy our Milwaukee ski hills. Daily hours for downhill skiing and snowboarding. Days, prices and hours very. Ski & snowboard rental is available. Call (414)529-7676 for more info.

Wilmot Mountain (11931 Fox River Road, Wilmot)
The facility features 25 unique runs with varied terrain for all skiers and snowboarders. Lift ticket prices and hours vary. Ski and/or snowboard equipment rentals available and vary. Ski school opportunities.  Call (262)862-2301 for more info.

Extreme Options

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours: Zip Line (N3219 County Road H, Lake Geneva)
Zoom through snow-covered trees on a zip line.  Bundle up for the 2.5 hour ride which includes 8 lines, 5 sky bridges, 3 spiral stairways and a double helix stairway that wraps around an ash tree. Call (262) 248-9271 for more info.

Dan Patch Stables: Horse Trail Rides (3002 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva)
We offer guided trail rides year round during regular business hours, by reservation.  Rides are approximately 45 minutes in length and weave through acres of beautiful Grand Geneva property.  Kids under 7 years old can enjoy pony rides.  Call (262)215-5303 for more info.

Ice Skating

Echo Lake (595 Milwaukee Avenue, Burlington)
Stairs to the lake, pavilion, benches, outdoor portable restroom.  Free.  Call Department of Public Works: Dan Jensen, (262)539-3770 for more info.

Geneva Ridge Resort (1221 Geneva National Avenue South, Lake Geneva)
Fully lit outdoor rink available to public and resort guests.  Hot chocolate and other concessions available.  Rentals available for $5. Open daily until 9pm. Call (262)249-3800 for more info.

Grand Geneva Resort (7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva)
Public ice skating rink is located outside of Leinenkugel’s Mountain Top Lodge at the ski hill. Use the rink Monday-Thursday 12noon – 9pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday rink is open 9am – 10pm. Skate free with your own skates, or rental charges apply.  Rentals available at Mountain Top.  Call (262)248-8811 or Mountain Top ski hill (262)249-4726 for more info.

Milwaukee County Parks (various)
Many area frozen lagoons and land rinks are listed here. Some locations have designated areas for hockey practice.  Many of the rinks have warming houses. Warming house hours vary. Free. Website is frequently updated due to weather conditions affecting availability. Call (414)257-7275 for more info.

Slice of Ice in Red Arrow Park (920 N. Water Street, Milwaukee)
Refrigerated oval is open weather and conditions permitting,  through February (or March if the weather allows). Bring your own skates and skate for FREE. You’ll have a great view of all that’s happening on the ice through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the warming house or from the rooftop overlook. There are restroom facilities, ice skate rentals, Starbucks, selling coffee and bakery, Soda, beer, candy, and snacks at the Skate window. See website for hours. Call (414)289-8791 for more info.

Indoor Ice Skating

Kenosha Ice Arena (7727 60th Avenue, Kenosha)
A one sheet indoor ice skating rink. Ice Hockey Leagues, figure skating and skating lessons. Call (262)694-8010 for more info.

Pettit National Ice Center (500 S. 84th Street, Milwaukee)
Schedule is subject to change, please check daily. Call (414)266-0100 for more info.

RecPlex Ice Arena (9900 Terwall Terrace, Pleasant Prairie)
The ice arena offers public skating, open hockey, and freestyle sessions daily. Specific times for those activities can be found here. Skates can be rented. Call (262)947-0437 for more info.

Wilson Ice Arena (4001 S. 20th Street, Milwaukee)
The Recreation Center building houses the indoor Ice Arena, where you can skate year-round. The 17,000 square-foot sheet of groomed ice is a standard NHL-sized rink, 200 by 85 feet. The Arena has a concession area, and rental figure skates (Skate Rental $3/pair) in a full range of sizes. Lessons are offered in conjunction with the Greater Milwaukee Figure Skating Club by visiting the GMFSC website. Public skate times vary.  Call (414)281-6289 for more info.


Beverly-Jo Park (367 Dunford Drive, Burlington) Free.

Camp MacLean (31401 Durand Avenue, Burlington)
Public Tobogganing is open to the public Sundays from 12:30 until 5:00pm in January and February. Price includes use of toboggans & sleds, use of the warming house, bathroom facilities, and cocoa. All people coming to camp must pay fee—even if not sledding or tobogganing. All children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Call 262-763-7742 for more info, or visit http://www.ymcachicago.org/maclean/

Devor Park aka “Water Tower Hill”  (Amanda & Origen Street, Burlington)
Public popular hill by Cooper School. Free.

Fox River Park (9521 304th Avenue, Burlington)
A special attraction during the winter is a bermed sled slide, which provides a long and exhilarating run. Artificial lighting allows night use of this popular sledding facility, lights on from dawn to 10pm  (weather permitting). Free. Call (262)857-1869 for more info.

Greene Park (4235 S. Lipton Avenue, Saint Francis) Free.

Hales Corners Park (5765 S. New Berlin Road, Hales Corners) Free.

Humbolt Park (3000 S. Howell Avenue, Milwaukee)
Free. Lighted daily from 4:30 – 8:30pm.

Johnson Park (6200 Northwestern Avenue, Racine)  Free.

Lincoln Park (7010 22nd Avenue, Kenosha) Free.

Lockwood Park (4300 Graceland Boulevard, Racine)  Free.

Lowell Park (2201 Michigan Avenue, Waukesha)
If you enjoy thrills, chills and speed, you will not want to miss the 350 foot lighted toboggan runs. Open weekends in January and February. For up-to-date conditions, please call WPRF Information Line at (262)522-9356. Bring your own or rent.

The Mountain Top (7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva)
Rent sleds or bring your own to the top of the ski mountain.  $10/sled. Call (262)249-4726 for more info.

Paddock Lake (On Highway 50 near Hwy 83/75 intersection) Free.
Hill is between Central High School and the church to the west. Hill goes from parking lot of church down into the Central HS soccer fields.

Park High School Bowl (1901 12th Street, Racine) Free.
Recommended for older kids.

Petrifying Springs Park (761 Green Bay Road, Kenosha)
Lighted sledding hill at Area 2. Call (262)857-1869 for more info.

Reservoir Park (4400 Maryland Avenue, Racine
) Free.

Shoop Park (4510 Lighthouse Drive, Wind Point/Racine)

Behind Shopko (5300 52nd Street, Kenosha) Free.

St. Peter’s Park Detention Bowl (2152 30th Avenue, Kenosha)  Free.

Steinhoff Park (833 Cedar Drive, Burlington)  Free.

The Rock Sports Complex (7900 West Crystal Ridge Drive, Franklin)
Daily sessions for snow tubing. Call 414-529-7676 for more info.

Washington Park (1901 Washington Road, Kenosha) Free.

Washington Park Municipal Golf Course (2205 Washington Road, Kenosha) Free.

Wilmot Mountain (11931 Fox River Road, Wilmot )
The tubing facility features 20 lanes for tubing and a state of the art covered conveyor lift. Snow tubing hill is for ages 5 and older. Brand new lodge features ticket sales, rental items, food, drinks, restrooms and more! Prices and hours vary. Call (262)862-2301 for more info.

Whitnall Park
(5879 S. 92 Street, Franklin)  Free.

Wilson Recreation (4001 S. 20 Street, Milwaukee)  Free.
Lighted daily from 4:30 – 8:30pm.

Snowmobiling/Snowmobiling Clubs
Effective July 1, 2015, Act 142 requires each snowmobile operating in WI to display a Wisconsin trail pass. Wisconsin Trail Passes will need to be purchased annually, separate from WI snowmobile registration.  See Association for Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs for more information.  Downloadable map at Racine County Trails. To see if the trails are open call the Snowmobile Trail Hotline at (262)554-0133.

Burlington Sno-Snoopers Snowmobile Club

Caledonia Sno-Balls

Caledonia Sno-lords Es Ki Mos

Grove Sno Hawks

Hiawatha Sno Chiefs

J-Wax Snow Bugs

Raymond Trail Breakers

Rolling Dice Riders of Franklin

Tishigan Sno-N-Go

Windlake/Northcape Drifters

Walworth County Snowmobile Alliance
Call the snow phone at (262)742-2664 for trail conditions and much more.

Sleigh Rides

Apple Holler 5006 S. Sylvania Avenue, Sturtevant
Enjoy the magic of winter with an old-fashion sleigh ride at Apple Holler. Traveling through the crisp snow and hearing the clump of the horses’ hooves will transport you back to a simpler time. Our Halflinger horses, purchased from our Amish friends, will take you and your family or friends on a special orchard tour to see beautiful hardwoods, many of which are over 100 years old. A true winter wonderland! At the end of your adventure, we’ll treat you to a cup of hot chocolate or tasty warm apple cider. Includes: Sleighride that last approximately for 30 minutes. S’mores, Hot Cider or Hot Chocolate that can be enjoyed around a campfire.

Dan Patch Stables: Sleigh Rides (3002 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva) Dashing through the snow on Our horse-drawn sleigh ride takes you through some of the most beautiful areas on the Grand Geneva property. Sleigh rides are weather and snow-condition permitting – please call first (weather and snowfall permitting). Reservations are required and fill up quickly, especially on weekends.  The sleigh can seat 4 adults comfortably, OR has plenty of room for a family. Call (262)215-5303 to reserve your sleigh ride.


Fox River Park (9521 304th Avenue, Burlington)
Bring your own and hike for free. Snowshoeing is allowed on all trails. Call (262)857-1869 for more info.

Havenwoods State Forest (6141 Hopkins Street, Milwaukee)
Snowshoe in the city! Bring your own and hike for free.  Otherwise, snowshoes can be borrowed when the nature center is open (Monday through Friday, 7:45am – 4:30pm; Saturdays, 9am – 2pm; closed Sundays).  Come for a leisurely stroll along 6 miles of looped trails in Wisconsin’s only urban forest. Call (414)527-0232 for more info.

The Mountain Top
(7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva)
Snow shoe equipment available for rent. Call (262)249-4726 for more info.

Petrifying Springs (4909 7th Street, Kenosha)
Bring your own and hike for free. Snowshoeing on all trails. Call (262)857-1869 for more info.

Pringle Nature Center (9800 160
th Avenue, Bristol)
 Call (262)857-8008 for more info.

Retzer Nature Center (S14 W28167 Madison Street, Waukesha)
No cross country ski trails.  Snowshoe trails. Waukesha Country sticker required; purchase at park. Call (262)896-8007 for more info.

Richard Bong State Recreation Area (26313 Burlington Road, Kansasville)
Bring your own snowshoes. Vehicle admission sticker required to enter rec area. Trails all start and end at the Trailhead parking lot.  This lot is located just east of the Visitor Center parking lot and is marked with a “Trailhead Parking Lot” sign. Use trails north of Hwy BB, or off trail any area of the park. Call (262)878-5600 for more info.

River Bend Nature Center (3600 N. Green Bay Road, Racine)
Bring your own and hike for free. Otherwise, snowshoes available for rent. All rentals are weather permitting and are on a first come, first served basis.  Rental equipment must be returned to the office 30 minutes before closing time. Rental equipment must be used on River Bend grounds only.  River Bend Nature Center does not accept credit cards – check or cash only. Call (262)639-1515 for more info.

Whitnall Park (5879 S. 92 Street, Franklin)
Bring your own and hike for free.   Call (414)257-PARK for updates (M-F: 8:30am – 4:00pm).  Snowshoe rentals available. Call (414) 525-4765 for more info

Might we introduce you to…

Curling (Curling is a team sport with similarities to bowling and shuffleboard, played by two teams of four players each on a rectangular sheet of carefully prepared ice. Teams take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones down the ice towards the target. Two sweepers with brooms accompany each rock and use timing equipment and their best judgment, along with direction from their teammates, to help direct the stones to their resting place.)

Milwaukee Curling Club (W67 N890 Washington Avenue, Cedarburg)
Come out to the Milwaukee Curling Club and give curling a try!  Email info@milwaukeecurlingclub.com for more info.

Pettit National Ice Center (500 S. 84th Street, Milwaukee)
We feature a curling area on our West rink and it is available for rental and use by contacting Kevin Butler, Director of Marketing at (414)935-4778 or via e-mail at kbutler@thepettit.com.

Racine Curling Club (1914 Melvin Avenue, Racine)
Email info@racinecurlingclub.com for more info.

Wauwatosa Curling Club (7300 Chestnut Street, Wauwatosa)
Call (414)453-2875 or email info@wauwatosacurlingclub.com for more info.

Dog Sledding/Mushing (Mushing is the practice of harnessing dogs to a sled for the purpose of recreation or transport. It may also be practiced as a competitive sport. The term mushing comes from the call used to goad the dogs – “Mush!” It is thought to derive from the French marche, meaning “go” or “run”.)

McKinley Marina (1750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee)
The Door County Sled Dogs provides dog sled rides for all ages on Sundays only, from 11am – 1pm, beginning January 17th and running through February, weather permitting.  Please check location and trail conditions prior to coming out by calling the Sled Dog Hot-line at (414)967-9677. The entire experience includes visiting with the dogs, question and answer time with the mushers, picture-taking time and an actual dog sled ride around the trail. Rides are only $15 for each child and $20 for each adult.

Whitnall Park on occasion (5879 S. 92nd Street, Franklin)
Door County Sled Dogs offer rides beginning in January. Call (414) 967-9677 for more info. The Door County Sled Dogs provides dog sled rides for all ages on Sundays only, from 11am – 1pm, beginning January and running through February, weather permitting.  Usually located at Whitnall Park, however, depending on the weather location may be changed.  Please check location and trail conditions prior to coming out by calling the Sled Dog Hotline at (414)967-9677. The entire experience includes visiting with the dogs, question and answer time with the mushers, picture-taking time and an actual dog sled ride around the trail. Rides are only $15 for each child and $20 for each adult. ALSO, Come out to Whitnall Park for a special Valentine’s weekend on February 11th & 12th and help the Sled Dogs, all who are rescues, celebrate their Birthdays! Come for the Husky Hugs – Stay for the Cake and the FUN! Rides will be offered for $15 per child/$20 per adult WEATHER PERMITTING. The PARTY WILL GO ON – SNOW OR NO SNOW!

Ice Sculptures/Carving/Festivals

US National Snow Sculpting Competition (Riviera Park, Lake Geneva)
February 1 – 4, 2017
Witness the sculptures come to life during the week or see the finished works during the city’s Winterfest.

The Big Chill (Downtown Racine)
2017 dates TO BE ANNOUNCED
The 27th Annual Wisconsin State and Midwest Regional Snow Sculpting Championship will be held at Monument Square, in Downtown Racine. Professional snow carvers will create breathtaking masterpieces. Sculptors will craft these frozen works of art from 6′ x 6′ x 10′ blocks of packed snow. The sculptures will definitely give visitors a reason to pause in awe and wonder at the creations that emerge from the imagination and hard work of the 33 artists from around the region.

Jammin’ JanBoree (throughout Waukesha)
January 20 – 22, 2017
Get ready to jam out at the 32nd Annual Waukesha JanBoree! This year’s theme is “Flake Out”. Details to be announced.

Snow Daze Festival (711 59th Place, Kenosha)
2017 event undetermined
Come CHILL with us in Downtown Kenosha at this free, family-friendly winter festival! Enjoy an array of activities at Library Park including ice sculptures on display and an ice sculpting demo.

If you know of an activity/destination/relevant event that is not listed above, please send us all of the details including: name, date(s), times, description including family-friendly aspect along with contact info (name, phone, email, website).
Email: contact@justaddkidsonline.net
Subject: Snow Much Fun!

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Light Those Lights!

Holiday Tour of Lights sponsored by Racine Art Museum logoHoliday Tour of Lights
Compiled by
Just Add Kids

We’re loving this time of the year with the sights and sounds of the holiday season. And this year’s directory is bigger and better than ever!

Whether you drive by, go on foot, or grab a ride…Have fun with the family celebrating the season of lights.  At Just Add Kids, we are proud to present the 2016 Holiday Tour of Lights featuring a directory of light show destinations, home light shows, and more, graciously sponsored by the Racine Art Museum. Read more…

2016 Holiday Tour of Lights
Sponsored by Racine Art Museum
RAM logo




Nightmare Before Christmas – Bayview
2700 Block Logan Avenue, Bayview
mid-September until early January
The 2700 block of Logan transforms into the Nightmare Before Christmas. After Halloween one house follows the chronology of the movie in actual time, the decorations changing every week or two until New Years.

Kenosha Christmas Light Show
3517 – 16th Avenue, Kenosha
Now through January 1:
Sunday – Thursday, 4:30 – 10pm
Fridays – Saturdays, 4:30 – 11pm
See and feel the joy of the holiday season as it comes alive in thousands of choreographed lights to numerous holiday songs. Tune your car radio to 107.1 and enjoy from the warmth of your own vehicle!

Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival
Pere Marquette Park, 900 N. Plankinton Avenue, Milwaukee
Cathedral Square Park, 520 E. Wells Street, Milwaukee
Zeidler Union Square, 633 W. Wisconsin Avenue #409, Milwaukee
November 17 – January 1
This six-week festival will give downtown a boost of holiday spirit with colorful lights and animated displays in Cathedral Square Park, Pere Marquette Park, and Zeidler Union Square. Visitors will see the streetscape transformed by sparkling rooflines, harp lamp lighting and suspended décor above downtown intersections. In addition, $1 Jingle Bus rides will operate Thursday through Sunday evenings (thru 12/30) connecting visitors to all the sights.
Kick-off event is Thursday, November 17, starting at 5:30pm, with the lighting celebration at 7pm – Pere Marquette Park.

Kiwanis Holiday Lights Spectacular
Racine Zoo, 2131 North Main Street, Racine
November 19 – December 31
Enjoy the bright holiday lights at the zoo created and maintained by area Kiwanis Clubs members. You’ll see animals, a train, a steamboat, clever animation, and of course Santa! Open nightly through the holidays starting at 5 p.m.

Christmas in the Country 2016 “A Picture Perfect Holiday”
Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, 7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva
This six-week long celebration kicks off with the 22nd Annual Illumination Ceremony on Sunday, November 20th with activities beginning at 4:30pm.
November, 20 – January 1
Take in the grandeur of more than 2 million lights throughout the property. It’s more than the lights outside – Grand Geneva is showcasing all-NEW decorations indoors too! They’ve decked the halls with a brand new theme and new decorations once again. Capture the holiday memory within every scene. Take a photo with the Gingerbread Family or snap a pic in Santa’s Workshop and make sure you wander through the Candyland display to choose your favorite treat to get your photograph with. Oh, and look for all of the different Elves throughout the resort. Many special events round out this seasonal celebration, including Breakfasts with Santa, Trolley Tour of Lights (hourly at 5, 6, 7 and 8 pm), and Santa Visits in the Main Lobby, and more!

Kenosha Christmas Lights
6834 106th Avenue, Kenosha
November 24 – December 31, 5 – 10pm
Stop by to view 30,000+ Christmas lights animated to music. Tune into 101.3 when you arrive.

McLight Show on Aberdeen
4847 Aberdeen Drive, Racine
Opens November 24 at 8pm
then November 24 – January 1
 5 – 10pm
Friday-Saturday, 5 – 10:30pm
Stay warm in your car and tune the radio to 101.3 FM to enjoy a choreographed display of over 5,000 Christmas lights set to music. You might even catch an early glimpse of Santa!

The Country Christmas Light Show
Country Springs Hotel, 2810 Golf Road, Waukesha
November  25 – 27 & December 2 – 31
Sunday -Thursday 5 – 9pm
($15 carload or minivan)
Friday, Saturday & Holidays 5 – 10pm ($20 carload or minivan)
A holiday-in-lights extravaganza featuring 250 displays lit with more than 750,000 lights in a 1-mile drive along a wooded trail. Nestled in the heart of Southeastern Wisconsin is a holiday destination steeped in festive tradition. Each year, the Country Springs Hotel is transformed into a winter wonderland called Country Christmas. Admission to Wisconsin’s largest drive-through Christmas lights display includes a trip through the Country Christmas Trail and entrance to two buildings located at the end of the trail, Christmas Village and The Streets of Bethlehem. For more information, phone 262-547-0201.

Jamestown Lights 2016
Taurus Drive (South) just east of Highway K and 38, Caledonia
November 25 – January 1, 5 – 10pm
The light display is synchronized to many holiday favorites. Hear the music in your vehicle by tuning to 99.7FM. The display uses over 350 channels of computer control to make the lights dance to the beats! “Douglas Fir” is back again this year, a 9 foot talking and singing Christmas tree. NOTE – display is found in backyard – can be easily viewed from Taurus drive between the ponds.

Enchantment in the Park
Regner Park, 800 N. Main Street, West Bend
Walk, Drive, Carriage Ride through November 25 – December 24
Drive-through only December 26 – 31
(Not open: 11/28-30, 12/5-7, 12/12-14, and Christmas Day 12/25)
5 – 9pm
Visitors will drive or walk through an interactive colorful light display and show that is choreographed to holiday music you can tune into on your car radio. Enjoy horse-drawn rides through the park on Fridays and Saturdays – children under 16 ride free, adults are $5. A bag of non-perishable, non-glass containers, food items (for the food pantries of Washington County and Menomonee Falls); or suggested $10 cash donation per car sustains the future of the event.

Candy Cane Lane –  Milwaukee
Neighborhood bordered by 96th Street on the west, 92nd Street on the east, Montana Avenue on the north, and Oklahoma Avenue on the south.
November 25 – December 26
Weekdays, 6 – 9pm
Saturday & Sunday, 5 – 10pm
Every year, this neighborhood joins together and decorate their homes and give up their time to encourage people to come and donate to the MACC fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer). Over the years, Candy Cane Lane has grown to a collaboration of more than 300 homes! Since its inception, the neighborhood program has raised more than $1.6 million to support childhood cancer research and research of related blood disorders. More than $113,000 was raised last year alone! Visitors come from far and away to drive or stroll through this winter wonderland of holiday sights and sounds. Santa Claus will be there every night from December 6-23.

Santa Cruise Boat Tour
Tours depart from Winter Harbor Gage Marina/Pier 290, 1 Liechty Drive, Williams Bay
Wednesdays through Sundays, November 26 – January 1 (tours will not run December 24 & 25): 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm and 8:30pm
Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Village of Williams Bay, local Geneva Lake businesses, and homes decorated in holiday splendor, all in support of “Santa Cause” which supports our local charities. Families will board the boat from the NEW  “Twelve Charities of Christmas Tree Festival.”    Passengers will ride past brilliant shoreline holiday light displays on their way to see the REAL Santa Claus at his North Pole Hideaway.

Wisconsin Christmas Carnival Light Show
Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, 8425 Hwy 38, Caledonia
Saturday, November 26 – Saturday, December 31 (Closed Christmas)
Sunday – Thursday: 5 – 9pm
Friday and Saturday: 5 – 10pm
Welcome to the Wisconsin Christmas Carnival of Lights, Southeastern Wisconsin’s biggest, brightest and most dazzling holiday lights display! Relax in the comfort of your car as you wind your way through the campground. With lights on all sides and high above in the trees and one-of-a-kind hand-crafted displays featuring elves, reindeer, forest friends, beloved children’s characters, Santa himself and more, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into one of your favorite Christmas movies. New this year, and located inside Santa’s Workshop, is “Evy the Talking Christmas Tree,” a 7-foot animatronic character who will talk and sing to visitors and spread Christmas cheer.  Stay awhile and enjoy a hot beverage, get your picture taken with Santa (Wednesdays 6-8:30pm; Fridays & Saturdays 5:30-9:30pm, on 11/26 and between 12/2 and 12/24) or write him a letter to be sent to the North Pole, and browse our gift shop for fun and unique holiday gifts. Car (up to 8 people) $20 Large passenger vans, camper, limo, mini bus $30, Large Bus, Greyhound or Large Motorhome $35 (CASH ONLY- ATM located in store).

H.C. Light Show
6235 S. 123rd Street, Hales Corners
December 1 – January 1, 5 – 1opm
Lana and Scott Stachowski’s residence. Lights and music are coordinated on a continuous loop for a nightly show that is free, but the Stachowski family also collects donations for the American Cancer Society.

La Salette Shrine Holiday Lights
336th  Avenue, Twin Lakes
December 1 – January 1 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only)
From Christmas to New Years, the lights will be on each evening.
5 – 9pm
Countless colorful miniature lights are turned on. Come on weekends and walk the grounds to view the biblical displays and Christmas alphabet. Please keep in mind the weather conditions because the displays are outdoors.

BMO Harris Holiday Display
770 N. Water Street, Milwaukee
December 2 – January 6
Monday – Friday, 9am – 8pm; Weekends, Christmas and New Year’s Day, 9am – 4pm (Closed: December 14 and 24 at 1pm, and January 6 at 5pm)
The holiday display has been an iconic Milwaukee family attraction for 44 years.  Bank employees work to transform the lobby into a winter wonderland.  Decorations will include 150 life-sized Steiff animals based on the holiday story.   For each visitor to the display, BMO Harris will donate $5 to Feeding America Eastern WI.  For more information call (414) 765-7500

Explore the Magic of Christmas in Milwaukee
The tours run from December 2 – December 23
Join a walking tour of Downtown Milwaukee and view the magnificent lights, while learning about the history of the city. Enjoy the spectacle of Cathedral Square, the thrilling window displays, the brilliance of Pere Marquette Park and bask in the glow of the impressive city tree.  This 1.25-mile walk through the holiday-trimmed streets of Downtown Milwaukee will be led by your very own holiday elf, who will share with you the history, legend, and lore of our wonderful city. At mid-point in the tour we will take a short break at Red Arrow Park to warm up and, if you choose, purchase a hot drink. (Adults $10, kids under 12 $5)

Milwaukee Food & City Tours presents 
Christmas Lights and Dessert Tour
Downtown Milwaukee
(meeting location & details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets)
December 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 22, 23 (see website for times)
Enjoy the downtown Milwaukee holiday lights while riding in style in a cozy mini coach and sampling some delicious desserts!  The 2.5-hour narrated bus tour departs from downtown Milwaukee and features holiday displays with walking stops in Cathedral Square and Pere Marquette Park, plus viewing opportunities through light displays that may include areas such as Red Arrow Park, Zeidler Union Square, Historic Third Ward, and Miller Brewery’s Holiday Lites display. On this tour, you’ll also sample hot chocolate (or coffee, if preferred) and desserts from three local restaurants. And, to quote Buddy the Elf, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear” – therefore, your SINGING TOUR GUIDE will lead the bus in a Christmas caroling sing-a-long! Tickets are $55 for Adults, $30 for Ages 8-15, $0 for Ages 7 and under (non-eating, but will reserve seat on the bus). For more information phone 262-853-5239 or email theresa@milwaukeefoodtours.com.

Miller Valley Holiday Lites Show
Miller Valley at the Milwaukee Brewery, 4251 W. State Street, Milwaukee
Fridays and Saturdays, December 2 – 17, every 20 minutes, beginning at 4:40pm until 9pm
MillerCoors will kick off its annual holiday celebration  when the “Holiday Lites,” return to Milwaukee. More than 300,000 LED lights, synchronized to a mix of modern and traditional holiday music. Residents and visitors to the Milwaukee-area are invited to visit the Miller Valley and take the Miller Brewery Tour to experience this long-standing holiday tradition. While there, visitors will receive a free mini tour, including the Lite Show. This is an indoor/outdoor walking tour, so please come dressed for the weather. Visitors are encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy to donate to Toys-For-Tots or a non-perishable food item for Hunger Task Force. Children of all ages are welcome, however, strollers are not permitted on tour.  Must be 21+ with valid picture ID to sample beer. For more information, call 414-931-3552 or 414-931-3880.

Lights on Glen Cove
Residential neighborhood  in Muskego off of Janesville and Glen Cove Court
Coming soon!
Sunday – Thursday: 5 – 9pm
Friday and Saturday: 5 – 10pm
Over 35,000 LED lights synchronized to music broadcasted on 87.9FM. Food and monetary donations will be collected for the Muskego Food Pantry via bins located at the front of the property.

Strictly Lights Show
W5355 County Road ES, Elkhorn
Now Open!
Nightly, dusk -10pm
Over 250,000 lights synchronized to music. Tune in your radio to 88.5FM. Pull over and watch. Use caution as property is on a main road. Please leave hazard lights on for safety.



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