JAK Gives Birth!

It’s A Blog!

If you’ve been a JAK Happenings subscriber for some time, you’re probably used to the format of this weekly email:
big JAK logo at the top, partner banner ad, this commentary section, little index box, more fantastic partner ads, then the meat of the message…JAK Happenings calendar picks, finally some closing comments.

I’ve made excuses for my lack of editorial correctness, as I do not claim to be a writer. Just a mom who has got a lot on my mind, hoping that you don’t mind listening to what’s going on in this 40 something’s head (and house). Apparently, many of you don’t! In fact, this commentary section gets strong response in terms of how many of you click thru to Read more. I’ve had great feedback on some hot topics and much to my surprise, a lot of compliments.

So here goes…Just Add Kids newest family member is JAKChat. It’ll be a way to archive the commentary section of JAK Happenings email every week, so if you care to, you can read it, share it, comment, whatever. In fact, I’ll post the “best of”, so that if some of you new subscribers want to see what I’ve ranted about in the past, including “Let’s Kick Some….” (Is a** a swear word?), and “Wrist vs. Risque Fashion” (I Heart Boobies bracelet), you may. If some relevant current event pops up during the week, I’ll probably add to JAKChat.

Note: to sign up for JAK Happenings weekly e-newsletter, go to the calendar page of the website at http://www.justaddkidsonline.net/Just_Add_Kids_Happenings.html


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