Silly Banned

The Rubber Obsession

I think my 6 year old son was the first in his class to be told he can no longer wear his silly bands or Silly Bandz (not sure if they are the real thing, or imitation, who really cares?!) to school.  That was already back on September 2nd, his second day of first grade.  That started it’s own trend, the full blown ban of those rubbery. colorful, object-shaped bracelets in his classroom.  Perhaps we’ll see the full school ban in the future, or has the fad run it’s course?

If you’re a pair of dad entrepreneurs, you hope not!  They recently jumped on the Silly Bandz craze and brought to market The Original Silly Stand, designed to do what else, but keep those crazy rubber bands organized. In my house, I think we need a Silly Bandz detector.

I swear, we must have a over 100, but who even knows where they are (although I dedicated a container for each of my younger silly band wearers).  The funny thing is, my kids aren’t wearing them anymore. So back to my question…“Has the Silly Bandz craze come and gone already?” Read more.

A few hints to think that the fashion wave that started in the southeast back in early 2009 and exploded onto the scene here in southeastern Wisconsin this past spring has run it’s course:

-Look at kids’ wrists:  those kids that were wearing them, either can’t wear them anymore (as they’ve been banned), bands are lost and broken, or they’re just “over” them.

-If you google “Silly Bandz“, you see the chatter about them has diminished greatly, watching the trend move from the southeast to the west.  However, the outlets selling them have increased.  (Maybe too much a little too late?  We’ll see those bags at $4.99 dumped into clearance bins soon, if not already.)

Not wanting to seem pessimistic about them in the least!  I actually think they are fun, cute, and best of all…cheap.  My kids had a great time with exchanging one shape/color for another with each other and their friends.  On top of that, one of the top blogs (about Silly Bandz, and other rubber bracelets) was created and being run by an 8 year old girl. Such a expert in her Silly Bandz field that she is cited in many news sources including CNN.  This enterprising young girl has even designed some bands that are being sold by one of her website’s advertisers. And for her, I hope the trend continues.  Although something tells me, her future is bright, Silly Bandz or not!

I’ve seen fashion accessory and toy trends come in go in my lifetime. I really wouldn’t mind seeing this one hang on for a bit longer, because here comes an obsession in my household that is attached to a much larger price tag….American Girl dolls. (…and more dolls and more dolls, accessories, accessories, accessories). This interest too, will come to pass.  I know.  Been there, done that.  I can’t wait to tell you this story.  Another time.

(read “Wrist vs. Risque” entry, more on rubber bracelet trends)

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