Wrist vs. Risque

The Case of the Scandalous Bracelet (from JAK Happenings 08.12.2010)

I love a great trend like anyone else. Some say as a young woman, I was a bit of a trendsetter. In the eighties, I was a huge Madonna fan and dunned the black lace hair bow in my blondish/brown awesomely ratted out hair. Along with that iconic accessory were the couple dozen black rubber bracelets mixed in with some other fun chains and charms on my forearms. Okay, so I didn’t start the trend, but I wore it well (as I am sure did many of you)!

We’ve all been active witnesses to the evolution of the rubber, now silicone bracelet crazes in our lifetimes. The black rubber version transformed into a colorful variety known as “jelly bracelets”. And now, of course, our kids have Silly Bandz.

Several weeks back, my 15 year-old daughter walked in the door from a trip to the mall with her hands full of several shopping bags. I was excited to see what she had purchased with, I am sure, her entire previous month’s earnings (picking weeds for grandpa). After scanning the number of bags and the stores they were from, my attention immediately went to the bracelet she was wearing…one of her new purchases. A thick white silicone band, with red bold writing…”I (heart) boobies”. What the heck? My daughter loves boobies. Ok.

Out and about this summer, I’ve now see many teenage boys wearing the “I (heart) boobies” bracelets. Several at a time, in fact, in a variety of color combinations. Really? These teenage boys love boobies and they are letting everyone know about it.

My daughter said that by purchasing the bracelet she is “supporting breast cancer”. I corrected her…”darling, it’s breast cancer awareness” (of some odd sort). Was there something wrong with the pink Susan G. Komen for the cure “Imagine life without breast cancer” ones?

Looking at the organization that markets and sells this bracelet, The Keep-A-Breast Foundation, their mission and message is targeted to young people. While I believe their foundation supports a great cause, I am concerned that there are a whole lotsa teens (not all, but probably the majority), who purchased and are wearing the bracelet with the wrong intent.

I am mixed about this. On the one hand, I see some very clever marketing, uniquely raising funds to help eradicate this awful cancer. On the other hand, I think it’s a distractive novelty for some kids.

As for my own daughter, since she is displaying and vocalizing her support for breast cancer awareness with this bracelet, I have told her, she needs to extend that by doing some leg work (volunteering) to advance the cause. Do you have any local ideas for us? Please email me.


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