I Feel Blessed, Thank You

The Story of Glen Snow

It was Easter Day 2007 and I was as yellow as an Easter egg. No, I am not messed up here with my holidays, you’ll see where I am going with this!  Please keep reading…

I was ripe for gall bladder issues. Victims many times have these 4 F’s in common: forty/ies, female, fertile, fat.  (See what you have to look forward to, young mommas?  It’s quite common.)

After a weekend of vomiting and lying on the couch, my husband drove me to the urgent care clinic and quickly I was being processed “STAT”.  It was a crazy series of events as I was admitted on Monday and released on Thursday, with a laparoscopic surgery procedure.  Typically, you are released within a day.  I had no idea that the challenges I was dealing with while in the hospital would pale in comparison to the issues I would experience post op with my health insurance coverage. Read more.

Unbeknownst to me, the contract between this large health care provider and my employer’s insurance had changed.  It was a modification that occurred with organizational changes, combine some incredibly bad timing, and somehow I flew under the radar for being communicated to.  These changes went into affect five days before my surgery and even hospital admission had not been red flagged when my insurance was verified.

Bottom line is, most of the bills ended up being “out of network” and I racked up quite the hefty bill.   A bill that equals some full-time employed peoples’ annual income.  My responsibility.  Great.

What could be the worst of circumstances, now ends up being a no interest monthly payment to pay off my debt.  Still not a great situation.  Enter: Glen Snow.  Glen Snow is the representative assigned to my account.  As offered, I agreed that he should call me monthly and we’d do a payment over the phone.

So every month, Glen gives me a jingle.  “Hi Ms. Herrmann, how are you doing today?” And I respond with my answer, which of course is always more than one word. (blah, blah, blah…) “How are you, Glen?” I’ll ask back.  His response is always “I feel blessed, thank you”.  Sometimes the conversation is short and sweet business.  However, most of the time, we briefly talk about whatever.  Glen knows about my job loss, Just Add Kids, tidbits about my family.  It never gets too personal, yet the conversation is always very personable and professional.

As I was thinking about Thanksgiving, and what grateful topic to write about in this commentary/blog, who would’ve thought my monthly chat with the debt collector seemed appropriate. I feel blessed to have been placed with the pleasant, positive, warm person named Glen Snow on the other end of the phone line.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Glen and everyone!



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