The Hour Countdown

And the minute countdown

So it’s about 11:15pm on Thursday, December 30th. T minus 45 minutes to get the correct date stamp on this email newsletter and I’ve got a way to go.

My mind both full and empty as to how to fill up this commentary space.  So why not talk about resolutions? ‘Tis the season afterall!

I’ve got my personal New Year’s resolution, pretty much the same as last year…loose some weight.  This year my weight loss goal is bigger than last year’s.  Go figure, I am heavier this year than I was last year at this time.  I started out great creating a Facebook page called “Fat Girl in a Skinny World”.  It was a place where myself as well as others documented our daily successes and challenges of weight loss.  I had two previous successes with Weight Watchers, so I plugged into an old points program.  This time, I thought I could do it on my own (without the weekly meetings).  I was holding myself publicly accountable with the FGSW page. After two months, and a net loss of 4 pounds, I just quit. Read More…

I received my mailing for the Weight Watchers new program, Points Plus,  and “Join For Free” promotion.  This year, I will not fall down.  And if I do, I have a bit more cushion!

Now onto JAK’s New Year’s resolution.  In an effort to provide a more useful tool for you with this newsletter, JAK is committed to getting this weekly e-newsletter, JAK Happenings, out by noon each Thursday.  Imagine having this info delivered to you 12 hours ago?  I am, I could be in bed by now.

Happy New Year!


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