How Sweet It Is

Or So I Wish It Were

I suppose it depends on the day, the hour, the weather, the circumstances….It’s pretty unpredictable.

Sunday marks yet another one of my kid’s birthdays.  Not that every birthday isn’t special, it absolutely is, yet this milestone is my oldest daughter’s “Sweet 16” birthday.

Just like a lot of moms and their teenage daughters, our relationship is a bit strained.  All I want to do is, especially in light of her birthday, is to create a special, happy memory.
So I threw a couple of “surprise party” ideas past my husband asking him what he thought she would like to do, on top of the standard big family party (including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a few other VIPs considered family).

You never know, as he answered, “Honey, you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t”  You see, on top of the challenged relationship, my daughter suffers from clinical depression and January is a real beast of a month for us. Read More…

So, I decided I’d delicately ask her what she thought of my plan, and despite a bit of a revision…we’re going with it!  That is, if the world doesn’t come crumbling down.  It just may.

While there are many times that she pushes me to a point where I just want to wring her neck, there are just as many times that I just want to cry and I do cry because she suffers and I feel so helpless.  Yes, we seek the help of professionals.  She sees and is under the care of both a psychiatrist and a clinical therapist.

Turning 16 should be something to look forward to and happily celebrate.  At the very least, I am hoping for the sunshine to come back strong one of these days and bring some rays of light and hope for my “baby”.  Happy 16th Birthday, Sweetie!


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    Maureen Cashin Bolog said,

    Have you discovered Vitamin D3. Check out the Homefirst website about D3 and depression.

    Dr. Mayer Eisenstein had a video about a conference he went to. There was a psychiatrist there that told each person that came to her to take 5,000 mg of D3 for a month and then come back to see her. She said that 50% of the people did not need her services after that.

    Since January is hard, maybe this will help your girl.

    I’m sure you are getting a lot of advice. I use a lot of D3. I credit D3 and Noni juice for keeping my mom alive almost 2 years longer that expected. I buy it in downtown Kenosha at the healthfood store.

    She started Hospice yesterday. We could have a few weeks or a few months.

    Hard times. But God’s grace sustains us.

    Have fun with the party.

  2. 2

    N. Hall said,


    I admire the courage you have to write honestly about a subject like this, one hitting so close to home. Please know I appreciate moms like you who tackle these problems head on, and are forthcoming, who do not hide behind emabarrasment or shame.

    The problems you describe are so real and common. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

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