It’s Epic!

Big Snow! Big Game! Big Mamma!

This has really been quite the incredible year so far on so many levels.  We Wisconsinites have seen our state in the national spotlight as I haven’t ever remembered in recent years.  In a positive light, too. Whether it’s been politically, our president making several trips to Wisconsin and Paul Ryan stepping up his congressional role and responding to last week’s State of the Union address.  Or our beautiful gems the Milwaukee Art Museum and the lakefront showcased last week on American Idol. Of course, now we are in the midst of the big dig out and big freeze, in anticipation of the big game coming up this weekend.  America’s Dairyland has gone “Big Time”!

All of this “bigness” has put this momma into a routine tailspin!  I know I will bounce back, I always do. Read More…

Unfortunately, when you are a telecommuter or work from home, you can’t necessarily take off for a school snow day, even if a civil danger warning is declared.  Some businesses just don’t close.  Of course you shouldn’t feel sorry for me, I pretty much have it made being able to work in pjs and adjust my schedule to take care of our family’s needs, appointments, etc.  We need to give props to our law enforcement, fire and rescue departments who end up working big time in a major weather event.

What these advance school days off did do was allow me to sleep in.  Felt good, though of course, affected the start of my typical week day which consists of early morning prayer time, exercise, showering, in addition to getting the kiddos out the door for school (of which darling husband does help me out with).

So now, I am running behind in my work schedule, Weight Watchers activity and food planning, doing, and tracking is not going so well. Hygiene? Well, I desire to squeeze a shower in soon. Oh that’s right, I have four kids at home, too.  I suppose I should go check in with them.  Haven’t heard any signs of sibling scrapping yet today.

I am hoping that you all made the most of your week.  I am looking forward to wrapping up this big eventful week with a Packer‘s win on Sunday, which will then again, throw my schedule off once again, as I will attend the homecoming on Tuesday at Lambeau.

So, I suppose having my schedule get thrown off IS routine.  No big deal then, that’s life as a mom! 🙂


Big calendar.  Wow…so much family fun!  JAK does not want you to miss out!  Check out some big fun at Just Add Kids website’s JAK Happenings Calendar of Events:


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