7 yrs pt 2
by JAK’s guest mom blogger from Caledonia, Beth Gilmore

Today is your opportunity to be courageous and choose the priorities in life that are most important to you.  Today is your chance to take the things that are most important that have been coming in last and put them first.

In order to do this, you have to first be able to view your life with your eyes wide open.  It was because of a fluke that that a bright, revealing light was shone on my life.  I was forced to stay home for an entire week last month.  I was told by doctors to cancel all appointments and stay “quarantined” until the results of my TB test came back.  I had been exposed a few months prior and had just gotten the news.  Read more…Stuck at home, I worked with my daughter Anna on her school assignments morning and night.  Usually, she was on her own with her work.  I would give her some guidance and check it once I got home from my job, but all in all, it was her responsibility to get it done.  My attention and guidance produced a miracle; the following week, every grade she brought home was an A, and most of her papers were 100%s.  For a child who has been struggling with ADHD and getting Cs in her core classes, this was a huge shift.  Had I not been stuck at home by doctor’s orders for a week, I never would have known why she was struggling: she needed her mama.  She needed the hour in the morning when I was normally leading courses and she needed the 1 ½ at night when I was regularly seeing clients.  She needed ME and there was no substitute.

In the past, we had tried tutors, homework help at school and all sorts of other options; nothing worked.  There was just no substitute for her mother’s attention and instruction.  And, it was that realization that led me to make some tough choices.

What was most important to me?  How could I have a career but put my children first?  What did I need to do to flip-flop my priorities so that Anna (and my other daughter) were number one?

MY choice was to go back to working part-time ONLY during their school hours.  I was going to make sure that I didn’t over-schedule myself–they were going to get the BEST of me, not the LEFTOVERS.

I am closing my classroom and workshops at the end of this month.  While I will still be coaching part-time, I am sad because leading public seminars is so very rewarding.  Yet, I know that the bigger reward will be the difference that I am choosing to make in my own household.

I have just SEVEN more years to help mold my daughter and give her the courage and confidence I am so committed to delivering in my workshops.  My family is now my number one priority, and while my work is fulfilling, it is no substitute for the joy on Anna’s face as she presents her As to me each night, knowing she can accomplish anything!

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