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Bringing Back  the Shoulder Pad Generation

For JAK,  it must be a slow news day  if I have to resort back to 80’s fashion.  Sorry, dudes…if you thought I would be talking football shoulder pads…hate to disappoint you.  You might just want to scroll on down to the meat and potatoes of today’s newsletter.

There probably isn’t a day that goes by that I wonder how my one time small framed, average 34B body morphed into
Read more… this blob.  One would think I should get over it, but it’s what I’ve had to work with since the birth of my first child some 17 years ago:  thirty plus more pounds on average, scarred up abdomen  (from 3 c-sections: 2 horizontal, 1 vertical), expanded rib cage, and distinctly rounded and sloped shoulders.  And the funnest part is, what most women perhaps would want… an increase in cup size, came with 4 more inches in band size and 1 more hook in the back. (2 + 1 =3, that’s right sista, 3 hooks).  With the last two components (shoulders &  bra size) working harmoniously,  I can’t keep my bra straps up on my shoulders to save my life.  For those of you who know me personally, watch me in action.  I am constantly down the neck of my shirt, and into my arm sleeves, pulling those dang things back into the place they belong….on my shoulders.  It is terribly annoying (for all parties involved).

It’s been a long time since I’ve donned a set of those shoulder pads.  I am wondering if there are some of you reading this that may not even know of, or have had the pleasure of experiencing the shoulder pad phenomenon of the 1980’s.  They were big, not only in physical structure and size, but also hugely fashionable.

I’ve got to confess.  I am ready to jump in with some of the trendsetters that are now confidently adorning their shoulders with these visions of height and structure.  I imagine there is some way to affix my bra straps to those pads, so that finally, I’ve got something to anchor those babies down with.

So what do you think?  Will you join me in my crusade to bring shoulder pads back to the mainstream?!

On a side note:  I have gone through bouts of weight loss.  Am glad to report that I am actively tracking points with Weight Watchers and attending meetings.  Thus far, I have successfully lost 15 pounds since I started in January.  I plan to become a lifetime member (this time). Additionally, I am hopping on the life cycle exercise bike 5 days a week for 30 minutes.  That’s my routine at this point.  Just didn’t want you to think that I succumbed to doing nothing but complaining.  Not JAK‘s style!

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    You always seem so collected and fashionable to me – even in Peter Pan mode, I’d never guess the daily strap challenges you have. Funny, funny blog! ! Women rest assured we are not alone! !

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