4-Casting Fun

What are You Doing April 9th?
by JAK Guest, Patty Gale
a followup to March 31st:
“A” is for April, and A Day 4 Dreams, Type A, and Amazin’

Whatever it is, clear off your calendar and put A Day 4 Dreams on it!

What is A Day 4 Dreams?

We are very privileged to have been working with Tammy Flynn of Elegance Salon & Spa to bring her vision of helping kids to the Milwaukee area.

A Day 4 Dreams is a fun, family fundraiser in which 100% of the proceeds benefit Children’s Hospital, Wisconsin and Make-a-Wish Foundation, Wisconsin.

Your whole family will have a ball meeting and getting autographs from local sports figures such as:  Read more

• Corey Hart of the Milwaukee Brewers
• DeAndre Levy, Detroit Lion – former Milwaukee Vincent Player and WI Badger
• Brian Calhoun – former WI Badger and Detroit Lion
• Troy Dusosky from the Milwaukee Wave
• Anthony Pettis and Justin Lemke of the UFC
• Chris Oestreich – BMX Biker
• Adam Mania – 2004 Summer Olympics Swimmer.

Your All-Inclusive Ticket for this unique event includes the following:

Games and entertainment by Dave & Buster’s, Shutterbox Entertainment, Hype Dance Team and Art Milwaukee. Meet several Milwaukee Mascots including the Klement’s Sausages, Roscoe from the Admirals, Star Wars Characters, McGruff and the Crime Stoppers and Brad Beach from the Wave and much more!

Food and Beverage has been generously donated by Texas Roadhouse, Cousins and Pepsi. Radio 1250 will broadcast live from the event.

Donors Instead of Sponsors

Being a part of this event for the last six months has been absolutely amazing! This event is held with 100% donor participation, meaning that all of the sports celebrities, businesses and restaurants gave their time and services. There is no sponsorship whatsoever.

Tickets and Details

Don’t miss this event! Tickets are only $50 for a family 4 pack. That’s right.. 4 tickets for only fifty bucks and that includes lunch, too! Additional tickets (up to 3) are only $10 each. You would spend more than that at a movie, so clear off your calendar and make it a date to head to A Day 4 Dreams.

When: April 9th, 2011
Time: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Where: Crowne Plaza West, Wauwatosa

Tickets On Sale Now. Call 262-785-0880. It’s for the kids.

About the author: Patty Gale is the creator and owner of Inspired WebWorks. She’s been an internet entrepreneur since 2001 and is passionate about helping small and local businesses make the most of the web to grow their business.
Visit http://www.inspiredwebworks.com

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