All My Children’s…

…Clothing: Corduroys and Boys                                 

I’ll just start out and say it…not a good match!

After having 3 girls in a row, I’ve had a lot of experience with the girly wardrobes.  My two oldest daughters are 22 months apart, so you know #2 got all of #1’s hand me downs.  With the exception of being  the projectile vomiter and having the normal diaper blowouts in her baby years, #1 did very little damage to her clothes.  Damage to mom’s and dad’s clothes absolutely!  It was as if a target was on us, with regurgitated or digested breast milk and rice cereal as the ammo. Read more…  But that was pretty much it.  Her clothes were quite impeccable, which interestingly, has carried over into her teenage years.  Poor  #2, rarely ever had her own original clothes.  That, however, has changed, now that she is a teenager.  There is a distinct difference in the fashion tastes of daughters #1 and #2, now 16 and 14.

So where does daughter number #3, next in line, fall?  With 6 years in between #2 and #3, there is a bit of a mix.  I saved some of my favorites outfits from #2.  Yes, some items did survive.  Though of course,  there were some clothing items that just couldn’t be resurrected, such as the bib overalls, once cute on a 5 year old, yet 6 years later…not so much.  Number 3, also, so much harsher on her clothes then her predecessors .  If I would’ve had a 4th daughter, very few things would’ve survived.  Biggest culprits: the paints and magic markers.  All four of my kids are amazing and passionately artistic.  Yet, #3 is a magnet for creating an equal amount of artwork on her shirt’s and dresses’ sleeves and bodices.

So now let’s go back to why we first came here.  #4, my one and only boy.  What a train wreck!  (and I say this will every ounce of love and adoration) Nothing survives this child. Stains galore! Holes, holes and more holes!  The worse culprit and the whimpiest item of clothing are those dang corduroys.

Last year , my son attended a private school where wearing either chino/twill or corduroy pants were in code.  So of course , I varied his Monday through Friday wardrobe to include a nice mix navy and khaki.   But dang, if sonny boy didn’t blow holes into his corduroys within a matter of a couple of wears.  It killed me!  After experiencing the throwing out of $25 week after week, I finally gave up.  No more stinkin’ corduroys.  The only exception would be, if I found a terrific deal at a resale shop, or they were a hand-me-down from someone.  Sure is fun dressing a boy.  And if junior is anything like his daddy, I’ll be dressing him for a lifetime.  Or at least, until I can pass the torch onto some other lucky woman.

Not that I was planning on a plug, but since I am on the subject of clothes, and I just so happen to be writing this commentary plopped in the middle of a huge clothing (shoes, toys, books and equipment) sale.   The Just Between Friends Children’s and Maternity Consignment Event is taking place today through Sunday at Wisconsin State Fair Park Exposition Center.  Need something?  Of course you do.  Check it out!

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