Energy Efficient

Mama’s Got Gas!

Sure, after a fill up to the tune of $66.

It’s trendy to be “green” and frugal, yet for me, I feel like I’ve been forced.  Not kicking and screaming, though, because of the increasing costs of daily consumable items (fuel, food, etc), change in household income, I’ve had to make major lifestyle changes. I never used to be that aware of what gas station had the cheapest price of gas, but these days, I challenge myself to find the lowest per gallon price.

It’s reported that right now in our area, gas prices range from $3.70 to $3.95, up $1 from last year at this time.  (Here’s a random, yet related question: What’s the deal with the 9/10ths of a cent?)  Read more…

For the past couple of months, I’ve been frequenting and filling up at a newer station called Solo.  I’ve seen only one other one in town.  Interestingly, they typically charge between 10 & 15 cents less than the gas station kiddie corner from it.  Well, it doesn’t take long to figure out, in part, why…Half the time, a receipt doesn’t crank out after you finish your transaction, so you’ve got to run in and have the clerk print one up.  Inconvenient.  You get what you pay for, and I went for cheap gas, not for the convenience of the receipt spitting out like it should.

Oddly enough, this past week, their price is identical to their diagonal competitor and the next closest gas station is trending about 10 cents less than the Solo corner.  That’s where I got the fill up at $3.73 (9/10), which was comparatively a great price.  Of course, now that’s changed.  Which leads me to my next question…What other industry could get away with changing (usually increasing) their product prices daily?  And of course, there always seems to be some bogus reason as to why.

On top of comparison shopping for my gas, I’ve turned into the “one trip wonder”, strategically planning my outings so that I can knock off as many errands and stops as I can fit into each car trip.  I truly get a sense of accomplishment when I get a lot done in one outing.  I guess I can compare it with couponers, who become euphoric when they add up (or subtract) their savings.

Speaking of couponing, I am slowly but surely, looking through the Smart Source inserts (along with other fliers) when we receive them, cutting relevant items out,  filing them, then using them.  It makes me feel good when I save a chunk of money.  And the fact of the matter is, I need to save money.  Gotta fill up the tank after all!

Saving is contagious and it’s all the rage!
Have you got gas?  Share your cheap fill up here in comments, or with other mamas (and papas) on Just Add Kids Facebook.


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