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Just Add Kids welcomes Mollie Bartelt, a Caledonia mom, as JAK’s guest blogger

Do you want to make a difference in your life this summer? Or make a difference for a child who has a life threatening illness? Or win $1000 in a fun challenge?

Game on!

My story began six months ago, when my happy, healthy nine year old daughter came in from outside playing in the snow feeling dizzy. We became alarmed when she couldn’t stand up after resting a bit…her legs were wobbly and criss-crossing and she appeared to have no balance. A few short hours later in the emergency room, the situation looked worse as she was starting to slur her speech and not even be able to get words out correctly… and she couldn’t get her hands to work to put a snack in her mouth. Read more…

The hospital ER staff then sent us up to Children’s Hospital where Hannah stayed for nearly a week, undergoing tests and having therapy. While all the tests were negative, she continued to be unable to walk or stand unsupported and had trouble speaking. Hannah was finally diagnosed with Cerebellitis . . . a rare condition where a child’s immune system fights off a virus (i.e. cold, etc.) but then keeps fighting after the virus is gone and causes brain swelling. Fortunately, this is a temporary condition, but no one could tell us how long it would take for Hannah to talk and walk properly again.

While Hannah was on the Neurological unit at Children’s, we saw many children who were in much more severe situations. A child died while we were there. As a mother and a Creative Memories consultant, I knew that I wanted to give something to help these children who were suffering and their families who need something happy to get them through the tough times.

My fellow team of Creative Memories consultants and I have organized Minute to Wish It on June 26 at the Racine Family YMCA . . . a family fundraiser where families will compete in a fast paced series of challenges where winners will proceed to the next challenge. The final team left will have the opportunity to win up to $1000 in the Final Round of Minute to Wish It challenges.

Would you please consider giving back some of the blessings you have received by getting your family and friends together to be a team for this fun day? More details can be found on www.MinutetoWishIt.info. If you cannot, forward this email on to others who might be interested!

If you would like to contribute to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, please use this link: https://secure.wish.org/ourfriends/029-000/minutetowishit.htm

As for my daughter, she came home with a pediatric walker, needed stand by assist for everything from eating to going to the bathroom . . . but her spirit and attitude remained wonderful. It took her six weeks to completely recover and now she is back out on the soccer field full force.

Making a difference in the lives of children in need of a wish . . . will make a difference in your life this summer . . . I promise you!

*Creative Memories formed an alliance with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions while also providing the tools needed to remember the past, cherish the present and be inspired with hope for the future.


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    Hope said,

    Glad to hear your daughter is fine, and some good has come out of your situation, this fundraiser. It’s crazy how life can sometimes be turned around in a moment. Could you give us more info about forming a team. How many people? Adults, kids, or both? What time is it at,and where in the YMCA do we go? Thanks 🙂

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