Parade, Picnic, Play, Pyrotechnics  

I love the 4th of July.  It’s the only day of the year you’ll catch me (and my entire family of 6) in a red, white, and blue clothing and accessory ensemble.  But it’s tradition.

As I write the commentary, the first of the family influx into town begins. I get to meet our family’s next generation, my neice’s toddlers.  They live in Texas and it’s their first trip up to experience the 4th of July the Racine-way!

After what I anticipate to be a fun-filled day on Sunday, I’ll drag my butt (though my husband and kid’s will be raring to go) up out of bed, and maybe we’ll make the pre-parade.  You know it’ll be my fault if we don’t.  I’ll park in the same illegal spot as I do year after year.  I cannot believe I am confessing that.  Tell you where that is?  I think not!  Read more…

We’ll meet up on our same ‘ole corner on Main Street, with the same ‘ole gang (give or take whatever relatives made it into town) that  we do every year.  Gosh, I LOVE our parade.  Should be in it, but, I can’t fathom the thought of not enjoying it with my family.  Been there, done that.  Another story.

After the parade, we’ll head on over to the family bash, hosted by my amazing patriarch father-in-law, and perfectly complimenting matriarch mother-in-law.  Our party takes place on the family property right on Lake Michigan.  You cannot ask for a more awesome location.  Of course, we’ll enjoy great food and conversation.  Then at 2:00 or 3:00, “the play” will begin.  Time depends on how ready the kids are.

It’s been a tradition since 2004.  The kids (now ranging from 17 years old and down to whatever little toddler wants a piece of the action) put on their annual production under the tent.  My neice takes the lead with script writing, song selection, and costume creating.  Productions run the gamut from original works “Mara” to last year’s “Phantom of the Opera” which highlighted my husband and his brother as the “opera house owners” and the girls’ handsome 3rd cousin appropriately cast as The Phantom.  And speaking of “tradition”…this year they are staging “Fiddler on the Roof”.

Things will wrap up at about 6.  We’ll regroup (my husband will catch a cat nap, most will change clothes, spray bug spray) and head on down to another same ‘ole corner on Michigan Avenue, with the same ‘ole parade group.   A couple of years now we’ve broken the tradition, after mingling on our fireworks corner, we head down to the Racine Yacht Club and lay under the spectacular display.  You’d do it too!

One of the most memorable 4th of July scenes imprinted in my mind is the trek back to the car after the fireworks.  The town is not wanting to wind down.  Tell you what…my body is!

Some family members will book on the 5th.  Others will linger for a week.  We’ll get some kid sailing in, a trip to Six Flags, then soon things will return back to normal.  Post Fourth Blues will settle in.  It’s tradition.

Well, thanks for allowing me to share with you my family’s customs during the fourth.  I am sure something out of the ordinary will happen.  It always does….plane in the lake, gunpowder in the eye…trip to ER, why break tradition?  Enjoy!


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