Best Laid Plans

Seems like the theme for this past week has been improvisation.  Things just haven’t gone as planned, starting with last Thursday’s freak storm/power outage and following through today, including this week’s JAK Happenings!  Oh well, the show must go on.

Without detailing each day, I’ll enlighten you with today’s challenge.  Read more…

Let’s start with right now.  Sluggish, frozen, unresponsive….that describes this 5 year old well-used laptop I am working on.  It has taken me probably 4 times the amount of time it would normally take for me to complete a work task.  Augh!  But alas, this morning as I started my on again, off again work day, I found that my work laptop somehow got infected with some crazy mean virus.  Off to my IT gal, The Nerd Cave, and onto the good ‘ole standby.

While working from home has it’s benefits, it also comes with challenges.  You cannot totally separate from what’s going on, or what needs to be going on which can only be pushed forward if you step in and move it forward.   So interject a few mom tasks and commutes layered on top of the molasses movin’ computer and wala! it’s evening and we’ve got family dinner plans.  Can’t miss that!  Tomorrow it’s  flying back to Phoenix and West Palm day for some of the left over 4th of July family visitors.

Having most of the components for this week’s JAK Happenings e-newsletter, I wasn’t in too bad of shape to take in the Chancery, then another kid commute.  I returned back to “Mr. Molasses” only to realize an ad sent to me today says “June” instead of “July” and the guest blogger’s text is being held hostage as a docx file as opposed to the word doc (2003 version) I need.  Really, too late to call anyone to help.  I was so looking forward to sharing with you the story of our guest blogger, Lesley Redman, mother and advocate for her daughter, Jalyn, who is currently winning a great fight with cancer.   Plus a great event that she and the Milwaukee Brewers player’s wives are bringing to town.

So here you go.  This poor excuse of a commentary and an incorrect ad.  Enjoy!

I am really fine with this.  There are more things in life to get upset over.

I invite you to please come back during the week and I’ll post Lesley’s blog.

And by the way, Pleasant Prairie Family Days is taking place JULY 23rd and 24th.  Looks like someone else might’ve had a challenging day, too?!  I’ll be calling the graphic artist in the mornin’.

Stay tuned….


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