**it Happens

When the SHTF*

I somewhat pride myself on being a resourceful, knowledgeable woman.  I am alert to the potential of dangerous situations and plan accordingly.  For instance, I ensure that my kids (and their friends, when they are under my watch) wear their helmets when riding their bikes.  I maintain a keen awareness on the weather, especially when the risk of severe conditions are present, and again plan appropriately.  So as always, I heeded the warnings of the dangers of the hot weather this week, yet, my 9 year old daughter became a victim of it.  Read More…

You always dread the call from school indicating your child is sick and needs to be picked up, but when it’s approaching 100, and you’re told your child has passed out in class (but doing okay), you review in your head how it could have been avoided.

Of course, I new about the impending hot hot hot weather.  So off to her theater class I sent her with her hair up, lightweight loose fitting woven cotton tank top, skort, and flip flops.  “Hey, grab your water bottle”, I directed both my kids as they hopped out of the car.  What could go wrong?

Well, as she described, speckled color and black filled her eyes, she lost her hearing for a moment, and when her instructor approached her, she could hear her talking as if into a echoing microphone.  They quickly got her to the air conditioned office, and cooled her down with water and a couple of ice packs.  She was fine, though disheveled a bit, when I got to the school to pick her up.

So cancel summer school at Racine Unified Wednesday and Thursday?  You bet.  Good call.  It avoided other parents getting the “another child down” call.

Time to chill out, crank up the air and/or hit the high button the fan.

**it Hits The Fan


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