I Don’t Know How She Does It

Meet Lisa

As a seasoned mom and a business owner that caters and interacts with other moms, it never ceases to amaze me the amazing women I run across.  With the new Sarah Jessica Parker movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It”, it got me thinking, JAK should introduce you to some local super moms, and give them a platform to “chat” about themselves and what’s on their mind.  Read More….

My name is Lisa Wadin and I am an at home wife and mother of two daughters, in 7th and 4th grade, here in the wonderful village of Bristol.
One of the many hats I wear is that of our grade school’s PTA President. This Saturday afternoon we are having our annual walk-a-thon to raise the funds we need for our children for the year, and it got me to thinking about all the wonderful people we have had donate things and volunteer their time and those who don’t think they have time to donate.
We have two main “quotes” with our PTA. One is “every child. one voice” and the other is “Give 1 hour a month. 10 hours in a school year”. For those of you who work FT and think there’s no way you can add just one more thing, it’s not as hard as you think.
Do you have 1 hour each month? 15 minutes each week that you can give? Can you make up a flyer for an event, in-between checking your Facebook, that another Mom could take to school and stuff mailboxes with? Could you make phone calls while watching your kids at soccer practice? Send e-mails for a PTA chair? What about picking up some things that are needed at a store you were on your way to anyway? So many options and they don’t just apply to school. Your church, your community, 4H, Scouts…all of these places and things depend on volunteers and every little thing adds up to a whole lot of excellence!
Back to the example of school: 15 minutes a week…1 hour a month…10 hours in a school year. It can be done…all you have do to is ask. Thanks and I hope to share with you again soon!


Here is the fruit of Lisa’s labor, literally and figuratively.  Pictured below are her two daughters…

I thought I’d add the other hats that Lisa wears: she is the Chairman and Secretary of the  the annual Bristol Progress Days Parade;  she is a softball and t-ball coach; she helps with Girl Scouts for one troop and is the Leader of another; she is a Sunday School teacher; Lisa works with Cloverbuds for 4H;  and in addition to her being the President of the PTA, she chairs many committees inside PTA like Babysitting Night.

How does she do it all?
Good question!  Just grateful she does.

Visit the Just Add Kids website:


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