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Blocked Parties   

Racine sure knows how to party!  And this past week has been no exception to that statement. What a great week I had participating in two big celebrations.  The first was on Saturday at Downtown Racine’s “Party on the Pavement”, and the other was last night at “Max & Ruby: Bunny Party” which was held at Memorial Hall.

Probably wasn’t going to write about what I am about to write about.  Bullying, breast cancer awareness were ideas floating around in my head, but was dealing with a bit of writer’s block with the approach.  Thankfully, last night, being “blocked out” of the party with the bunnies from a cute little girl standing on her daddy’s lap helped me overcome filling up this blank space. Take a look at the pictures, and you’ll know exactly what I am talking about!  Read More….

obstructed view 😦

Hmmmmm, still can't see. You make a better door than a window, sweetie!

Ever experience that?  At some event, typically theater shows and you end up with some big ‘ole block head in front of you, or a kid being propped up, because she can’t see the stage from a sitting position.  So what do you do?  I just sucked it up, rolled my eyes, and snapped some shots to support my story.  I do wonder, does that propping parent even think that they might be disrupting someone’s enjoyment of the show?  Honestly, I always feel like I am considerate in that respect.  Despite the fact that our view was obstructed for the majority of the show, my son and I quite enjoyed Max & Ruby.  Apparently, we weren’t alone.  It is reported that about 7,000 people, mostly school children,  attended the show which was performed four times over the course of two days.  That’s one big party!

Onto the other party, the one that sprawled over several downtown city blocks on Saturday….a big thanks to RG Natural Babies for allowing Just Add Kids to camp out on their sidewalk and kick off a fun kid’s coloring contest, JAK ‘O Lantern Kid’s Carving Contest.  Here are some pics of my little piece of the block:

kid's carving pumpkins with crayons

same kid "carvers", different angle!

Allow me the opportunity to introduce you to the JAK ‘O Lantern Kid’s Carving Contest…Please go to the Just Add Kids “CONTEST” page, download our kid’s coloring contest form, have your child “carve” (color) the pumpkin, send in to win a $25 gift certificate to RG Natural Babies store in downtown Racine.  Their merchandise goes beyond babies! Check out their toys, gift and consignment area, in addition to their gigantic selection of cloth diapers.

Well, I got off my chest what I wanted to share with you.  Ahhh, feels good.  Next week, there will be commentary by JAK guest blogger, Hope Bosak, a local mom who is currently “clean” of  breast cancer.  Insight and inspiration worth looking forward to.  See you then!


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    Hope said,

    Paula, Excellent photos to “support” your blocked out story. You do have to wonder if “the grown up” ever thought about anyone other than themselves. Hmm…I bet you weren’t the only one who had an obstructed view. There were probably other kids who couldn’t see also. Is there a polite way to inform the father? I think so. We always think of the perfect thing we should have said, after the fact. Maybe you could have taught the Daddy what your comment means,”Umm..excuse me, but have yo ever heard of the phrase Your daughter makes a better door than a window?” At least that would have been a conversation starter, and I’m sure you could have gone on to become great friends..tee hee. Well, glad you and your son enjoyed the show!

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