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Talkin’ Turkey

Fowl Play

Dah, (oooh), Ta Da Da Da, Go Pack Go!
Dah, (oooh), Ta Da Da Da, Go Pack Go!

Whoot Whoot, Touchdown! Packers 6-0.  Extra point kick….good!

Yup, I’m doing the play by play, as my family of six is actually making our way
up to Green Bay for a family Thanksgiving at my brother’s house.  Hubby is
driving.  Only a couple of reminders so far to turn the blinker off.  READ MORE….

Our first stop is in Mequon, only about 45 minutes into our northerly trek:
potty break, top off the gas tank, and gotta get the newspaper.  It’s a big deal.
Not only is the paper stuffed with after-Thanksgiving  sale inserts, but sonny boy,
(my 7 year old) is suppose to be in two ads: Kohl’s and Boston Store.  He’s a print
model and it’s the year of the pajama boy!  Apparently, most of the work boys
his age gets is pj modeling.

Wheew!  Thanks Tramon Williams!  Field goal attempt by the Lions…No Good! 
And that’s good for us, holding at 7-0.

Back on the road and into the groove of the drive.  I slap the weighty paper onto
my lap, excited to see how freaking cute my kiddo is going to look in his Mario
and his CARS jammies.

Punches flying? Keep your poise boys! Patrick Lee ejected from the game…wth?

As I whip through the paper, I quickly find the Kohl’s insert and set it on the
console.  Hmmm…I see the Boston Store flier, but it’s only a single sheet…for
furniture.  There’s K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Office Max, TJMaxx,
Milwaukee Brewer’s, Sam’s Club, even  Where in the heck is my
Boston Store post-Thanksgiving sale catalog?  I mean, it has GOT TO be in there.
There is even a wing-a-ding-ding ad (I used to work in the industry, and I really
don’t know the technical term) on the front page announcing the insert that is
SUPPOSE to be in the newspaper.

I rifle back through the never ending stack of glossy sheets of 50%, Bonus Buys,
Early Birds! No BS!  And that ain’t No BS!

I go back to that wing-a-ding and read it (I just skimmed it before)…”Look for
our insert in most of today’s papers!”  Seriously?  I question “MOST of today’s
papers”?  Are you kidding me?  This is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for
goodness sakes!  Hometown territory for the Boston Store.  Too funny, I just
realized, I worked for both of these companies for quite a few years each.  Is the
joke on me? Or to cut costs, is this regional retail icon stuffing every 3rd paper
or something?  I know things are tough, I left the former and got canned from
the latter (in the midst of the recession and the biggest workforce reduction at
JS in years).

Uh, honey, blink off, please.
I want my Nickelback.

I want my $2.50 back, as I find no Boston Store flier.  I go back to the Kohl’s
insert…I find no pajama boy.  At least not one I have given birth to.  I am
bummed 😦  The photo shoots to place way back in August and sometimes
things happen….vendor can’t ship, planned sale changes, whatever.  Sonny
boy still gets paid if the ad goes to print or not.

Sulking and groaning, I plot my course for mine and my sister’s randomly and
sporatically scheduled 12am Black Friday shop-a-thon. I am deep into thought.
Packer game just background noise at this point.

Wow, gas is at a bargain price back home!  The town of Chase, suburb of Pulaski,
suburb of Green Bay, posted gas price is $3.39 for regular unleaded.   Geesh!

So here we are, at our Thanksgiving celebration destination.  I tell my family the
saga of the missing BS flier and Kohl’s ad pj pic.  Packers defeat the Lions. Waiting for the 5 o’clock hour when we sit down and eat at our seasonally adorned table.  I amtalking to my mom about the wing-a-ding ad and this blog.  Wait, it comes to me as I handle the outer pages of Section A…the ad continues around the backside.
It’s called a “wrap”!  Yes! Yes! A wrap! And there he is…Pajama Boy!  I am filled with joy!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Count your blessings!  Enjoy your turkey!

Now,” that’s a wrap, folks”!


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In the Twilight Zone?

The  Anti Vampi

Okay, I know I am going to throw some of you Twihards into a tizzy.  But the title caught your attention, didn’t it?  So tonight, or rather tomorrow at midnight the biggest premiere (that I remember) of the Twilight saga takes place with the opening of “Breaking Dawn-Part 1”.  Enjoy, my Cullenite friends that are attending, but this momma will be snug in her bed.
Look, I am not knocking you.  I haven’t read any of the books or have seen any of the movies, though I’ve read reviews and haven’t been able to help but see the previews.  I have no bloody desire.  However,  I will go about my biz and  judge this book by the cover.  Read More…

Vampires, werewolves, demons, darkness…sex scenes, childbirth, death.  Not for my viewing pleasure, nor anything I choose to offer to my daughters to watch.  Call me prudish.  I honorably accept.

I remember a few years ago, when my knowledge of the book series arose.  My niece from Arizona was in town for a summer vacation and was  reading one of them.  I don’t know which one, they all look the same to me from the cover….black, red, dark, tempting.  My daughter of the same age didn’t seem to have any interest.  So, it was really a non-issue.  Honestly, it really has never been an issue, except for one instance.
It was the premiere of the first movie.  My oldest daughter was in 8th grade.  We were at a parent meeting for the end of the school year class trip to DC discussing dates for fundraisers and other stuff when a conflict came up.  Oh my goodness, our sponsored school dance was the same date as the premiere of  “Twilight” (I think that was the first one?  Help me out, Twihards).  Gasp, “oh no”, went another mom!  What was all this hoopla about?
Well, I soon found out, as the 8th grade teacher and a majority of the students, ended up booking out early (of school) to catch the last matinee showing on opening day.  Let’s just say, I wasn’t happy.  This wasn’t a battle I was about to fight, but really?  Yeah, really.  Guess whose mom wouldn’t let her go?  Yup, that would be my kid’s mom, the Anti Vampi.  I think I was among a couple of other parents (of boys) whose kid didn’t either want to go, or couldn’t go.  I think it was more the former.
Okay, so what’s my beef?  I think I mentioned it a bit earlier…(what I perceive as glamorization of) vampires, werewolves, demons, darkness…
I read somewhere that the intended audience of the Twilight saga are females 12 and up.  Guess that mom of a first grader didn’t get the memo (someone I know has a daughter is soooo into Edward. Loves loves loves Twilight, wears the screen print tees, folders and pencils don the pale-faced peeps, or Tweep, I guess)…Why the heck would such a young girl be into Twilight?  Why not?
Vampires and other ghoulish type things are hot among the young girl and tween set.  I will admit to you, my 4th grader dressed up as some Monster High chick for Trick-or-Treat.  She looked cute, though I think it was the geekiest of the characters, not the seemingly more sexier (I can’t believe I am describing them as such) MH monsters.
I caught a commercial a couple of days ago for a newer Disney Channel show called “My Babysitter’s a Vampire”.  Scared the cr*p out of me!  I am not kidding.  The close up shots of the vampire girl(s) with her creepy fangs and intense white iris’d eyes are really disturbing.  Here I go again, “judging a book by its cover”, but I gotta.  That’s what I’m given, and I am not opening up that book, nor am I letting my 9 or 7 year old.
By the way, at some point, I told my oldest daughter I wasn’t going to approve of her reading the (Twilight) books.  “Too late”, she said, “I already have”.  Her interest has never risen to the point of having OCD: Obsessive Cullen Disorder.  Quite the contrary, in fact,  a few hours ago she posted as her Facebook status: “who else could care less about seeing breaking dawn?”  That post has garnered 73 responses (granted, some are the annoying conversations going back and forth…I’ll save that commentary for another day).
I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh?  Apple, get it, apple?
So what camp are you in?

“I like them apples!”….                                     “Ah, no thanks…”

…”They’re fangalicious!”                               ….”I’m an Anti Vampi!”

JAK want’s to know!  Leave your comment below…

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It’s a Battlefield, Brother

Navigating Horlick      

I thought I had it made this year.  After years and years of school drop offs and pick ups having had our kids at Catholic schools either without bus service, or not on the route, all four of my kiddos are in public schools and have bus assignments. Yee haw!
…not so fast, sista!  Without getting into it, I am once again playing taxi driver. This year, our first year, to and from Horlick.  So far, I haven’t killed anyone. Thank goodness!  Read More…
I actually schedule picking my kids up from school 10 minutes after the 2:38pm dismissal bell.  While one daughter (who has never used her assigned locker, crammed way up on floor 3’s southeast corner) is waiting outside, coatless a minute after the bell…the other one?  Well, let’s just say she gets plugged up in the hallway and my timing is quite impeccable.  It never worked well for me to plug up the driveway waiting for daughter #2, so again, my 10 minute delay allows me to efficiently (however, not necessarily safely) pick ’em up.
Now, I’ve been around the block, again, having to do drop offs/pick ups for 13 years, since #1 was in preschool.  EVERY school has it’s traffic issues….shall I name names? Gifford, John Paul II Academy, Stephen Bull….this should get a couple of head nods!
Horlick High School has 2184 students, according to my daughter (“at least at the beginning of the year”, she adds).  Imagine the flood of careless, invincible teens that flow out of the brick institution onto Rapids Drive oblivious of traffic?  Part of my 10 minute delay is to drive through during a lower tide.  Though it’s still quite the nightmare.
I decided to scoop the loop and have my daughter take a couple of snapshots…
Navigating Horlick (pic 1) 2:52pm
Westbound on Rapids
This is nothing ^^^^^^though you wouldn’t catch me attempting to snap a photo minutes earlier, my initial round.  I’d kill someone.  Kids just step out everywhere and walk in front of cars driving down Rapids Drive and Mt. Pleasant.
As I continued westbound, passing the school driveway entrance that I had just entered 5 minutes earlier and continuing on a different route home, though not in unfamiliar territory, I came upon a footbridge…
…one I have passed under hundreds of times (not usually right before or after school).
Notice something?  Never noticed something? Look closer…
There is no one on that bridge.  There is never anyone on that bridge.  It’s the bridge to nowhere.  Quite useless if its intent was to allow safe passage for students from the south side of the street (where the school is situated, a block southeast of the footbridge) to the northside.  Where the footbridge is located is not in an area that kids are crossing the streets.
Not all is lost though.  Look closer…
…The Downtown Racine Holiday Parade is this weekend!  Makes a great marketing tool.  Perhaps I should slap a JAK sign up there, eh?
Drive safely, momma….it’s a battlefield out there.
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Sights and Scents of the Season

The Mom “Stink”

I’ve gotta admit, I love the smell of chlorine bleach in my freshly washed laundry basket of whites. I do a face plant into my towels and sniff away. We’ve all got our quirks. And mine is inhaling the whites.

So with quirky parents come the quirky kids. A few months ago, I witnessed my teen daughter indulging in an olfactory love fest….with my pillow! Hooah!  Read More…

“What are you doing?”, I questioned. “Mommy, I love your smell”.  Okay… I guess I know that infants can identify their moms through their keen sense of smell, and take pleasure and comfort.  Why not a teenager?

“Well, what do I smell like?” “Fragrance?  B.O.?  Drool?”  I don’t know.  What scent does my pillow capture? Especially when the sheets were not exactly fresh.  So I took a whiff.  Hmmm, nothing exciting here.

Last week, with the drastic change in weather, I was forced to break out the fall and winter wardrobe.  I change out my dresser drawers in the spring and the fall and put the unseasonables in Rubbermaid totes.  I peeled open the lid on the first tote and was quickly blasted with the scent of…me!  I called my daughter over and said “smell this”.  “Is this what I smell like?”  She excitedly concurred and euphorically breathed in.   Mmmmmmm.

Well, thankfully, according to her, I don’t smell bad.  I am a fragrance gal,  frequently changing scents, depending on the season and occasion.  Funny, my “smell” isn’t reminiscent of any of my bottled favs.  People many times compliment me on my fragrances, and I know it’s not my “me” scent.

Switching gears ever so slightly here….my children have been fortunate enough to spend time with their grandmas, particularly my mother in-law.  She is especially loving, both physically and emotionally.  After an afternoon with grams, my kids come home laced with her scent…Estee Lauder’s White Linen.  I have been familiar with that fragrance since my teenage years, and really never was fond of it until I met and fell in love with my mother in-law.  When I smell White Linen on my kids, I know they’ve been wrapped and sealed with grandma’s tender love.  That scent triggers my emotions.  I love her smell.

And my mother in-law’s mother, Grandma Eleanor…a cosmetic diva in her time, chose L’air du temps  a classic by Nina Ricci, as her signature fragrance.  My oldest (the aforementioned “me” scent lover) was the apple of Grandma Eleanor’s eye as a baby.  Needless to say, there were times when my baby was wrapped in a “floral-spicy note of the carnation is in centre of its composition. Bergamot and rosewood support the development of the carnation theme, refined with the notes of rose and jasmine. Violet and iris give a powdery nuance, and create a harmony with the woodsy notes of cedar and sandal, while sensual musk and amber add the final feminine accord to the composition”.   Mmmmmm, she smelled like the timeless classic fragrance and essence of great grandma, one I remember and miss fondly.  She left us 13 years ago, and I still love her smell.

I can’t put a finger on my fragrance.  Perhaps there’s just no brand name. Oh well, I guess I just smell.

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