Sights and Scents of the Season

The Mom “Stink”

I’ve gotta admit, I love the smell of chlorine bleach in my freshly washed laundry basket of whites. I do a face plant into my towels and sniff away. We’ve all got our quirks. And mine is inhaling the whites.

So with quirky parents come the quirky kids. A few months ago, I witnessed my teen daughter indulging in an olfactory love fest….with my pillow! Hooah!  Read More…

“What are you doing?”, I questioned. “Mommy, I love your smell”.  Okay… I guess I know that infants can identify their moms through their keen sense of smell, and take pleasure and comfort.  Why not a teenager?

“Well, what do I smell like?” “Fragrance?  B.O.?  Drool?”  I don’t know.  What scent does my pillow capture? Especially when the sheets were not exactly fresh.  So I took a whiff.  Hmmm, nothing exciting here.

Last week, with the drastic change in weather, I was forced to break out the fall and winter wardrobe.  I change out my dresser drawers in the spring and the fall and put the unseasonables in Rubbermaid totes.  I peeled open the lid on the first tote and was quickly blasted with the scent of…me!  I called my daughter over and said “smell this”.  “Is this what I smell like?”  She excitedly concurred and euphorically breathed in.   Mmmmmmm.

Well, thankfully, according to her, I don’t smell bad.  I am a fragrance gal,  frequently changing scents, depending on the season and occasion.  Funny, my “smell” isn’t reminiscent of any of my bottled favs.  People many times compliment me on my fragrances, and I know it’s not my “me” scent.

Switching gears ever so slightly here….my children have been fortunate enough to spend time with their grandmas, particularly my mother in-law.  She is especially loving, both physically and emotionally.  After an afternoon with grams, my kids come home laced with her scent…Estee Lauder’s White Linen.  I have been familiar with that fragrance since my teenage years, and really never was fond of it until I met and fell in love with my mother in-law.  When I smell White Linen on my kids, I know they’ve been wrapped and sealed with grandma’s tender love.  That scent triggers my emotions.  I love her smell.

And my mother in-law’s mother, Grandma Eleanor…a cosmetic diva in her time, chose L’air du temps  a classic by Nina Ricci, as her signature fragrance.  My oldest (the aforementioned “me” scent lover) was the apple of Grandma Eleanor’s eye as a baby.  Needless to say, there were times when my baby was wrapped in a “floral-spicy note of the carnation is in centre of its composition. Bergamot and rosewood support the development of the carnation theme, refined with the notes of rose and jasmine. Violet and iris give a powdery nuance, and create a harmony with the woodsy notes of cedar and sandal, while sensual musk and amber add the final feminine accord to the composition”.   Mmmmmm, she smelled like the timeless classic fragrance and essence of great grandma, one I remember and miss fondly.  She left us 13 years ago, and I still love her smell.

I can’t put a finger on my fragrance.  Perhaps there’s just no brand name. Oh well, I guess I just smell.

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    Maureen Cashin Bolog said,

    My Dad has been living with us, after being seriously ill when my mother died. Their house is just the way it was when they lived in it, and we visit the house regularly. I was there yesterday and I inhaled the smell of their home, and went into my mother’s closet and inhaled the smell of mom. Hopefully Dad will be well enough to move back, but I am in no hurry to pack things up and remove the smell of mom.

  2. 2

    Maureen…that is so touching. The mom smell is a beautiful thing. ((Hugs)) to you.

  3. 3

    […] Last month I wrote about my 16 year old daughter’s obsession with my smell…yes, I stink!  (Chances are, you stink too!)  I dubbed my scent “The Mom Stink”. […]

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