Talkin’ Turkey

Fowl Play

Dah, (oooh), Ta Da Da Da, Go Pack Go!
Dah, (oooh), Ta Da Da Da, Go Pack Go!

Whoot Whoot, Touchdown! Packers 6-0.  Extra point kick….good!

Yup, I’m doing the play by play, as my family of six is actually making our way
up to Green Bay for a family Thanksgiving at my brother’s house.  Hubby is
driving.  Only a couple of reminders so far to turn the blinker off.  READ MORE….

Our first stop is in Mequon, only about 45 minutes into our northerly trek:
potty break, top off the gas tank, and gotta get the newspaper.  It’s a big deal.
Not only is the paper stuffed with after-Thanksgiving  sale inserts, but sonny boy,
(my 7 year old) is suppose to be in two ads: Kohl’s and Boston Store.  He’s a print
model and it’s the year of the pajama boy!  Apparently, most of the work boys
his age gets is pj modeling.

Wheew!  Thanks Tramon Williams!  Field goal attempt by the Lions…No Good! 
And that’s good for us, holding at 7-0.

Back on the road and into the groove of the drive.  I slap the weighty paper onto
my lap, excited to see how freaking cute my kiddo is going to look in his Mario
and his CARS jammies.

Punches flying? Keep your poise boys! Patrick Lee ejected from the game…wth?

As I whip through the paper, I quickly find the Kohl’s insert and set it on the
console.  Hmmm…I see the Boston Store flier, but it’s only a single sheet…for
furniture.  There’s K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Office Max, TJMaxx,
Milwaukee Brewer’s, Sam’s Club, even  Where in the heck is my
Boston Store post-Thanksgiving sale catalog?  I mean, it has GOT TO be in there.
There is even a wing-a-ding-ding ad (I used to work in the industry, and I really
don’t know the technical term) on the front page announcing the insert that is
SUPPOSE to be in the newspaper.

I rifle back through the never ending stack of glossy sheets of 50%, Bonus Buys,
Early Birds! No BS!  And that ain’t No BS!

I go back to that wing-a-ding and read it (I just skimmed it before)…”Look for
our insert in most of today’s papers!”  Seriously?  I question “MOST of today’s
papers”?  Are you kidding me?  This is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for
goodness sakes!  Hometown territory for the Boston Store.  Too funny, I just
realized, I worked for both of these companies for quite a few years each.  Is the
joke on me? Or to cut costs, is this regional retail icon stuffing every 3rd paper
or something?  I know things are tough, I left the former and got canned from
the latter (in the midst of the recession and the biggest workforce reduction at
JS in years).

Uh, honey, blink off, please.
I want my Nickelback.

I want my $2.50 back, as I find no Boston Store flier.  I go back to the Kohl’s
insert…I find no pajama boy.  At least not one I have given birth to.  I am
bummed 😦  The photo shoots to place way back in August and sometimes
things happen….vendor can’t ship, planned sale changes, whatever.  Sonny
boy still gets paid if the ad goes to print or not.

Sulking and groaning, I plot my course for mine and my sister’s randomly and
sporatically scheduled 12am Black Friday shop-a-thon. I am deep into thought.
Packer game just background noise at this point.

Wow, gas is at a bargain price back home!  The town of Chase, suburb of Pulaski,
suburb of Green Bay, posted gas price is $3.39 for regular unleaded.   Geesh!

So here we are, at our Thanksgiving celebration destination.  I tell my family the
saga of the missing BS flier and Kohl’s ad pj pic.  Packers defeat the Lions. Waiting for the 5 o’clock hour when we sit down and eat at our seasonally adorned table.  I amtalking to my mom about the wing-a-ding ad and this blog.  Wait, it comes to me as I handle the outer pages of Section A…the ad continues around the backside.
It’s called a “wrap”!  Yes! Yes! A wrap! And there he is…Pajama Boy!  I am filled with joy!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Count your blessings!  Enjoy your turkey!

Now,” that’s a wrap, folks”!


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