“Oh My Word!”

“Word” is THE Word

“Mom, you sound like Julie”, is what my kids keep telling me. Is that where I picked it up?  Not sure, but it sure is sticking! Do you ever wonder where and why you start saying some catch phrase?  Well, Julie is my #3 daughter’s BFF, and I guess she must say “Oh my word” a lot.  Not even sure if I’ve consciously noticed it, but obviously I’ve picked up on it and now I just can’t stop!  Read More…
I guess I recall the repetitive exclamation start to get blurted out a month or two ago, and again, my kids were the ones that pointed it out to me.  So what did I used to say before I uttered “Oh my word!”?…I think that must’ve been “Oh my gosh!”
Now, of course, you must know that “Oh my gosh” replaced “Oh my God!” and what seems to be more socially accepted written “OMG”, which I consciously knew was wrong.  It was/is against my house rules to break the third commandment and misuse the name of God. Obviously, I am a Christian.
So don’t know how long the “OMW” will last.  I think about some of the other phrases in my lifetime that have come and gone:
  • That’s so RAD“…meant radical? cool?, I think.
  • Totally ________” fill in the blank.  Everything was totally whatever, not partially whatever.
  • Speaking of which…”Whatever!” was, and I guess still is a good response that I admittedly strategically use.  Here is how the online Urban Dictionary defines it: “Used in an argument to admit that you are wrong without admitting it so the argument is over.”  Yup, that still applies today!
  • Narly“:  Must’ve picked that one up from the surfer dudes.  Hmmm in Wisconsin?  Actually, I once again access the Urban Dictionary, and I “dig” their definition and correct spelling… “Gnarly, Dude“: “A phrase that non Southern Californians usually east coasters think is only something people say in the movies, when in fact we use it all the time…” That’s hilarious.
  • Grody” and “Grody to the max!“: Really, really gross! Max degree of grossness!
  • “Groovy” was a bit before my time, though, I did grow up with the Brady Bunch.
  • Bodacious“…a word that was never used to describe me!

Anyways (which is a word I use all of the time to note transition), it’s almost no fun to reminisce by myself.

Do you have a phrase that you use all of the time now?
Or something that you cannot believe you always say that sounds so stupid today? 
Fo shizzle you do…
Come on…spit it out!


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