Fly Baby, Fly

“The Mom Stink” Heads South

Last month I wrote about my 16 year old daughter’s obsession with my smell…yes, I stink!  (Chances are, you stink too!)  I dubbed my scent “The Mom Stink”.

With the change of the new year, comes reflections of the past year and visions of what the new year will bring.  Said daughter is at the top of my thoughts right now as she, for the very first time, ventured out on her own, on a weeklong trip to Arizona, something that probably would’ve never happened even a couple of months ago. Packed in her overstuffed pullman was my pillowcase, unlaundered, pulled off of my pillow on the morning of her departure. Read More…

Only a few short years ago, my daughter suffered from a bout of insomnia.  Endless nights were spent in her bed.  My presence gave her comfort through the long dark hours, and here and there she’d catch a few light naps.  What a challenging time for us.

Then there were the numerous phone calls when I’d be out with my friends, at a meeting, or where ever I might be when bedtime was looming near.  “Mom, when are you going to be home?”  She really could not fall asleep with me tucking her in.

Sleepovers?  No way!

While she didn’t sleep in my bed at home, when out of town and overnight on vacation or weekend away at a friend’s or relative’s, I’d have to be her bed partner.  We  might have been separated when I’ve been out of town on a couple of occasions, yet those times where few, and of course, a long phone conversation each night ensued.  I guess I was her pacifier.  Key word…WAS.

That “WAS” was not so long ago.

Fast forward to today.  I finally talked to her on the phone.  My gosh, she left on Sunday,  Christmas Day.  We texted throughout the morning travel until she was safely received on the other end at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport by her cousin and uncle.  We spoke her first night exchanging our “I love you’s”, “Sleep well’s”, and “Have a good time”.  Then poof!  She became unreachable.

My texts pretty much went unresponded to (at least in the time frame I felt they should’ve).  She rarely ever does answer her phone, so it didn’t surprise me every time the call popped into voice mail.

I got a couple of updates and pictures via Facebook on Tuesday.  She looked like she was having a great time.  Late that night, I came home from a holiday light tour with my other three kids and a friend of mine, to find out that she did answer her dad’s call.  So I had to get the updates from my husband.  Well, of course, he didn’t have all of the details I needed.

Attempts to communicate live yesterday where unsuccessful, though she “liked” one of my Facebook comments on her wall.  That’s all I had.

Today, while at the Junie B. Jones play in Milwaukee, my phone (which I forgot to turn the volume down on) rang…there was my daughter’s face on my phone’s display.  Are you kidding me?  I had to hit “ignore” so my stupid phone wouldn’t reveal the idiot who forgot to heed the instruction given at the beginning of the performance.  Shortly, I saw it light up again.  There she was, “wearing my shoes” now.

Finally today, after the play, we talked.  She is having a great time shopping, enjoying the weather and the scenery, hanging out with her cousin’s friends and family out there…exactly what I had envisioned her doing.  Having fun.  Not needing me. Weaned.

It’s amazing how quickly she’s spread her wings and flew (without me).  Something I’ve wanted her to do for a long time.

Sleep well tonight, sweetheart…hope I still stink.


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