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Take Your “SexyBack”

I am admittedly square. In one of my past commentaries, Let’s Kick Some…Buttocks I discussed the word a** and it’s nonchalant usage by the masses. Well, not me, of course.  I don’t carelessly drop the “a” bomb, and according to the poll we took on Just Add Kids back then, most of the participants, 84%, considered it cursing. So I guess, at least at the time I was in the majority, and laid out the rule in my home, that we don’t use the word a**, or sh%#, or f@?%.  I think you get the picture.

So where does the word “sexy” fall?  Great question. Read More…

“Mom, Max is calling me sexy!” rats my 9 year old daughter, on her 8 year old brother. “Hello? Come again?” That’s right, my son is casually describing his sister as “sexy”.  Yup, that does sound a bit weird, disgusting, whatever.  I really don’t think he knows exactly what he’s saying, or what it means, though I know that his intention is to pester and shock.  I don’t know, should this even shock me?  Seriously, as a child or young adult, I don’t think I’d think twice about inserting “sexy” into my vocab.  It just wouldn’t happen.  It’s not the appropriate type of language for the respectable kind of girl I was. (and of course, still am! 😉

So I question him about it, “do you understand what you are saying?”.  He just gives me that snarky, smirky look, which only confirms that he knows it’s a bit risque.  Again, at least in my house, especially coming out of the mouth of a young boy.  “Max, ‘sexy’ is just not a word we use in our house. It’s not a word that is appropriate for describing your sister, or any other young lady or girl at your school.  Got it?  It’s a mature word meant for grownups to use, if they wish”.

So flashback again to when I was young, sexy was, I guess, a “dirty” word.  Did I hear it being used? I really don’t know.  I just know I didn’t use it.  And for sure, most 8 year olds weren’t, either.

(Stepping up onto the podium I go) I am of the opinion that I feel our culture is really feeding our kids a lotta cr*p. (yeah, perhaps I think this word is a bit dirty too, at least it is for this blog).  Where could my boy be bumping into “sexy”?  Yeah, maybe the school playground or the bus, TV shows, music…

As I thought about the subject of this commentary, of course, I had to come up with a title for it, hopefully something alluring that grabs your interest.  And while I don’t listen to Justin Timberlake, I did know that he had a pretty popular song a few years back called “SexyBack”.  In fact, the first time I learned of the song, was when we went to our Catholic school’s 8th grade basketball tournament championship game.  Another school mom was sitting next to me and her phone went off.  The ringtone was a snippet of “SexyBack”, which she and the kids around us (including mine) starting sing to (I guess it’s a catchy tune?).  Seriously, that might’ve been the first and last time I heard it (and again, it was only a few seconds long).

I thought I’d get a little hip with it, and go listen to it today….Alrighty then, after that and reading along with the lyrics, I’m thinkin’  a** ain’t that bad.

Wow, you can take your “SexyBack”, Justin, way back.   And please, give my kids and the millions of other kids you’ve duped into listening to your cr*p their innocence back.

Quite frankly, as parents, I cannot believe how naive we are and how we’ve bought into what our culture is feeding our kids.  The word “sexy” is not an appropriate word for 8 year olds.  So why do we let them listen to it? Watch it? Sing along with it?

More great questions.


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  1. 1

    Laura said,

    I also am shocked how “OMG”- but actually saying the words- is a normal part of everyday language- they say it on the Disney channel quite frequently. I was raised that you don’t say the Lord’s name in vain, and that it’s even worse than saying sh*t or other words. Even if someone isn’t religious, it’s still disrespectful to the people who are. When i’m in charge, I make kids do pushups when they say it, just to call attention to the fact that they did, because most of them don’t even notice it. I challenge kids to find a different, fun word to use, like “oh my snofengoogle” or something like that. Then they all giggle- and isn’t this joy so much better than breaking a commandment?!

  2. 3

    Laura said,

    Oh, and also, my favorite word for buttocks is “tushie”. That also makes people giggle 🙂

  3. 5

    Helen said,

    I agree w/ your article. I often feel straight laced when it comes to language. If there’s another word out there that’s more appropriate I make the kids aware of the substitution. I think the worst I say is cr*p but not in front of the kids. Don’t know when or where but my son will say oh snap and my daughter picked up the initials OMG. I recently convinced my 7 & 9 year olds that gay just means happy, because we are avoiding that topic for now. We just use ‘bottom’ for tushie. My big pet peeve is kids using first names for adults, even in some schools.

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