Doctor, Doctor!
by JAK’s guest mom blogger from Racine, Denise Predny

When my first football player, I mean son, came along, I was at ease and confident in all of my mothering skills.  I never had a question for the doctors. Everything was perfect.  SO WHAT HAPPENED?
I am now having my fourth. Yes, fourth!  And I find my doctor appointments take longer these days.  How in the world can I have more questions with already having three kids? Doesn’t it get easier?  Did I mention I have 3 boys ages, 6, 3, and 1?  See what I mean with the questions?! Read More…

So the increase in questions really started with the second child.  This is when I realized I was in trouble. One of my first memories would be when the oldest decided to pick his baby brother’s nose and make him eat it.  GAG!  There I began finding myself saying all of these crazy things I never thought I would utter. “Please stop pulling on it before you pull it off!”  I am sure you know what that one was about.  And asking my doctor a lot more questions, “Are you sure he probably won’t get sick from eating his brothers poop?”

I never seem to run out of weird, gross, and crazy questions for my doctor.  All of this coming from the mom with one perfect son who never had any questions.  HA!  My life has definitely become more interesting with each and every additional child, providing all kinds of great material if I ever do decide to write that book.  I have a stack of things that make me laugh and still make me wonder how I am still sane.

Any of you mothers out there who cloth diaper will LOVE this one.  When my middle son was 2 years old, he decided to feed his baby brother a pack of gum while mommy went potty..  Now I may have stayed in a bit too long because it was quiet, but can you blame me?  Well, gum goes straight through 1 year olds who chain swallow it.  That diaper has never been the same!

You may wonder why I want four with all the craziness.  As mad as I might be in the moment sometimes, those are usually the things that make me laugh the hardest now and I wouldn’t change it for the world!  So to any of my friends who see my Facebook status offering children for sale, just ignore it. The next time we do lunch I bet I will have some great stories!  (and perhaps some questions, too!)

In addition to being a mother to three (and of course, one on the way) Denise is also wife to Jon, President of the Board of Directors of Small World Montessori School, full-time college student , and substitute childcare and early education teacher.


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