Do Your Homework

Getting Educated on Education, part 2

Needing to take my own advice as I post this week’s commentary, a follow up to last week’s “Pro Choice: Getting Educated on Education”.  Wheeow, so many options, so little time.

My regrets to those with wee little ones who (dare I say, luckily) you don’t have the task of scouting out high schools, something in my day, there wasn’t much of a choice to make.  You just went to your local public high school, though we did have either the all-girl or all-boy Catholic high schools as options.  My have the times changed, eh?  Brace yourselves, young mamas! Read more…

When I mentioned earlier/in the title, to do your homework, you’ll see that JAK here, needed “to get an extension” or rather, should have/could have broached the subject several weeks back (live and learn).  With that said, if you are a parent looking for a high school for your student for the 2012-13 school year, you’re not too late, though some of the early bird registrations for tuition-based schools may have passed and events such as Freshman Orientation meetings perhaps have taken place.  Additionally, with the extension of open enrollment from 3 weeks (originally slated for February 6th-26th) to 3 months (deadline now is April 30th), it gives you more time now to scout out your options.

So in our area (JAK’s area of interest is Racine and Kenosha Counties), here are your brick and mortar choices:

Kenosha Unified School District Public High Schools: Bradford High School (traditional), Indian Trail High School (traditional)/Indian Trail Academy (magnet), Reuther Central High School (traditional), Tremper High School (traditional), Hillcrest School (alternative), LakeView Technology Academy and Kenosha eSchool (virtual) .

Racine Unified School District Public High Schools: Case High School (traditional), Horlick High School (traditional), Park High School (traditional), REAL School (charter), Walden III (magnet), Keith R. Mack (alternative) and Racine Virtual Learning (virtual).

Public high schools located in the western part of the counties:  Westosha Central High School in Salem, Wilmot Union High School, Union Grove High School, Burlington High School, and Waterford Union High School.

Remember, with the open enrollment option, you may apply for your child(ren) to attend school districts other than the one in which you reside.

Here are some of your private high school options: Christian Life School, St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy, Shoreland Lutheran High School, Lutheran High School, St. Catherine’s High School, The Prairie School, Catholic Central High School, and Union Grove Christian School.

In last week’s blog I gave a link for virtual schools.  <<There you go, again!

While it may seem and it can be a daunting task to find the right fit for your child, think about how lucky our kids are to have choices. You may not find the need to look elsewhere than your neighborhood public high school.  Or perhaps, you breakout completely from tradition and consider homeschooling, which isn’t that uncommon anymore and the subject of next week’s JAK Chat.  So come on back, you may learn something new and might be the right fit for you (and yours).


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