A Mom’s Life

It’s May!  Need I say more? Well, let’s see…it’s about 9:15pm and tonight was Art Fair night.  Where were you?  School’s ice cream social? Band concert? The sports banquet? It’s a phenomenon that occurs every spring.  It’s called the month of May, or as I have been accustomed to calling it May-hem. Describe your life too?

I guess it’s no coincidence that Mother’s Day is scheduled this month.  We have to all stop, celebrate, and salute moms, right in the middle of her most craziest month out of the whole year (it might be in a dead tie with September).  Now for those of you with preschool children you are probably wondering, what the heck is all of the fuss?  Let me forewarn you…

Got kids? May will hit you like a ton of bricks when they are in school, in sports, in extra-curriculars. Looking and chatting  with a lot of moms tonight, most of us are in a daze. Some had multiple events to attend tonight. And some families had to split.  One parent at school tonight, another at practice.

Our Art Fair ended at 8, yet one of our PTA board members walked in at about 8:15 with her husband and flashy lashed daughter in tow.  I joked, “hey, we’re closed.” 😉  Her response as she whisked by to knock off checking out her kids’ artwork on display throughout the building…”dance pictures”.  She didn’t have to say another word.  I know.  Been there. Done that. Am there. Doing that.

Not bitter.  Just putting my day, my month, in words.  I’m a mom.

Have an awesome Mother’s Day!



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