MAY The Force Be With You

The MAY-hem Continues

If you read last week’s blog, MAY-hem: A Mom’s Life, you know that I am, just like many of you are, especially those with school-aged children, in the midst of probably THE busiest month of your parenting year. May, while crazy busy, is joyfully filled with spring concerts, recitals, banquets, tournaments, graduation celebrations, layered on top of your normal practices, games, and other extra-curricular activities. You ever wonder why they (who is they anyway? Hallmark?) throw in Mother’s Day in May? Read More…

? Is it suppose to provide us moms with a day of respite while in the mix of mayhem? Perhaps, if you hit up a brunch.  Or on the other hand if we as moms weren’t spearheading the creation and/or purchase of gifts to celebrate our own mothers and mother in laws, etc.  Or if you are “lucky” enough to have hosted the celebration at your home, which was our case (thank you hubs) you are in a mad mad rush to get your house looking presentable for your guests.  Yup, they might be mostly family and they should be accepting of you and your busy life, but c’mon, you know you’ve got to vacuum.  In our case, we are pet free (hoping to change that/wish me luck) and for some reason, our kitchen floor rugs look as though we own a few sheddy dogs and cats…it’s quite disgusting, especially if left unvacuumed for a week, which is normal in our household…here kitty kitty.

All in all, things are going well half way through MAY-hem.  Mother’s Day, really was nearly perfect.  Everyone’s in great health (knock on wood), and we’ve got much more on schedule. I know when this phase of my life is done and over with, before any grandchildren come along, and I am really hoping it’s a nice stretched out phase of time for many reasons, I’ll be missing the days of MAY-hem.  Come June, there will be plenty of things to do, including reaching the end of yet another, oh-my-gosh-where-did-the-year-go, school year.  We’ll call this next month the June Boom.

Besides being scared for the summer days of “mom, I’m bored” cuz it will happen, siblings fighting cuz it will happen, and my workload increasing cuz it truly is happening. I am looking forward to Father’s Day Weekend, cuz for us, that’s when it’s all happening!   It’s the climax of the month, smack dab right in the middle.  The June Boom activities include, of course, LEGO® KidsFest, June Dairy Breakfast and our family Father’s Day celebration…wheeow, not at our house, thank goodness!  Hey and don’t forget, Just Add Kids will be kicking off our annual “Color Dad Awesome” Kid’s Coloring Contest.  You won’t have to wait until the middle of the month, not even the beginning of the month.  It’ll be live on the website in a few days.  Stay tuned…enjoy your May! (hem?)


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