Get Out!

Outta the Closet

I am getting my skinny on, and hoping to pull all of those little clothing items (okay, size 8’s) out of my closet sometime this upcoming summer.  It ain’t happening now.  Fat girl has hit her peak. Read More…

Need I say more?  Well, I will!

This is nothing new, it’s happened before…sadly, maybe 3 times in my post-pregnancy years (30 years old til now, 4 kids later).  Gain a tremendous amount of weight, go on a diet (which has worked…I believe in Weight Watchers!), and as slowly and successfully as I lost the 30ish pounds…slowly and surely it came back.

So I’ve hit that point again, triggered by pictures taken on Mother’s Day, and accidental pics with a iPhone camera that flips around and randomly snaps shots of me and my big ‘ole chin….yucko!

This time, the call came at just the right time.  My friend made referrals to her gym and the sales guy gave me a jingle.  Three days later, I am working out with a trainer and buying fun fashionable work out clothes.  If there is a short-term benefit, it’s the shopping!

Back out of the closet is the micro blog, my “Fat Girl in a Skinny World” Facebook page that I left dwindling there on March 11, 2011 when I abruptly stopped going to meetings and counting points.

Are you living in my world? Come join me and join in on the support and dialog…

Artist: Gabby 12.30.2009 “Fat Girl in a Skinny World”


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    Toby Mueller said,

    God loves his daughter just the way she is. I pray that you succeed in your goals.

  2. 2

    […] self portraits. The slightest of touch on my iPhone prompted Fat Girl’s spring revival, (See Get Out! Outta the Closet) one that totally fit the pattern of previous resurrections: hot and heavy into the weight loss […]

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