By All Means 

I messed up yesterday.  In my efforts to correctly prioritize my life (faith, family, friends, work – in that order) I got things all mixed up and I am paying for it with guilt and a great deal of a sense of loss.

I am busy.  Just like you, I have a kakagillion things on my plate…Housework, work work, stuff, stuff and more stuff on the to do list. Read More…

Family from across the country have been trickling into town…I am mostly talking about my husband’s siblings’ families.  At this time, they are scattered across the country from Florida to Texas, to Arizona to California.  It’s a homecoming at each 4th of July with a lot of his family (extended to aunts, cousins, friends, and a stranger or 4 sprinkled in the mix) and my family (parents, siblings and their children) descend on Racine for pre-fourth activities, the parade, the party and of course, the fireworks! This year ALL of my husband’s brothers, sisters, spouses and kids came.  My father in-law now undergoing chemo-radiation therapy for prostate cancer and my 80 year old mother-in-law using a walker most of the time for just over extending herself, we all have come to the realization that our time together might be limited.  This year marks the 18th annual get together in Racine.

So what did I do on Monday as most of the group frolicked at the beach?  I worked. I “had” to work, I told myself.  And yes, thank God, I have A LOT of work to do.  As I mentioned earlier, when I started writing this blog entry (Tuesday), I paid for it with guilt, frustration, and anger.  Didn’t help my work day.

So, still with that pile of work, including building this blog and the JAK Happenings weekly e-newsletter, on Tuesday, the group decides to have another playdate at the beach.  I am SO glad, I decided to check out of my workday and hang out with my family.  No, my workload didn’t decrease, and I thought about it as the day consisted of lounging, splashing in the water, talking, digging and taking tons of pictures…maybe I should cut out and go back to work.  Again, I am so grateful that I spent the day at the beach instead of typing at my computer (I can and will do that any other day).

I cut myself free from my work, and it was liberating!  Earlier today…hit the pool.  Tomorrow…I think we’re beaching it, again.
Work (obviously, I am my own boss) can wait.  Right now, I’ve got to be the family gal.  Finally, taking my own advice.


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    MJ Sullivan said,

    Way to go and focus on what is really important!

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