High Tide

Océane Returns

Last year, I wrote about my becoming a surrogate mother to a teen foreign exchange student in “The Accidental Hostess”. Well, our young friend from France has returned and we are experiencing the French Invasion…family-style!

Océane Returns

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Crazy, but it was much easier to pick up a traveler from the international flight terminal than from the domestic flight terminals.  The only setback was the stupid $60 ticket I had plastered (by the rain, yay!) on my car window for not have a license registration sticker on my plates.  Oh I had it alright, just in my purse.  Better than the boot, two of my neighboring parkers had on their wheels.  Seriously, I can’t believe Chicago has officers cruise through the airports parking lots writing tickets.  What evs, I can/will contest it.

Okay, back to our visitor…we whisked her up to Bastille Days in Cathedral Square, hoping she could scope out some authentic French cuisine for our curious palates.  Hmmm…not so much.  We found French pecans…that’s it!  We settled for Saz’s, pretty Americana…though as usual, the chive fries were the bomb!  While I love Bastille Days, we brought the French to the party, took some token pics and were on our way.

Next day, it was back to the skies as Océane joined a few of my kids and a group of other kids in the EAA’s Young Eagle program where kids participate in an on the ground flight school, then take flight themselves in one of the volunteer pilot’s airplanes.  It was some hot (um, bout 100 degrees) high flying fun for all.  Not only did group get the experience of a lifetime, they also debuted in the first episode of JAK TV!

Next day, we were off to the lake with some tubing fun.  Océane took to the water well…go figure! Ocean, water, get it?!  Took a day to recoup, regroup, pack and we were off to the Dells to share the “Waterpark Capital of the World”.  France does have water parks, but Wisconsin has the Dells and Noah’s Ark.

After visiting last year, one thing she missed was her mustard and bread.  While she wasn’t able to bring the baked goods, the jarred variety was allowed and made it overseas without incident.  Well….until it hit the kitchen floor.  Dang!  We were able to enjoy the dijon delight for only a few days.

I am happy to report, while she wasn’t able to find French cuisine at Bastille Days and the mustard didn’t make it, we found a bakery here in the Dells where she reports is a very close rendition of the bread of her homeland.  We are all enjoying that!

Bon appetit!

French bread >>

French braid >>


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