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Me. Myself. And i

 i’m i-Ddicted

Wait! Let me expand on that…we’re addicted.

It’s been five months since I took the bait. That desirable, sheik, slim one, called the new iPad.  I had to take a bite of what Apple was serving with the excitement of the launch of the next generation iPad back in March. Once I got a taste, I bit further and consumed the iPhone 4s.

This apple fest, soon became a family affair…Read More…

Not that we have multiples (though, all three of my daughters have their own iPod, oldest with the iTouch), but we all fight for time on the one and only iPad in our residence AND my darn phone.  I never thought I’d become “one of those people”, smitten with my handheld window to the world.  And never did I think that the first and last activity of my day would include checking in on my Facebook, today’s/tomorrow’s weather, and reading my e-mails.

I feel uneasy, disoriented, if my phone and iPad isn’t plugged in next to me, on my nightstand, right there with my bottle of water, alarm clock,  and the tv remote control.  And many times, they aren’t.  I’ve got to go apple hunting, because one (or two) of my kiddos is/are laying around somewhere in my home (in their room, on the couch in the family room, or in the living room) indulging in some apple time themselves.

My kids, numbering 4, and ranging in age from 17 down to 8 years of age, have had their own handheld electronics for several years now.  I fondly remember the first cell phone my older two girls had (at 11 and 9 years old…they shared it) which was to be used to call me before, during, upon arrival to the yacht club on bike for summer sailing lessons.  It was a cute little flip phone with a black & white holstein stuffed animal-like phone cover…adorable.  Multiple Nintento Game Boys…the last of which, the 3DS, has been missing now for over a month…nice. Not!

Nothing has been more coveted than these two items: my iPhone and iPad, and as I described above…I can barely live without them.  Looking from the outside in, that’s just crazy!

I have always been critical of my kid’s attachment and addiction to their handhelds.  We as parents, set guidelines on their phone usage and require our older two daughters (the ones with the phone and one wi-fi accessible iTouch) to plug their devices in by 1opm in our room each night.  Sadly, sometimes the DS’s have occupied my kids’ time so I could get work or some other project done, and hours could go by without play disruption. And now here I am…guilty!  I have bitten of my own designated forbidden fruit. Yikes!


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Tales from the Middle

Conversations from the Second Row  

It’s always interesting to eavesdrop in on your kids’ conversations, especially those they engage in with their friends…you learn so much!

Last week when I was driving my 10 year old daughter and her 11 year old friend up to play practice, the girls started discussing their favorite pop hits and artists. Interesting to say the least. Read more…

Oh yeah, they discussed Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and of course, the “has been” Miley Cyrus.  What a proud moment for mom…NOT!

I’m a talk radio fanatic, so I rarely have music on in the car, and if I do, it’s usually my Christian contemporary radio station (when the darn thing comes in…reception is a bit challenging in my neck of the woods).  When I started working out back in June, I got a bit hooked on the music played in the gym, and I found myself dialing in (honestly, not sure what the stations are…I’m a radio dial surfer).  Yup, I like Maroon5’s “Payphone”…A LOT.  What’s not to like?  Well, sadly, I’ll tell ya…and I know this is a matter of personal preference…this happens to be mine.  Why they had to ruin it, not because of it’s featuring rap performed by Wiz Khalifa (had to google that…no clue as to who), but the buffed out words and the attitude. Okay, so in all fairness, as I read through the lyrics, say, I am not so impressed with what apparently is sung here by Mr. Adam Levine.  Once again, why?

Yah, the chicks I mentioned earlier, and their songs about menage a trois (Katy Perry kicky song “Last Friday Night”), “We’re higher than a motherblurredout” (Nicki Minaj’s “Starships”), whatever…I mean really, can you spare us?

Then there is Cee Lo Green.  Here’s one the girlies where talking about quite a bit, you know, because of the “bad version” and they discussed how the radio changed his song from the “f” word to “forget”. Again, not big into the pop music scene, however, I do remember and really dig that song “Crazy”, by Gnarls Barkley (a duo with him and some other dude, Danger Mouse).  I don’t really know much about Cee Lo, except that he’s just on the scene and seemingly a pretty likeable guy.  So yup, I guess his big breakout song after the huge hit “Crazy” was an instantaneous hit single titled “F*** You!” (aka “Forget You!”)  Say what?

To me there is something wrong (with me too) when our young kids (now granted it, 10/11 they are preteens) are subjected to this, and know WTF is going on with blurred out/changed/abbreviated words.  My question is why? Is it really necessary?  I could do without the payphone that is full of sh**.

When I was eleven, there wasn’t a middle row in our car.  Dicey songs…well, as far as I knew, they weren’t loaded with a bunch of sh**, and f you’s.  Or at least we didn’t talk about it as if it was just part of normal pop music.  To me, it’s sad that it’s part of what’s normal.

Perhaps these artists, radio stations, the public could take some advice from the Orbits woman….”Dirty mouth? Clean it up!”  <steppin’ down off of my soapbox>

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Veggie Tale

Hot Lunch Just Got Another Helping Of Veggies
by JAK guest blogger, Toby Mueller, of Raymond 

Today is Registration Day for our girls at the local school. One is going into 1st grade and the other into 4k. I am not sure who is more excited for the coming school year, them or me.

Getting them signed up went surprisingly quick. I got all the information that I needed and paid my fees (don’t get me started about that). The only thing I needed to do was to get hot lunch information and the September menu.

I have to say that I don’t have a good track record with the lunch ladies. READ MORE…  Last year, I regularly forgot to keep my daughters account in the black. I even got a letter stating that if I didn’t pay soon, they would not allow Katie to eat hot lunch. And on top of that, I also forgot milk money when she took a lunch from home.

So when I was face to face with the lunch ladies, I was expecting a scolding.

What I got instead was a Michele Obama scolding that will last all school year.

My daughter was told that they will no longer have pizza once a week due to weekly calorie limits placed on schools by the Feds and in particular, the First Lady’s involvement in healthy eating. 

Also, if the student did not take a veggie with a school supplied hot lunch, the lunch ladies will put a serving of vegetables on their tray. So I was told that as the parent, I should tell my girls about the new guidelines. And that they will be forced to take a vegetable.

There are so many things wrong about this:

  • First, students just have to take the veggie, not eat it. Seems like a waste to me. At home I don’t allow wasting food because it wastes money. The rule that has been around forever is: “Take what you will eat.” How about following that at school?
  • Secondly, don’t place calorie limits on my kids. Honestly, I don’t think they eat enough calories.
  • Third, I will get them to eat veggies in my home. My girls like some weird veggies and fruits: leechee fruit, bok choy, and asian pears to name a few. Just because my girls don’t like high fructose syrup laden pears or frozen corn, doesn’t mean they are not eating well at home.
  • And finally, I don’t like to be told how to feed my kids. Not by my parents, not by teachers or lunch ladies and certainly not by Michele Obama. Stay out of my pantry!

Looks like my girls will be taking lunch from home to school this year. And I have half a mind to order a pizza and bring it to them everyday. That’ll learn em’.

Toby Mueller is a Stay at Home Dad of two daughters and Blogger at A Different Spirit.



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Let the Games Begin End.Image

No no no….I don’t want the games to end! Have you been all wrapped up in the Olympic games like I have? Actually, each evening that we’re home, daughter #2 reminds us all that the games are on. So, it’s pretty much a family affair..a group of us plopped on the couches ooohing and ahhing and oh my goshing.. And I know that once closing ceremonies culminate on Sunday evening, the P.O.B. (Post Olympic Blues) will start to settle in. Read On…

Yah, we’re more of the prime-time watchers, where NBC decides which competitions are most appealing to us mainstreamers…so we’ve tuned into the women’s gymnastics competitions, swimming, diving, beach volleyball, and track and field. Witnessed some awesome, memorable moments…Gabby, Michael Phelps, Usane Bolt (could his name be any more fitting?).

17 days, More than 200 countries, approximately 14,000 athletes.

I looked into the history of the Olympics and thought I’d share a few fun facts:

  • Remember when the Olympics (Winter & Summer) were held every 4 years? Olympic Winter Games have been held separately from the Games of the Olympiad (Summer Games) since 1924 and were initially held in the same year. In 1986 the International Olympic Committee voted to alternate the Winter and Summer Games every two years, beginning in 1994. The Winter Games were held in 1992 and again in 1994 and thereafter every four years; the Summer Games maintained their original four-year cycle.
  • Every national flag in the world includes one of the five colors of the Olympic rings: blue, yellow, black, green, and red.
  • The five Olympic rings represent the five major regions of the world – Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceana.

I’m looking forward to seeing the closing ceremonies as much as I anticipate the opening ceremonies, though I know I’ll miss what has become normal these past couple of weeks.  Go team USA!

Medal count to-date…

Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 39 25 26 90

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Step on a Crack

Getting Back to School Can be “BACK BREAKING” Work.
sponsored by Daniels Chiropractic Office
and written by Dr. DoniBeth Davis

Don’t Let a Heavy Backpack Ruin Your Child’s Day.
What Can You Do?

The American Chiropractic Association, its Council on Occupational Health and Daniels Chiropractic Office offer the following tips to help prevent the needless pain an overstuffed backpack could cause the student in your household. And now that backpacks have begun to replace briefcases in the work place, you too might want to follow this advice  Read More…

/          Make sure your child’s backpack weighs no more than 5 to 10 percent of his or her body weight.  The backpack will cause your child to begin bending forward in an attempt to support the weight on his or her back rather than on the shoulders, by the straps.

/          A backpack with individualized compartments will help you position the contents most effectively and ensure that your child’s sandwich isn’t flattened by a heavy textbook.

/          When packing the backpack, make sure that pointy or bulky objects are packed away from the area that will rest on the child’s back.  An uneven surface rubbing against your child’s back could cause painful blisters.

/          Tell your child to use both shoulder straps, not just one.  A backpack slung over one shoulder disproportionately shifts all of the weight to one side, and can cause not only neck and muscle spasms, but also low back pain.

/          Padded shoulder straps are very important.  Not only will they be more comfortable than non-padded straps, but they will also help prevent the straps from digging into your child’s shoulders.

/          The shoulder straps should be adjustable, so the backpack can be fitted to your child’s body.  Shoulder straps that are too loose can cause the backpack to dangle uncomfortably, and cause misalignment and pain.

/          If the backpack is still too heavy, talk with your child’s teacher.  It might be possible to leave the heaviest books at school, and bring home only lighter handout materials or work books.

/          Talk to your child about the proper use of backpacks and help him or her understand why this and other ergonomic issues are important.  A child who is educated early in life on these issues can apply this knowledge late in life (at home or in the office) and as a result, your child will be happier and healthier.

If your child does develop back pain, it is important to have it examined by a chiropractor right away.  These aches and pains in childhood can lead to greater problems as an adult.  Chiropractic care early on in life is a great investment in your child’s future.

I hope you have a great start to the school year and you find these tips helpful!
-Dr. Davis

About Dr. Davis: Dr. DoniBeth Davis is a third generation chiropractor. She is the granddaughter of the founder of Daniels Chiropractic Office, Dr. John S Daniels and the daughter of Dr. Dan Daniels. Dr. Davis completed her undergraduate studies at University of Wisconsin- Parkside. She graduated cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Since graduating, Dr. Davis has also received certification in nutrition and the Webster technique. The Webster technique is a method of analysis and adjustment for woman during pregnancy to ensure proper nervous system function and pelvic alignment allowing the baby to be in the best possible position for birth.

Dr. Davis has a special interest in caring for the whole family. She believes that chiropractic care should be for everyone, any age, from only a day old to 133 years old.

Dr. Davis is married to her high school sweetheart, Zach, and they have two boys and a girl.

She is available for appointments on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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