Veggie Tale

Hot Lunch Just Got Another Helping Of Veggies
by JAK guest blogger, Toby Mueller, of Raymond 

Today is Registration Day for our girls at the local school. One is going into 1st grade and the other into 4k. I am not sure who is more excited for the coming school year, them or me.

Getting them signed up went surprisingly quick. I got all the information that I needed and paid my fees (don’t get me started about that). The only thing I needed to do was to get hot lunch information and the September menu.

I have to say that I don’t have a good track record with the lunch ladies. READ MORE…  Last year, I regularly forgot to keep my daughters account in the black. I even got a letter stating that if I didn’t pay soon, they would not allow Katie to eat hot lunch. And on top of that, I also forgot milk money when she took a lunch from home.

So when I was face to face with the lunch ladies, I was expecting a scolding.

What I got instead was a Michele Obama scolding that will last all school year.

My daughter was told that they will no longer have pizza once a week due to weekly calorie limits placed on schools by the Feds and in particular, the First Lady’s involvement in healthy eating. 

Also, if the student did not take a veggie with a school supplied hot lunch, the lunch ladies will put a serving of vegetables on their tray. So I was told that as the parent, I should tell my girls about the new guidelines. And that they will be forced to take a vegetable.

There are so many things wrong about this:

  • First, students just have to take the veggie, not eat it. Seems like a waste to me. At home I don’t allow wasting food because it wastes money. The rule that has been around forever is: “Take what you will eat.” How about following that at school?
  • Secondly, don’t place calorie limits on my kids. Honestly, I don’t think they eat enough calories.
  • Third, I will get them to eat veggies in my home. My girls like some weird veggies and fruits: leechee fruit, bok choy, and asian pears to name a few. Just because my girls don’t like high fructose syrup laden pears or frozen corn, doesn’t mean they are not eating well at home.
  • And finally, I don’t like to be told how to feed my kids. Not by my parents, not by teachers or lunch ladies and certainly not by Michele Obama. Stay out of my pantry!

Looks like my girls will be taking lunch from home to school this year. And I have half a mind to order a pizza and bring it to them everyday. That’ll learn em’.

Toby Mueller is a Stay at Home Dad of two daughters and Blogger at A Different Spirit.




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