Tales from the Middle

Conversations from the Second Row  

It’s always interesting to eavesdrop in on your kids’ conversations, especially those they engage in with their friends…you learn so much!

Last week when I was driving my 10 year old daughter and her 11 year old friend up to play practice, the girls started discussing their favorite pop hits and artists. Interesting to say the least. Read more…

Oh yeah, they discussed Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and of course, the “has been” Miley Cyrus.  What a proud moment for mom…NOT!

I’m a talk radio fanatic, so I rarely have music on in the car, and if I do, it’s usually my Christian contemporary radio station (when the darn thing comes in…reception is a bit challenging in my neck of the woods).  When I started working out back in June, I got a bit hooked on the music played in the gym, and I found myself dialing in (honestly, not sure what the stations are…I’m a radio dial surfer).  Yup, I like Maroon5’s “Payphone”…A LOT.  What’s not to like?  Well, sadly, I’ll tell ya…and I know this is a matter of personal preference…this happens to be mine.  Why they had to ruin it, not because of it’s featuring rap performed by Wiz Khalifa (had to google that…no clue as to who), but the buffed out words and the attitude. Okay, so in all fairness, as I read through the lyrics, say, I am not so impressed with what apparently is sung here by Mr. Adam Levine.  Once again, why?

Yah, the chicks I mentioned earlier, and their songs about menage a trois (Katy Perry kicky song “Last Friday Night”), “We’re higher than a motherblurredout” (Nicki Minaj’s “Starships”), whatever…I mean really, can you spare us?

Then there is Cee Lo Green.  Here’s one the girlies where talking about quite a bit, you know, because of the “bad version” and they discussed how the radio changed his song from the “f” word to “forget”. Again, not big into the pop music scene, however, I do remember and really dig that song “Crazy”, by Gnarls Barkley (a duo with him and some other dude, Danger Mouse).  I don’t really know much about Cee Lo, except that he’s just on the scene and seemingly a pretty likeable guy.  So yup, I guess his big breakout song after the huge hit “Crazy” was an instantaneous hit single titled “F*** You!” (aka “Forget You!”)  Say what?

To me there is something wrong (with me too) when our young kids (now granted it, 10/11 they are preteens) are subjected to this, and know WTF is going on with blurred out/changed/abbreviated words.  My question is why? Is it really necessary?  I could do without the payphone that is full of sh**.

When I was eleven, there wasn’t a middle row in our car.  Dicey songs…well, as far as I knew, they weren’t loaded with a bunch of sh**, and f you’s.  Or at least we didn’t talk about it as if it was just part of normal pop music.  To me, it’s sad that it’s part of what’s normal.

Perhaps these artists, radio stations, the public could take some advice from the Orbits woman….”Dirty mouth? Clean it up!”  <steppin’ down off of my soapbox>


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    Monica said,

    I couldn’t agree more with you. I hate hearing my 5,6, 8, and 10 year old singing these songs. Why can’t artists come out with songs without the inappropriate language or subject matter? Why can’t radio stations choose better songs for the radio? I can’t believe it’s become appropriate to play filth on the radio, but yet we have ratings for tv and movies. Why don’t radio stations have ratings? This way I know all the songs that will be played are appropriate for my kids to listen to. I get fed up with thinking about the upcoming lyrics of a song on the radio to know if I should change the station before those lyrics are said. Great topic to discuss!

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