Me. Myself. And i

 i’m i-Ddicted

Wait! Let me expand on that…we’re addicted.

It’s been five months since I took the bait. That desirable, sheik, slim one, called the new iPad.  I had to take a bite of what Apple was serving with the excitement of the launch of the next generation iPad back in March. Once I got a taste, I bit further and consumed the iPhone 4s.

This apple fest, soon became a family affair…Read More…

Not that we have multiples (though, all three of my daughters have their own iPod, oldest with the iTouch), but we all fight for time on the one and only iPad in our residence AND my darn phone.  I never thought I’d become “one of those people”, smitten with my handheld window to the world.  And never did I think that the first and last activity of my day would include checking in on my Facebook, today’s/tomorrow’s weather, and reading my e-mails.

I feel uneasy, disoriented, if my phone and iPad isn’t plugged in next to me, on my nightstand, right there with my bottle of water, alarm clock,  and the tv remote control.  And many times, they aren’t.  I’ve got to go apple hunting, because one (or two) of my kiddos is/are laying around somewhere in my home (in their room, on the couch in the family room, or in the living room) indulging in some apple time themselves.

My kids, numbering 4, and ranging in age from 17 down to 8 years of age, have had their own handheld electronics for several years now.  I fondly remember the first cell phone my older two girls had (at 11 and 9 years old…they shared it) which was to be used to call me before, during, upon arrival to the yacht club on bike for summer sailing lessons.  It was a cute little flip phone with a black & white holstein stuffed animal-like phone cover…adorable.  Multiple Nintento Game Boys…the last of which, the 3DS, has been missing now for over a month…nice. Not!

Nothing has been more coveted than these two items: my iPhone and iPad, and as I described above…I can barely live without them.  Looking from the outside in, that’s just crazy!

I have always been critical of my kid’s attachment and addiction to their handhelds.  We as parents, set guidelines on their phone usage and require our older two daughters (the ones with the phone and one wi-fi accessible iTouch) to plug their devices in by 1opm in our room each night.  Sadly, sometimes the DS’s have occupied my kids’ time so I could get work or some other project done, and hours could go by without play disruption. And now here I am…guilty!  I have bitten of my own designated forbidden fruit. Yikes!


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    […] months back I described my family’s addiction to the family of “i’s” (see “Me. Myself. And i” in JAK Chat). You know, it started with the iPod (mine, daughter #2), then next came the next […]

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