Let’s ALL Play

Women @ Work

It has to start somewhere, but the African proverb “It takes a village…” (to raise a playground, in this case) will certainly be a big part of the story,  just beginning to be written.

I am talking about the swiftly moving initiative of one woman, Tammy Conforti, an education support professional who works with special needs children in Kenosha Unified. Tammy dreams of a safe, fully inclusive, accessible playground in Kenosha where children with disabilities can play with other children.

Enter in Jamie Forsythe, mom of Amity, a 4 year old child born with Spina Bifida Read More…

Amity, along with her mother, serve as inspiration to grow community interest, recruit others interested in seeing this vision become a reality, and get this playground built for kids of all abilities and their families.

Why not? It’s been done in communities across the country, including a couple of them close to ours.  And what they’ve found is a person inspired with the mission + steering team + a plan + corporate & individual donations to the tune of $450K + a few thousand volunteers = an Imagination Station in Oconomowoc or a Possibility Playground in Port Washington and a future Kenosha Dream Playground Project =a playground where kids of all abilities can learn, play, and grow side by side.

So do you wanna come out and play?  Inspired to learn more? Where can you start?

Tammy, Jaimie, and Amity invite area families and communities members to a play date to “see how these kind of places work, to experience this and to see that is something completely different than what we have here in Kenosha. I think other people will appreciate it, seeing this beautiful playground where children with disabilities can play with other children”, said Conforti in an article published by the Kenosha News (Dream of accessible playground begins road to reality 8/31/12).

Here’s your invitation:

Please come out and play!

Use the links above for more information, plus read this great article written in Accessible Playgrounds website. Imagination Station–One of the best Universally Accessible Playgrounds


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