Time Traveler

Taken Back on 9/11

I was ironing this morning, watching video footage on TV of the events of 9.11.01, and listening to my 10 year old daughter sing in the bathroom as she brushed her teeth. A flood of emotion.
I remember that day so vividly 11 years ago. I choked back the memory of how scared, uneasy, intimidated I felt as I had just found out I was pregnant with her. How could I bring into this world, this new world, another child? READ MORE…
I am so blessed as a mother, that I got to see my child be born, then grow into the beautiful young lady that she is (to see all of my kids grow and that they have a dad here, too). I grieve for all of those who lost their loved one, children who never got to meet their father or lost their mother, grandparent, aunt, uncle, neighbor.
I remember how united we became and am saddened how divided we’ve become. I have to watch and remember the events of that day, weeks, months that followed. Now only annually does the impact overwhelm my thoughts. I was so distracted this 11th anniversary of the attacks on our country….but I think I should be.

I will never forget. God bless our country during this time of remembrance.


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