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For quite some time now, I’ve been thinking about ways that I can give back to the community.  I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t have a lot of time…however, the one asset I do possess is that I somehow, over the last 18 years of living in southeastern Wisconsin, I have been able to make a ton of connections.
I’ve connect with you, for instance, right? Now, I know today’s commentary might be starting out pretty blah, however, can you stick with me, and click on over to Read More…
Last year, I proposed a great initiative (or so I thought) to a few non-profits around the area, ones that serve families who need food and clothing.  Part of my mission, without going into too much detail, was to share the “face of families” who need the food, or the coats, or the services that many of the agencies provide.  At a meeting I had attended a year ago, these organizations really stressed the growth in numbers of the individuals and families that were coming to food pantries, coat giveaways, etc.  The need was growing, and donations were shrinking.  And despite what our society might depict as the recipients of such programs, the “face of individuals/families” may be, unbeknownst to us, that of our next door neighbor.  Anyways, my intent here was not to discuss the details….I was just wanting to be part of the solution, and highlight the urgency of the needs of  people across all ethnic backgrounds, neighborhoods, etc.  Okay, well, I’ve put that program I called “JAK’s Heart for Helping” (probably not the most unique name) aside, in part, because I just couldn’t sell my idea to my target agencies.  Part of that was the fact that it was the height of the  season…about a year ago, and these agencies were mostly just too busy with the onset of cold weather and the holidays.
I haven’t put aside the idea of wanting to use this wonderfully growing platform I call JAK to somehow pay it forward.  Here it is again, fall, approaching winter and Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. I guess these ideas bloom most as I reflect on my own family’s biggest time of need three years ago when I lost my job, our benefits, our stability, our lifestyle, yet gained a new perspective on what’s important and what didn’t define us.  We survived. We continue to survive. We have food, shelter, all the necessities, and most importantly, we have our health.
With health in mind, and moving this blog on every so slowly, I recently became aware of a fundraiser a group of local women, many of them JAK moms, who are planning a fundraiser for another JAK mom who has incurred overwhelming medical costs due to her brain cancer.  Immediately I was impressed by the compassion and support this mom’s friends where putting into action by organizing, marketing, and finally executing this event, which takes place tomorrow, Friday.
How lucky she is to have this amazing support group.  If this ever happened to me, I would hope I would have this circle of friendship unselfishly rally around me and my family.  I don’t know? And I hope I never get to find out.
My thoughts went to how many challenges moms, dads, families face whether it be health, financial, whatever.  A challenge is a challenge, defined by those who are in the midst of that challenge.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an outpouring of support from friends, neighbors, other family members.  Some are silent about their needs and may suffer.  Here’s where JAK comes in…
I am hoping to put together community groups of moms/dads/individuals, that Just Add Kids can put into action to bless another mom/dad/family during their time of need.  I want JAK to provide part of the support these individuals may need.
You feeling it? This is an idea that has yet to be cultivated.
Please let me know if you are so inspired to be part of a unique group of individuals that may provide a meal for a widower with young children, assist in solving a transportation issue to a single mom whose car is in disrepair,  or like the gals I mentioned above, throw a fundraiser for a family that has been hit with insurmountable medical bills.  Or be part of the think tank that moves this idea into action.
Email me at if you are being called into active duty!
For more information on the fundraiser mentioned, please visit the Facebook Event page. It’s tomorrow night, Friday,and  it involves wine tasting, auction items, raffle prizes, and of course, coming to the aid of a fellow mom and her family!  Tickets are expected to sell out, however, they are currently available via PayPal.
Let’s turn anxiety, sadness and tears, into elation, gladness, and cheers, eh?

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