Come Together

A Nice Family Gathering                                                                   
Sponsored by Racine Theatre Guild and 
Written by Managing & Artistic Director
Doug In

My stock answer to anyone asking me to state my favorite kind of play is: “The one I’m working on now.” And that is true.  But if you really pushed me, I’d say that my favorite plays are those that tell a story that can make you laugh one minute and put a tear in your eye the next.

Welcome to A Nice Family Gathering, READ MORE… a play that, first of all, is just plain funny. Yet the story of this kooky and somewhat dysfunctional family will also get you a bit choked up.

We all bring our own family experiences to a story, and Phil Olsen’s comedy hits close to home for me. I am a husband and a father of two, so I identify with how a father communicates with his family. I also recently saw my own father turn 94, and I don’t know how much time I have left with him. So I also identify with the son. What do we need to say to each other before it’s too late? What can be left unsaid?

A good play allows people to debate its message, because it truly is different for everyone. Your life experience will color how you experience this play.Are you a father or a son? Have you lost a spouse or a parent? Have you dealt with sibling rivalry? Do you have crazy but lovable relatives? Do you just enjoy laughing at the crazy doings of other families? I think this comedy has something for everyone.

Above all, A Nice Family Gathering is fun. I hope you will enjoy this show and the rest of our 75th season. Join us for the holidays and all year long.


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