Campaign Platform: Family Fun!

Wherever it may be!
I had a reflective moment while at my kitchen table carving pumpkins with my babies, now 8 and 10 years old. (My 15 and 17 year olds were, well, not around, even though they knew Saturday night we were going to get the daunting task done).  Let’s face it…the end result (the prized lit jack-o-lantern on the doorstep) is always rewarding, but the process seems to be endless careful carving and scraping out of the seeds and guts. Faster than we know it, there may come a future Halloween that I am carving my own pumpkin, sobbing, because my babies are grown and out of the house.
Wait where’s this commentary going?! Back to family fun….
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My point with that is, take your family time where you can get it. Whether that’s gutting pumpkins or game time at your kitchen table, tapping into any one of the awesome free events at our local libraries, getting out and enjoying a sport activity/production/special event, or if you are fortunate enough, take a family vacation where the focus is on spending time with the kiddos.
Our website’s calendar provides a plethora of event and activity options in our corner of the state (and over the border)  for families with kids of all ages (pre-born through 18). Please access it often as it is continually updated.
Additionally, Just Add Kids partners with many area businesses and organizations who financially invest in the JAK product line up (this blog; website and e-mail advertisements; special events such as the  Just Add Kids EXPO; contests and promotions….you get the picture!)  JAK has been abundantly blessed in that regard, so I implore you to click on those ads and listing links to see what awesome programming and/or products these “investors” have to offer families.  They are here because they have something for you.
Okay, so I go from intriguing title/subtitle, sappy carving story, blah promotion….yawn. :-O   Sorry!
Let’s get to some of the fun stuff Just Add Kids is excited to be sponsoring.
And you’re invited!
^^ How’s that for a platform? A pile of fun! ^^

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