What’s the Missing Piece?

Sponsored by Sonnenberg Consultants

What is the missing piece to the puzzle of Autism?  No one really quite knows.

Autism now affects 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys

*Autism prevalence figures are growing

* More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined

* Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability

in the U.S.

* Autism costs the nation $137 billion per year

* Autism receives less than 5% of the research funding of many less prevalent childhood diseases

*Boys are four times more likely than girls to have autism

*There is no medical detection or cure for autism

(Autism Speaks)

We have a solution.  We can help find that missing piece.
We are Sonnenberg Consultants. Read more…

We are a company that focuses on the needs of the family and the children. We offer intensive services for families in Wisconsin and Illinois and other services outside of these states. Our program molds around family life and what is best for each child. The approach looks very different depending on the dynamics or their environment and how the child learns. Many children learn in a more play-based program where others learn in a more structured environment. This will vary from child to child. The program also involves the siblings of the child so interaction is more appropriate within the family dynamics.

Sonnenberg Consultants uses a program that focuses on Autism and behavior modification in the home or at school. The main area of focus is in the home. This is targeted through ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) intensive therapy done through many different approaches.


•Therapy is based off of positive reinforcement

•Therapy is molded to the child’s specific needs

•Therapy can be implemented in play, table or through relationship development

•”Sensory” issues are addressed through behavioral methods (ex: stress management prior to agitation or sensory tolerance programming)

•Therapy is fun and motivating

•Therapy involves siblings and family for generalization and consistency

Areas addressed through therapy:

•Language Comprehension

•Reciprocal Conversations

•Creating the skills to have a shared experience through social interactions

•Cognitive skills

•Reducing non-desired behaviors and increasing desired behaviors

•Decreasing self-stimulatory behavior that is inappropriate

•Independent self-help skills

•Appropriate play with toys and games

What to do if your think your child might have autism?

We highly recommend getting a diagnosis by a pediatric neurologist or a child psychiatrist.  We highly recommend Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Kristin Smith.

Dr. Kristin D. Smith, Ph.D.

Neuropsychological Consultants Inc.

3601 30th Ave., Suite 102

Kenosha, WI


If your child has autism or is on the spectrum, we can help to find that missing piece!

723 58th St.

Kenosha, WI 53140




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