Thanksgiving Abundance

A Lotta Blessings, A Lotta Food,
A Lotta Saving, A Lotta Needs

by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann

What can I say? There are so many things for me to be thankful for: great health (well, mostly, see closing commentary), awesome family, supportive friends, an amazing God, our country’s freedoms,and of course, this business I call Just Add Kids and all of you who have found value in what I pour my heart into. Yupper, I’d say that’s A LOTTA!For many of us, Thanksgiving comes with stuffing a bird as well as stuffing our faces. That’s me, most years. This year? Well, once again I refer you to my closing commentary! READ MORE…

After today’s festivities, my sister, brother, mother and I will engage in our annual perusing through the Black Friday (or whatever you can call it now that it all starts before Black Friday) store fliers, looking for those deals that fulfill our December/January/other birthday and Christmas present lists. It used to be so easy. Now it’s a science to navigate through what’s offered/when it’s offered, and technology is putting a wrench in things with Black Friday sales promotions being revealed early. C’mon retail and technology industry, you’re wrecking our tradition! So we’ll see how we fair this year. Last year was a hoot with my sister and I making our way out into the madness at midnight.  And let me tell you, the mall we went to in Green Bay was absolutely PACKED!  Yet, we did accomplish A LOTTA shopping reaping A LOTTA savings. I’d say it was a success filled with great memories.

So much for A LOTTA indulgence mentioned above.  Time to switch gears to get to the heart of the holiday season, otherwise dubbed, the season of giving.

There are so many opportunities to help make the season brighter to individuals and families in need in our communities.  A few of them that have caught my attention are the following:


My name is Maren. I am 8 years old. I am in 2nd grade in Racine. My class is doing Community action projects. My idea is to give toothbrushes to the homeless people at HALO.

I am asking people to please buy a toothbrush for my project. My goal is to get 150 toothbrushes and then my Mom will take me to HALO and we will give them to the kids and Moms and Dads that live at HALO.
If you will buy a kids or big toothbrush this will help me with my project!
Thank you for helping others! Maren D.
More about HALO here:

I will gladly pick up any donation you are willing to make to Maren’s Community Action Project. We will happily accept cash donations to purchase toothbrushes as well. All toothbrushes will need to be collected by Dec 2. Please post here or call our home if you can contribute. Thank you for helping her make this project a success!*
Amanda (Maren’s mom)
Please feel free to share with me/Just Add Kids other events such as these that will help bless another child, adult or family.  You can always email JAK at!
In closing…
I call it the Freight Train Flu. Wowza, I was never hit so hard in memorable years than the virus that literally blewthrough me on Tuesday. But,’tis the season, eh?Mentioning that I am blessed with great health in the opening comments is not an understatement. My entire family has reaped those healthy gene benefits, as well.  So as the typical family home ends up being a petri dish of germs that lingers once the bug hits, the likelihood of another one of my family members coming down with the same may actually be slim, based on experience. (I say this, and now I probably just plagued my family. Time to “knock on wood”)

Wishing you and your’s A LOTTA good health this holiday season!



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