The Ripple Effect

Acts of Kindness

by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann

‘Tis the season! And can I say, from my vantage point there is no lack of goodness going on. Whether it be an 8 year old with a toothbrush drive (see last week’s JAK Chat blog), a group of women who dine together for the benefit of empowering impoverished women and girls, a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Make-A-Wish Wisconsin (see end of this post) or simple random acts of kindness, the season of giving is in full swing.

I caught a segment on the news this morning about Catholic Charities launching this “Ripple” campaign where today people parked in downtown Milwaukee might’ve received a filled parking meter by members of the organization. You, my friend, are invited too…”Make a ripple-and grow the circle” Read More

I know there are a lot of you out there already planning out your Advent acts of kindness, getting your kids engaged in paying it forward all for the sake of just making someone’s day…that is just awesome! Catholic Charities is inviting you to share your stories and hopefully because of what you did, someone else will get in the spirit and bless some one else.  Ah yes, you see it…it’s the ripple effect! To learn more about it, visit  I love reading through the stories. They are so inspiring.

I’ve been so fortunate to have met so many amazing people, women, moms,  in particular, who are driven with such energy to pay it forward.  One such person is my friend Tammy Flynn.  She is a single, mom of four, business owner, and the brains and energy behind a series of fundraisers that’ll blow your mind away.  If you’ve been with Just Add Kids for awhile (and going forward) you may have seen her recent annual event “A Day 4 Dreams”.  Well, here is another special opportunity to have some family fun at Dave and Buster’s and raise funds for Children’s Hospital and Make-A-Wish.  Why? Because of Tammy’s son Marcus and his health challenges since birth that has made Children’s a second home. Tammy is ever so grateful for the caring staff and facility, she produces these incredible gifts, FUN-raising events.  Please accept this gift and attend “Wishes in Wonderland”…

Wishes in Wonderland flier 2012


For more on Tammy Flynn’s fundraisers see

Have you caught the ripple bug? Do tell!


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    Dear JAK – we are so excited about our campaign to make a ripple! You are caught making a ripple helping to spread the word! We’d love to have your story on our about how this campaign touched you and your friends and fans! Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas! Mollie

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