When Life Gives You Lymes…

…You Make…An Online Auction, Of Course!
by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann

I know the feeling (kinda)…swimming in a cesspool of medical bills. Post my gall bladder removal surgery five years ago, I was made aware of  the gaff made: thinking that my health insurance actually covered the surgery, yet $27,000. quickly became my responsibility. Five years later, I am still paying off that debt. Dang.

Enter Lauren Lamoreaux and her 3 young daughters, all afflicted with Congenital Lyme Disease. Read More…

I just bumped into Lauren this week via a Facebook event invitation that I received from a mutual friend. Well, here’s a unique one, I thought to myself, never been invited to a Facebook online auction before. It took me a day to hop over there and see what this is all about. Reading the event description took me to a place where I was a bit familiar, of course, with a ginormous medical bill and similarly, we both have 3 daughters, albeit, mine are a few years older. I couldn’t even imagine being in a place where the bills were piling up….I’m sick (and if and when you read Lauren’s blog you will jump into her painful debilitating new life), my girlies are also sick. You are falling deeper and deeper into debt and you, personally, cannot do anything to tackle the payments because your sick painful body won’t allow you to work. Can you imagine being a mother in this position? I cannot.

So, I perused through her available auction items and found at least one thing that I feel in love with…a neck heating pad, or actually 4 pads. Hey, I really am in need, and I thought I’ll get one for me, and one a piece for my 3 daughters. (We had one of these in a warm green flannel, and sadly, it’s lost…you cannot imagine the excitement when I ran across this desirable item! Yup, that excited. We really miss our missing one. Well, no more!)

Anyways, Lauren also has a lot of her own hand-knit items such as cute knit wrist warmers, newborn baby headband and bootie set, as well as other unused, or gently used household items. Please take the time to shop around.  Here’s a link to the event: http://www.facebook.com/events/450227311704806/ Shop away!

Read Lauren’s blog  journaling her heartbreaking adventure (I started at the first post and moved my way to the more recent entries), watch their story via video, and please buy, if you can.


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