Sibling <3

The Sisters Converge
Sisters at the Pfister logo
by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann

It’ll be like a family reunion of sorts when the “sisters” come together at the historic Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee next week on Sunday.

I am so excited about spending the day with some of my awesome friends at yet, another amazing event benefiting Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Make-A-Wish of Wisconsin. This event is another brainchild of my one time client, turned BFF, Tammy Flynn.

Then of course, there’s Mollie. We took a time management course together a few years ago soon after I launched Just Add Kids. Our desire to boost productivity and Mollie’s desire to organize my office (okay, so she got sick of me pushing that daunting task off week after week) started a friendship that only few could withstand.

Then there’s my personal coach, Julie. Yup, I’ve got one of those, and she rocks…READ MORE…and she climbs rocks, and stairs (I joined her team for the Lung Association’s “Fight for Air” US Bank building stair climb event). How bout this? I just realized I have never met her in person. Although, our relationship is professional. Gosh, she knows more about me  now than my mother. So, I can consider her a sister.

Finally there’s Jeanette. Aw gosh, my former co-worker and friend, who I rarely see, since she had her adorable baby boy a couple of years ago. She’s the biggest, and most informed cheesehead that I know. Say what? Check out her bio. BTW, she included me (along with Jennie and Suzie, dang I miss that gang) in the first book she authored about Wisconsin Cheeses.

I could go on with my personal relationships. Yet, I want to invite you into the conversation. Grab your sisters, your BFFs, your mother, leave home the others and join me and my sistas at the Pfister. For $50 we can enjoy a day away, full of inspiration for the mind, body and spirit.  The line up of women presenters include all of my aforementioned gal pals above, plus many more, including Miss Pole (now are you interested?!). The Emcee for the day, well-known and respected broadcast journalist Joyce Garbaciak.

In a nutshell…

Sisters at the Pfister full page 2013
My goodness! All of this for a 100% donated ticket of $50. Don’t drag your heels! REGISTER TODAY…

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