A Few of My Favorite Things

Snow Day: Little Man
by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann

He’s my son. He’s my youngest child.
And he’s alive and
healthy…thank God! earlier today Max & Leo I can attribute the fact that he was able to snuggle up on the couch with our puppy on Wednesday’s snow day to his bus driver.

Only a week ago, his life was nearly wiped out Read More… by a driver who flew through our bus stop, apparently completely oblivious to the fact that there was a big yellow vehicle stopped with flashing lights and stop sign, and a group of little people enroute to board, like any other school day at 8:30am.

I remember I was a bit miffed at my 10 year old daughter for her deliquency in turning in a project and I was chatting with another parent who was sitting in her van discussing that fact (her son is in the same grade/had the same project).  I saw the bus approach with lights triggered prior to the bus making the full stop and I acknowledged to the kids that it was time to move toward the bus. Casually, I continued my conversation with the other mom. Next thing I knew, the bus horn started beeping several times. I looked over to witness this car fly by with out any hesitation, just inches in front of my forward moving son.  Un. freakin. believable. All I know, is that we all just kind of froze in a state of shock (for a few seconds). When the bus driver assessed the situation and saw that all was clear, she waved the kids over to board, just as she does EVERY day.

I’m not going to get into who this flyby car driver is, that’s all been investigated, and citations have been issued. Instead, I must give MAJOR props to our wonderful bus driver, who every day, even before the drive by near swipe out occurred, is consistently conscientious. Me, on the other hand, have been jolted into being aware of the danger that lurks. Good grief, I cannot believe how casual I was about shushing the kids to get on the bus. Uh uh. Not no more.  I got my eyes on you, my precious son and daughter, like I always should have.

Thank goodness I can sit here and watch my son comfortably nestle with the dog, and appreciate the simplicity of a snow day morning.


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