Put Some Spring in Your Step

Springing Forward
Spring Forward clockby Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann

Allow me to be the messenger of this annual reminder.  This daylight savings time has really crept up on me. You?

Once again, we need to set our clocks ahead one hour before we go to bed this Saturday night, March 9th. As a mom, trust me, losing an hour of life, sleep, in bed, does not bring me great joy.  I am sure you can relate! At the same time, READ MORE…the extension of daylight into the evening is welcomed.

It’s amazing the impact that one hour can have on our bodies. Yet instead of being discouraged with the change, think more about a time FOR change, new beginnings: start fresh.  Isn’t that always the beautiful thing with life? You can always start afresh with a new day or a new season.  Now if the weather would continue to cooperate (it’s amazing what one day of sunshine and melting snow can do).

I found myself the past couple of weeks just absolutely in a funk, so I made a change. This one was suggested to me last year, yet only when I slipped so far down to practically unfunctional, I finally took the plunge. Any change can be a plunge. Only mine includes just a couple of drops of vitamin D.  Little drips of sunshine with immediate results. Why did I wait so long?

So here’s my message, spring forward! Don’t forget to set your clocks forward and set your sights forward. Additionally, change your smoke detector battery and recharge your personal battery.  Put some spring in your step!


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