First Time Mom

The (Non)Prom Mom
Written by Just Add Kids Founder
Paula Herrmann

Ladies and gentlemen, I have arrived.  Our firstborn is a senior in high school. She’s 18. My husband and I are close to completion of raising a child.
This past weekend we experienced our first prom. And if you know about Racine’s prom, it’s more of a big deal than most.
As a mom of 3 daughters, you can only imagine the firsts that we’ve experienced and how before each of those experiences, I’d imagine how perfect each of those firsts would be (first dance recital, first day of school, first communion, first date)  Yeah, many times, it was all about how each of the occasions made me feel…how does she look? Isn’t she adorable? I’m so proud.  This time ’round, was no exception, only experienced from a distance. Because this time…mom wasn’t invited.
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I don’t quite know when the “mom at an arm’s length” became her posture toward me. She was and still remains the only one of my 4 who would repeatedly call me when I’d go out with my girlfriends…“Mommy, when are you coming home?” “Please come home”, she’d plead with me over and over again. She couldn’t go to sleep until I was home. Not necessarily because she couldn’t live without me, but more it’s that she’s got O.C.D., and at about the age of 10.1 years old, it flaired up. Me being at home and tucking her in nightly was part of her “routine” (and mine, too). Though peeps with O.C.D. many times demonstrate very unique routines and have a difficult time if something does not play out as they plan, including mom not being home at bedtime (or the bedroom door having to be opened (normal), yet having to be about  6″ away from the wall.  Um, not so much normal). Heaven forbid the door touched the wall or was 2 inches off of it…no way!)
As expected, she’d grow out of it, and as most children mature, their dependency on mom lessens. That is evident early on from having to “walk” your baby with arms raised up holding on to your hands, until finally she lets go and can walk, ever so fast and wobbly, on her own. This one…well, she was a late walker…15 months! She is late, somewhat,  in her teen independence.  (notice I didn’t say defiance) But, if there is one thing that is evident, and because she tells me so, she just doesn’t like having her mom hang around. So “my” first prom, didn’t go as I had imagined, perhaps dreamed, it would be.  I was a first time prom mom, from a distance.  Oh yeah, that deserves a double sad face!
😦 😦
So here’s my first daughter’s prom, from the eyes of her mom. And if you knew the whole story, as to why I HAD to take a back seat, you’d understand. Ok, here goes: no shopping for dress with her; DID order/take care of/pay for  the flowers (because I asked her if she had done it. Nope!); no assisting her with getting ready the day of; no pre-prom pictures with her date, other kids and their parents; DID go to post-prom red carpet event, DID intend on momma-razzi-ing her and her date as they arrived, walked the red carpet, and entered Festival Hall. And as usual, got the worst snapshots in the world. Wouldn’t you know my iPhone died right as I was going to snap a picture of her and said date.
So here’s this first time prom mom’s memories, captured in pictures:
Gab's prom my vantage point 2013
My vantage point at Racine Country Club pre-prom pictures/dinner. I’m not one of the moms in that crowd. I am taking this shot from the street, as we zoom by in the car. Hope someone takes some good photos from me.
Gabby's prom the rebels are coming
The Rebels are coming! The Rebels are coming! ^ That blurriness, my friends, is their motorcade coming from their school, arriving at post prom festivities.
Gabby's prom 2013
Remember, before I was able to get that shutter to snap…SNAP! my stupid phone battery died. Where’s the real camera you ask? Well, not sure. Haven’t seen that since our last “first-time” event. My 10 year old’s first daddy & me dance. So fortunate to have captured this unknown young man and his infamous date, the blow up doll. Nice.
Well, and for those first-timers to be, you must know that the prom does NOT stop at 3am when it’s lights on, get out kids, go home time from Festival Hall. Oh no no no. A Sunday after must…an overnight trip to the Dells. Monday…Senior Skip Day. I am still trying to piece together (not because I’m nosey)..I just want to “experience” her experience.
I am the Prom Mom, Non. And I’m sticking to my story. What great memories! Well, you make what you can of it all.

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