Get Your Summer On!

Um, Smile!smile pic summerfest (3)
Written by Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann

It was the highlight of my life, being a post-college, 20 something year old. Year after year. A tradition. I’d take off of work for a week, just so that I could spend every vacation day soaking up the sun, the sights, and the sounds; eating my chive fry lunch accompanied by a Miller Lite (or 5, who was counting?). Oh the life, before children. I LIVED for Summerfest!

Fast-forward to the summer of my 30th year. My first year of mommyhood. Why not bring baby in the stroller to see Kool and the Gang? Baby-friendly…I think not. Kid-friendly? Read More…I would’ve questioned that a couple of years ago when I dragged our gang of 6 down to the Henry Maier Festival Grounds so I could share and relive with my tweens and littles the joy found in a plate of Saz’s Chive Fries. Funny, they weren’t overly impressed.

My husband reflected back to the day his drinking ceased. Seriously. A day at Summerfest forever etched in my memory (and of course, his) that I will not fully share the details of, ended his days of drinking alcohol. Let’s just say, he lost his cookies (or rather gyro and beers) after a ride. Yikes! Sorry.

Okay, let’s get back to the kid-friendly topic…if I told you that my kids enjoyed it, I’d be lying. Maybe a few things here and there. Yet, mostly, they complained while my hubs and I tried to get them excited about the BMX bike demonstration, food, music, shopping, waiting around as we bumped into and conversed with a few people.  Hmmm. We dragged it out as long as we could so at least we could say we gave it a shot for the admission investment.

So now a few years have passed. And guess what? I am willing to give Summerfest another shot with the family. I don’t know, maybe we just didn’t plan it right the last time. Or…maybe Summerfest has ramped up their kid-, family-friendliness game.

At Just Add Kids, we’ve pulled out and highlighted the family fun at the big gig and posted each day on our website’s Happenings Calendar of Events in the event you want to bring the youngins’. Oh yah, and the daily admission promotions are posted daily, so hopefully you can save a few bucks (more money for chive fries!)

A couple of things we’re looking forward to are the paddle boats (seriously, how refreshing), the zipline (wheeee!) and personally, I have an affection for robots, so I can’t wait to “take control” and learn more about the robotics programs available in SE Wisconsin (you know I’ll be sharing that info with ya’ll).

For those with really young ones (as young as 2), there are plenty of activities provided by who else, but Kohl’sCaptivation Station features Kohl’s Wild Theater, Kohl’s Color Wheels, Kohl’s Design It! Mobile Lab and Kohl’s Building Blocks Workshop. There’s also Northwestern Mutual’s Children’s Theater and Playzone and a Kid’s Activity Tent.

So whaddaya think? Sound enticing? Let us know if you go and what you think.  Posts/comments are welcomed!


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